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Author Topic: The MAD MAX e-car  (Read 5529 times)

Offline lancaIV

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Re: The MAD MAX e-car
« Reply #60 on: September 14, 2021, 12:25:54 PM »
We have to work inter-disciplinary/inter-facultativ and inter-national to get the best result !

Thermoscience : Bionics and Geonics(Space-Time: Volumetrics)

Classical laws,up to declared :Axiom,probably with fixed constants(Avogrado,Planck et et cetera) and newest findings/corrections !

International Prize participants entree and winner scientifical results !

Thermoscience and Thermoengineering :



Michel Rodriguez

Michel Prueitt M.E.C.H.

Wilhelm Haeberle

Pax Scientific

an internal combustion (differs from external combustion ?) engine seen as "heat canon" ( Paris "1,5°C temperature increase limit ")

1 litre water as liquid transforms to ? litres hho-gas ? 1000x+ volume expansion or gas-to-liquid compression

with expansion volume the temperature a. increase b.decrease cases !

" ...

The asymmetrical cycle of this process for converting thermal energy into usable mechanical energy, shown in the Mollier t / s diagram for carbon dioxide (CO2) in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2, works on the left side of the inversion line, in a pressure range in which all processes run mirror-inverted to the right-hand side of the inversion line and the usual behavior of CO2 is reversed:

When the pressure increases, it cools down instead of warming up.

When the pressure drops, it is heated instead of cooled.

According to Maxwell (1831 to 1879) and Boltzmann (1844 to 1916), all molecules are constantly in motion, that is their natural state.

They either fly through space (gases) or swarm closely together (liquids), or they oscillate quickly around a central position (solid), and they can also vibrate and rotate and perform combinations of all of these movements.

The movement increases with increasing temperature and decreases with decreasing temperature.

With increasing pressure, the packing density of the molecules rises in liquids, they mutually hinder each other's freedom of movement.

The vibrations become smaller in spite of the work expended on the compression and smaller vibrations mean a temperature and thus a decrease in entropy.

With decreasing pressure, the oscillations of the molecules increase again, the temperature and the entropy increase. ... ."

ambient air temperature intake to engine / acceleration (Rodriguez : gigacycles)/ combustion process temperature engine outtake/exhaust

2.2 Engine specification and exhaust gas composition


Exhaust gas temperature 365 °C

Before turbine temperature 342 °C

After turbine temperature 193 °C,can%20destroy%20the%20catalytic%20converter.

                                                     300°C - 700°C exhaust temperature !

                 hydrogen internal combustion process exhaust temperature ? (BMW hydrogen-Otto-cycle !)

ambient temperature air to engine as engine exhaust to ambient air : ambient air volume temperature change after engine exhaust ?

6 Litre liquid/100 Km gasoline to 5,1 Kg gasoline consume + 1:14,7 (total 15,7 units) ambient air mix = 80 Kg/ 100 Km gas mass consume

                                      80 Kg gas mass its volume ? Its average temperature as exhaust ?

                                                         "After turbine temperature 193°C " ?

                                    combustion process  (heat canon like) before/after exchange

                                                        ambient air unit/-s            exhaust unit

 simple calculation example  :o       :   1 gas mole unit a 20°C  + 1 gas mole unit a 30°C     =  2 units with average 25°C

                                                        1 gas mole unit a 20°C + 1 gas mole unit a 193°C   = 2 units with average 106.5°C

                                                        9 gas mole units a 20°C + 1 gas mole unit a 193°C  = 10 units with average 37,3°C

                                                       99 gas mole units a 20°C + 1 gas mole unit a 193°C = 100 units with average 21,73°C

                                                      80 Kg exhaust air mass a 193°C temperature x 100 = 8000 Kg ambient air mass with 1,73°C increase

air density(clearly temperature/humidity/pressure et cetera dependent,average

                                                                 At 20 °C and 101.325 kPa, dry air has a density of 1.2041 kg/m3.

                                                 8000 Kg/1,2 Kg = 6666 cbm or as gas volume : 6 666 000 lt. (per driving unit ! )

                                                         with "only 193°C exhaust temperature" calculation !

                                                       6 666 cbm / 3 metres high = 2222 sqm area 1,73°C temperature increase

                                                      1 sqKm = 1 000 000 sqm /2222 sqm = 350 ic-engine vehicles a 6 Lt fuel/100 km consume per sqKm

                                                        6 Lt. +X per  a.100 Km or  b. per hour     consume ? ,

                                                 space temperature increasing tipo - "heat canon" on 3/4-wheels -  in action ?

              A fuel-kind change does not change ambiental temperature increase by same/similar high process exhaust temperature

for clearance : this as car use time effect /24 hours

but related total transportation sector

passengers =  as light-duty vehicles 45 q. BTU  from 55 quadrillion BTU representing

2019 total primary energy consume : 14420 Mtoe 2018

14420 x 11,63 TWh or    14420 x (11,63 x 10v9 KWh)   1 KWh = 3410 BTU

14420 x 11,63 x 1 000 000 000 x 3410 BTU

= 571 872 686 000 000 000 BTU

0r 571,87 quadrillion BTU global total energy consumption ,

Related 24/365 solar radiation in BTU ? 82 million quads of BTU,for free ! 1 quad = 1 quadrllion BTU

Or solar radiation to planet Earth per year : 82 000/571,87 times the human statistical  energy consume

                                                            = 143,4 times

Upps, :-[ :-\ :'( ,Pardon-me,a calculation error above to see :

                                       82 000 000 (quads)/ 571,87 ( quads)  = 143 390 times

                          I am not perfect,I am human ! With the right/ obligation to correct !

8% passengers light-duty vehicle transport/traffic part  BTU consume for 2040 preview : increase !

so we can remark that total passengers transport as  light-duty vehicle only participate with actually 8% by the caloric climate change !

Only use/driving(air conditioning/heating/cooling),not vehicle production included !

Even 8% to 4% halfing  = 96 % other energy consumption climate change sources will stay ,by growing world-population

        8% to 0,8% decimation = 92,2 % other climate change sources will stay !

10 billions human habitants with only 25% G7 actually material/energy habitant consume as social comfort demand : ? Earth in number !
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Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Re: The MAD MAX e-car
« Reply #60 on: September 14, 2021, 12:25:54 PM »

Offline lancaIV

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Re: The MAD MAX e-car
« Reply #61 on: September 15, 2021, 04:04:08 PM »
Am I un-fair in my treating from member Ufopolitics ?

" This Lüling Motor research and development is not to start "commercializing it" !!"

commercializing : offen zu Markte tragen, openly presenting

         NOT ?                       AFFRONT !

He can apply for the "Overunity Prize",no doubt,I invite him !

But it is not the real " philosophy" target !

( Probably for some : " dem Establishment ans Bein pinkeln/ pee on the leg of the establishment "-Aktion )

My personal opinion,can be wrong !

The first target he would reach ,#60 : a cold process motor principle !

First success !

since vapor-driven (unmanned) mobile                             1672

 vapor-engine driven 3/4-wheel passenger mobiles                        1769        2019 : 250 YEARS AUTOMOBILE JUBILEE !                               1801  1824                                       1888

Offline lancaIV

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Re: The MAD MAX e-car
« Reply #62 on: September 16, 2021, 12:21:45 PM »   1,2 KW e-motor Voltage ? DC or AC ?              1,5 KW 220 AC Volt

F-Cell :

Un exemple :
 il est avéré qu'un minuscule récipient cubique de o- 3o (le côté, d'un poils moyen de 15 kilogs, en pleine charge,
contient 55o éléments complets dont voici la puissance électromotrice Tension : 66o volts.

Intensité : 1,5 ampères pour une. Résistance intérieure : de 44o ohms. force qui ne se dégradant que de i !à volts par heure,
 laisse une marge de force utile lar gement suffisante pour entraîner un moteur de 1o HP à 15oo tours,
 durant 3o heures au minimum, force à peu près gratuite et renouvelable à tout instant par une simple réimbibition des sachets de charbon (opérable en quelques minutes).

660 V x 1,5 A = 990 VA
1 hp (french)=   735 W
10 hp  ergo  = 7350 W

how did in this time ,20s from last century,the engineers measured and "rated"electric engine power ,by continuous or peak power !?
in the "original document" : yes,there - second page  -left side-   line 33-    to read  " 10 HP "

Much experimental freedom from RC-model to ECO-Marathon size vehicles to "conventional compact class car" development !

                                                   with human driver to virtual driver="autonomous"

                                     Yearly regional,national ECO-games to international ECO-games , development "Marathon"

                                     schools and universities :

                                                           senior (elders = U60 e-/in- ducation) universities ,too

(Volk = Folk and Hochschule = University,to differ : High/Hoch-school/Schule= Oberschule: class 5-12/13)
                                                                                           Basic/Grund-school/Schule :                     class 1-4
or automatic translated,elem,se

                                               MADE IN ...... ::)

The Danish folk high school of Grundtvig style also had a lasting influence on the development of adult education centers in Germany .

  Nikolai Frederik Severin Grundtvig is considered to be the founder of the first (home) adult education center in 1844.

  edit : influence probably

  Germany :


Today adult education is understood as an organized form of lifelong learning .

 Adult education centers make a contribution to realizing the right to education and equal opportunities .
They derive their educational mandate from the principles of enlightenment and human rights . [3]
                                                                                     :o  illuminati ? ;)

The global social changes show the importance to be attached to adult education centers in the future.

Some ideas of the original community colleges can be found today in the concepts of national universities .

24/365 open door  on-line community colleges/local house(Gemeindehouse ~ church/Kirche/Tempel/Academia)
                                                              " Volkshaus ",elem
human rights

to human rights watch

to human rights and obligations watch


applied social liberalism

Yes,We can     or     Ja,Wir schaffen das

Die Welt auf der Suche nach "Seelen-Heil" ::)
God-Estate or Estate by God !? socius/social with Ablativ-casus and Kants categoric Vocativ/Imperativ

                                            X = individuals inner voice/line  followed ' tit for tat'

                                                   Nature laws and Bioanalytics

                  caminho a/o  Sao Tome ( Archipel) or Dominikaner St.T. de Aquin : 'fair return' and Jesaja 32,17                   

            Duke University 75 Watt mobility / VW and other 172 000 W,continuous ? peak ?, power potential

                                  ...., ich will Spass/Fun,ich geb ( electrons/ions) gas,.....
                    solange es die (virtuelle) ECB-chase/case/caixa/Kasse, und deren Glaeubiger, noch erlaubt

US-F.E.D.- return program to Silver-Standart -Dollar, ECB : Silver-Standart-Euro !?
Actual capital uncovered Dollar and Euro nominal value cut ,old/new Dollars and old/new Euros ratio ? Top secret  ;)
European Banking( BG)  and Industry(IG) Union ( or Fusion ),

not only supervisory,but also ownership

V.olks E.igener B.etrieb  in G.D.R. ,here now ECB-E.B. ,commercial,financial,industrial

                                                  in U.S      F.E.D.-O.-E.  Owned Entity


the ECB first Frankfurt-headquarter : IG-(FARBEN)HAUS

IG-FARBEN ( Farbwerke Hoechst,BAYER,B.A.S.F. and +)
Lieferant des nicht A,nicht C,sondern als besonders human ausersehenen Gas-Gemisches des Zyklon B
DR-Kanzler und DR-Fuehrer A.Hitler,so ist es zu lesen,befahl :
( so weit wie moeglich) schmerzlosen Tod/Liquidierung  !

communitarism :    Unser Reich komme,UNSER Wille geschehe

 Dschihad catolico  ;D WELTENREICH,so weit wie moeglich  8)
                                          ICH habe SPASS

Hiro-Shima,die steinerne Treppenstufe,ehemals ein Mensch darauf,vor atomaren Schlag,nun ein "ewiger Schatten"

(Nielsen) Passanten-Frequenz

units passage per volume   volume = 2,3 cbm


Engel-Kammer (Plasma converter)


Dem Ersten (kill the winner) immer Vortritt erlauben  ;D

research and science without limits !,Does%20Empirical%20Science%20have%20any%20limits%3F,unresolvable%20questions%2C%20they%20have%20sense.&text=It%20is%20shown%20not%20only,we%20have%20about%20the%20world.

Does Empirical Science have any limits?

 The answer of the scientists is No: Science is unlimited.

There are no scientifically unresolvable questions, they have sense.

 The answer of the philosophers is not clear, but it is close to No.

It is shown not only in technology, and philosophers also claim, that Science is the best knowledge we have about the world.

 It seems clear, that Science will never reach an end.

                                                               Sado-/Maso relation

                                                                Master and servant
                                                                Servant and master
                                                      science = visiting heaven and hell

                                                no questions anymore,100% satisfaction



                                                      and to let not "shadow"-print behind

Hiro-Shima,die steinerne Treppenstufe,ehemals ein Mensch darauf,vor atomaren Schlag,nun ein "ewiger Schatten"

the world has to ways : ordered communitarism or

                                                                                      a. DAESH/IS  Raqqa-like anarchism (open concentration-camp)


                                                                                     b. youth estate-in the-estate like




                                                                               justice ?


                                        or by remote controle/autonomous objects  ,the vengeance/retribution

                                              the individual decision case : subordination or suicide

                                                        best/worst case preview and plannings


           how much reality the next generations have to receive by education ?

                   the "actually termed " social classes upper 50/lower 50
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Re: The MAD MAX e-car
« Reply #62 on: September 16, 2021, 12:21:45 PM »
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