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Title: Using a car to generate electricity - viz tragic floods in Germany.
Post by: Paul-R on July 18, 2021, 11:35:28 AM
Today's news is showing the terrible plight in Germany and Belgium and a situation made worse by power outages all over the place. We can't help with destroyed houses but we can help where the problem is a lack of power.

Reports show a large number of smashed cars whose engines will, with some attention, work fine
 a. Any car is half of a generator system
 b. the other half is a suitable generator head, made by Baldor, Northstar and many others.
 c. each home will need a 2P2T changeover switch.
 d. the car's fuel system will need a governor to provide a constant speed as the load varies.
 Suggested procedure:
 1. Jack up and remove a driven wheel.
 2. Block up and secure the other three wheels - special attention to the other driven wheel.
 3. Using a custom adapter plate, bolt the generator head on to the wheel studs.
 4. Secure gen head casing to ground (to stop it rotating).
 5. Run cables from the generator head to consumer houses' changeover switches.
Much work has been done at Energeticforum: (

Have a look at that thread and see if we can help our German friends to a solution to their LX problems.