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Author Topic: Sacred engineering is building a solid state device (via altered states of mind)  (Read 2240 times)


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Hi people,

It's been a long while since I've been on here, just posting to let any one interested follow a build I'm doing?

I'm working on a what is a little anologueous to a transformer although the geometry is very unique, (it has 7 primary legs!).

I'm sharing blue print design drawings on my webpage and doing weekly update videos on YouTube.

YouTube link:-

Website link:-

Many thanks for reading!



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I read on your web site:
"While in bed on Winter Solstice evening I had a download for a “free energy” device, that I call the Light Transformer!"

The extraterestrials should have sent you a money producing idea first. Begging for donations is not very original.

I got sent a very good money making idea on the recent summer solstice (while looking at a bonfire) and I would sell it to you for a mere 2000.-- (because I am a nice guy).

Greetings, Conrad


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Hi Conrad,

I wouldn't call it begging for money, I stated monetary requirements required for the build and all donations welcome.

I did get another download which is the RF harmoniser which I sell at present :)

Anyway the build is going ahead with weekly updates on YouTube :)

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