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Please add to this list of drought tolerant food plants
              (from any where on the globe).

Nolina micro carpa  - bear grass
Phaseolus acutifolius - tepary bean
arkinsonia or formerly Cercidium - paloverde
agave species
yucca bacatta - banana yucca (not the same as yuca)
Ziziphus species - jujube / chinese date
salvia columbariae -  chia sage
salvia hispanica -  mexican chia sage
Heteromeles arbutifolia - Toyon
Calochortus - desert lilly
Opuntia - prickly pear cactus

Kali tragus, formerly Salsola tragus or Salsola kali  - russian thistle

 Solanum species - wild potatoes

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I was talking with some farmers about this recently.

The mind set is similar to that of free energy and there is a great deal of hostility towards change.

I call it the big lie, take an average farmer/producer and they speak of feeding the world, efficiency, responsible stewardship bla bla bla. However give some of them a few beer and we get a very different story. In truth many don't give a damn whether there product is laced with GMO's, herbicides and pesticides it's all about profit margins. They are also very hostile towards any technology or process which threatens there profit margins despite what they tell most people.

I thought it was sad, you think you know a person but then find out there doing things they know are wrong and lying to everyone about it. I'm not afraid to call them out and what many of them are doing is bullshit. I would like to see legislation criminalizing producers who knowingly take action which harms others because it is criminal. The fact remains that there are countless good producers willing to do the right thing and act responsibly. These are the people we should be supporting and I do every chance I get.



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