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Title: Hydrogen, Plasmatron & Co: real / efficient?
Post by: int25 on January 12, 2007, 05:19:25 PM
Hi all,

is here someone knowing about the state of the several hydrogen-systems and their efficiency?
There are now several patents, offerings, replications a.s.o.

Just found the, where several french people replicated the pantone-reactor for driving their motor, car, generator, but didn't found out about the efficiency, they are running.
Also there are the BingoFuel- Hdrolysis, Aquafuel, XOgen, Blacklightwater and seems, every month there's coming some new project / invention / patent on this field.

JP Naudin found with the MAHG of Nicholas Moller an efficiency of more then 2000% . What's gone with this?

Is here any system proved to have a sufficient efficiency and may be witnessed locally (for me that means germany or around) ?

regards / int25