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Title: magnetic force and electric force alignment
Post by: lancaIV on June 04, 2021, 07:31:25 PM

Re: O.U. Magnet force shielding 2 and so on (

What if :  (force time displacement) = kinetic energy , geral theory ,linear
                                                       kinetic energy x k = usable energy,specific theory ,translatoric

                                                                               K-reis-Verschiebungs-Winkel/-Grad angular/momentum Drehung/Wechsel

about "distance" and/or "time" fine tuning (

"lumens machine" has to be electric : minimum a. for A,B, Group pm fine tuning controle

                                                                     b. for output torque x rpm (linear) controle,by translated pm force max.

Related the attraction/repulsion force difference : ( but  the  tangential repulsive force measured is 574 g. 

      the  axial repulsive force measured is 1254 g                 

     Did You attractive force and repulsive force difference measurements ?       

                 Unruh-Principle ! unruh = restless ,the "automatic clock/watch" batteryfree work process (             

       from spring-quenching watches to automatic to quartz to kinetic             
 ( ( A-Z

specific magnetism related (  weapon or tool/instrument ( ( (

volumetric air space as "air core" for transformation

mono-coidal or helicoidal or multi-coidal (dis-/advantages)

instead air as core liquid or solid,non-/ferrous

mangnet field lines polarisation,electro field lines + magnet field lines polarisation

131 years back,publication,relatively unknown,zero citations : (

description : row 22 +

( experiments : one coil charging or both ,direct current or alternating current or pulsed or mixed )

ERICH Kaifler,Ex-SIEMENS-er : ( (

                                                         Patten and Kaifler,but micro-/nano

electro-/magnetism and temperature/pressure ( ( ( Magnet Arrangement and Magnetic Circuits of Magnetic Assemblies

because each topic by me has archive function : ( (
"...circuits ..." = phase/s
" 85% can be recovered = can be efficiently transform-ed/-ated : input/primary and output/secondary

           ???  vibrating spring    Diapason function ? harmonics/resonance
           Helmholtz    Hohlraum       cavitator/resonator  Hohlraum = Vakuum/Vacuum   cavitator= chamber/Roehre/tube
                          Otto v.Guericke

In public he demonstrated the power of air pressure with spectacular experiments. He achieved special attention in 1654 when he was on the Haidplatz in Regensburg on the occasion of a Reichstag in the presence of Emperor Ferdinand III. and had spectacular experiments performed by many princes on the effect of air pressure. [3] In the summer of 1657, Guericke had put two large hemispheres (¾ Magdeburger Elle) made of copper (Magdeburg hemispheres) together using a seal and pumped the air out of the interior. Then eight horses were harnessed to each hemisphere, one after the other, which they were supposed to tear apart, but this did not succeed. When the balls were filled with air again, they fell apart on their own. In another attempt, Guericke had a cylinder with a movable piston set up. A rope was attached to the piston, which ran over a pulley and was held by 50 men. When Guericke sucked the air out of the cylinder, the men could not prevent the piston from lowering because the atmospheric air pressure was stronger against a vacuum. That was the momentous invention of his hoist.

With his experiments, Guericke confirmed conclusions that Blaise Pascal had drawn ten years earlier from the experiment Void in the Void. Furthermore, his experiments and inventions showed that nature knows a vacuum. The "horror of the void" (Horror Vacui) postulated by Aristotle was thus refuted.


In electrical power engineering, a converter is a mechanical combination of rotating electrical machines that convert one type of current into another, for example direct current into alternating current. A conversion between alternating currents with different frequencies is also possible; frequency converters are used for this.

Converters and, in particular, frequency converters have a similar area of application, but in contrast to converters they represent a power electronic device without mechanically moving components.

                      we call this today DC/AC inverter +frequency converter ,german Wechsel(strom)Richter und Frequenzumrichter

                      or time-/function-/pulse-/frequency- generator = oscillator ( ( ( ( (
Interconnection[edit (]
At the time of the invention, two-phase motor loads also existed and the Scott connection allowed connecting them to newer three-phase supplies with the currents equal on the three phases.[3] ( This was valuable for getting equal voltage drop and thus feasible regulation of the voltage ( from the electric generator ( (the phases cannot be varied separately in a three-phase machine). Nikola Tesla ('s original polyphase power system ( was based on simple-to-build two-phase four-wire components. However, as transmission distances increased, the more transmission-line efficient three-phase system became more common. (Three phase power can be transmitted with only three wires, where the two-phase power systems required four wires, two per phase.) Both 2 φ and 3 φ components coexisted for a number of years and the Scott-T transformer connection allowed them to be interconnected. (

2D/3D monitor dimension
Title: Re: magnetic force and electric force alignment
Post by: Floor on June 04, 2021, 07:49:32 PM
Quote from LankaIV
   Did You attractive force and repulsive force difference measurements ?       
END of that quote

Not of that design.
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Lumen's / Telecom's design does not need an electric component in order to
arrive at more kinetic energy output than kinetic energy input.
It might be improved by controlling  or adjusting  one or more of the field
intensities as distances change ?  Maybe electrically ?
Title: Re: magnetic force and electric force alignment
Post by: Floor on June 04, 2021, 08:16:21 PM
Permanent magnet interactions are more simple than
electro magnet interactions.

1. Field fluctuations occur mostly outside of the permanent magnets.

2. Inductance and reactance, need a conductor.
A conductor is absent from the permanent magnets (mostly)

3. capacitance and its aspects, need a dielectric and electric
charge environment, also absent from the permanent magnets (mostly).

It should be interesting to begin to establish correlations between the two
in an O.U. context

   best wishes
Title: Re: magnetic force and electric force alignment
Post by: lancaIV on June 04, 2021, 08:39:08 PM
Floor,I could constate your argument,if we have not specific use  targets : rotative,linear ,both,converting,et cet.

Yes,a ready to use permanent magnet (undefined,ARNOLD : 4000 pm configuration variations ) is easier looking than an electro-magnet and its process !

force per gram/cbcm :

How big an equivalent permanent magnet ?


Title: Re: magnetic force and electric force alignment
Post by: Floor on June 04, 2021, 08:50:09 PM
yes, of course and I agree.
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Establish a goal or set of goals ? Specifics ?

A particular design or class of designs ?

What would you like to approach ?


Title: Re: magnetic force and electric force alignment
Post by: Floor on June 04, 2021, 09:48:47 PM
Given that we are considering the displacements caused by permanent
magnet forces as energy.....

 We can label  either of these two as energy density (in that context).

The greatest magnitude of magnetic force / field density (of record) has been
arrived at through the use of electromagnets.

The greatest magnitude of magnetic force / field density per unit of
mass and or weight (of record), has been arrived at through the use of permanent
magnets (considering also, the electric supply source for electromagnets).
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Rotating devices conserve energy as momentum.

Linear devices must expend energy to cause acceleration over and over again.
... ... ... ... ...
Energy expended to cause acceleration is the product of both the mass of the
accelerated object and the speed to which that object is accelerated.

Low mass and slow speed will reduce energy wasted as accelerations.
              But also....
Large displacement  (long output strokes) will reduce the number of accelerations
needed per unit of time.

High force, slow output stroke speed, low mass and long output strokes= high
efficiency and high power.

Convert this to high speed continuous rotation after the initial kinetic energy
production as desired.

The bottom line is that arriving at large Joules per second in not limited to RPM (rotations per minute).

Title: Re: magnetic force and electric force alignment
Post by: lancaIV on June 04, 2021, 11:14:12 PM
A little from this (

easier/more complex than ... ?

and (
Title: Re: magnetic force and electric force alignment
Post by: lancaIV on June 07, 2021, 03:28:17 PM
We are able to pick and choose some things in life, other things, we cannot.[/size]To be able to have / experience life is a temporary arrangement.This is not an option.Humans are a / one of, the major forces on this planet.We are "intelligent" and optionally we may behave accordingly.Life's experiences and the universe are bigger than man's intelligence, immeasurably so.This is not optional either.That which created us and sustains and holds us is ultimately in charge.Our choices matter.People are often frustrated and feel ineffective.Every moment holds the potential for any individual to bring forthsomething of great value. Each one of us has far more effect upon those around us than we generally are inclinedto acknowledge.  It's big.  it's significant. It matters. We matter.  We are effective andaffecting.This is not optional.No matter "where one is coming from"  it is legitimate and has value, whenit is expressed honestly / when we acknowledge our own responsibility for theeffects, our expression will have.But we all too often are in denial of this fact, and / or may feel as if we are powerless.We aren't.

 :o  ,wie :  8)  erfahrungsgeschwaengert !

1.Hochschule von Alexandria (

2. STAR TREK,"DUNE" :          ? / !?

3. Gott ist tot (F.N.) ,Ueber-ES (H.R.)

4. (

5. (   
                        good : good   good  : bad     bad : bad
6. (

7. (

8. (

 Model(l) : "Mini"-Golf (

                 Maxi-Golf = 18-Loch/holes          Mini= hole in 1                 Loch-Karten-Schlitz,where ? Or wire-less payments ?

Title: Re: magnetic force and electric force alignment
Post by: lancaIV on June 08, 2021, 10:24:13 AM
alignment : natural (active/passive) or synthetical(active/passive)

we,as creature =Lebewesen,with anima=animal/s and eventually mamma=mammal/s wish/es to overcome situations :

            barriers,frontiers : (

                                                              too much,too less

                                                              in small(mind sphere),in great(body sphere)

                    By this we use experience,experiments :learning by other/s,by doing/mimikry/simulation to reach our target:

                                                             the right balance and satisfaction(temporal,local,object-related)

                                                              X : maximum to minimum,minimum to maximum

                                                            line track :    V  or U  or their physical invers movement or ----- plan,flat


modelling cars :         (

modelling: race track  (

opto/inductive track,small (

inductive track,great : (


modelling free 4D track (   for free flying planes/jets,free swimming boats ,......

                                          by wireless induction

autonomous induction experiment : (

test field : (

target :                        (

   sourced by autonomous energy generator dynamic circuit

about speed/velocity track specific records ,efficiency-independent : (

this records more efficiency related : (

in the german version (more informative than english version) (

translated :

Akkumulator /Batterie
Prototype: 2014 wurde vom Team TERA TU Graz ein neuer Rekord aufgestellt mit 1091,6 km/kWh.[7]

Urban Concept: Hier kam das französische Team Electricar Solutions 2012 auf eine Reichweite von 262,6 km/kWh – eine Steigerung um 29,6 km/kWh zum alten Rekord.[1]

Prototype: In 2014 the TERA TU Graz team set a new record with 1091.6 km / kWh. [7]

Urban Concept: The French team Electricar Solutions achieved a range of 262.6 km / kWh in 2012 - an increase of 29.6 km / kWh to the old record. [1]

                                                               MARATHON  RULES/CONDITIONING

The aim of the Shell Eco-Marathon is to drive as long as possible with as little energy as possible.

Each vehicle must cover a distance of 25 kilometers in a maximum of 50 minutes (this corresponds to an average speed of at least 30 km / h).

During this trip, the fuel consumption is measured.

In order to make the results of the different categories comparable, it is calculated how many (milli-) liters of super gasoline contain the same amount of energy as the fuel consumed.

 Finally, it is extrapolated how many kilometers the vehicle could theoretically cover with the amount of energy from a whole liter of super gasoline.

To compare electrically powered and fuel-powered vehicles, the required amount of fuel in liters or the amount of energy in kWh is converted into the other unit.

The URBAN COMMUTER specifications :

Horn, rearview mirror and seat belt are just as mandatory in the Urban Concept category as fire extinguishers and roll bars.

The maximum width of the vehicles is limited to 1.3 m, [5] whereby the ratio between height and width must not exceed 1.25.

There are no restrictions on the design and use of materials for the vehicles.


let us look and listen to experimenter : (

0:28 vid  accompanying moto-bike tachometer shows 45-48 Km/h for modified rated 350 W e-bike motorized speed velocity comparison

                                 by flat street (back-/forward wind ?) and away moto-bike wind-shadow

let us assume :

(rated 350 W)  500 VA per hour electricity consume and by average 40 Km/h ( flat track) this means : 100/40 x 500 = 1250 VAh/100 Km

compared above listen world-record :

Urban Concept: Hier kam das französische Team Electricar Solutions 2012 auf eine Reichweite von 262,6 km/kWh – eine Steigerung um 29,6 km/kWh zum alten Rekord.[1]

Urban Concept: The French team Electricar Solutions achieved a range of 262.6 km / kWh in 2012 - an increase of 29.6 km / kWh to the old record. [1]

  Indian modification  1250 Wh/100 Km =   80 Km/KWh                           to WR : 262,6 km/kWh

                  means, theoretical : indian bike modifying with Li Yng micro-motors transmission = WR - level !

                                                                modifying with Ferreira cap-windings motor         = WR - level !

But : related second listen WR :   indian modified 80 Km/KWh                           to   WR : 1091,6 km/kWh

            anymore the Li Yng micro-motors transmission,only more the Ferreira cap-windings e-drive reach OVER-WR-unity !

       Mr. Li Yng,do not worry : micro-motors transmission and Henri Trilles capacitive windings amplifier : back to OVER-WR-unity track !

                                                                                     U2  :)

                                max speed,    average velocity ? vehicle weight/electric motor rated power  ? max allowed weight ?

                                              energy (recuperation) sourced/delivered for example ( (

                                  and/or e-pedalling (

Why/not answer/question : ( (

                    from e-bike to trike ,how many rated W need for average 40 Km/h ( + allowed weight)

                    catalog :                (

let us take : (

                                                       900 W           or             1500 W rated power

                                                    25 Km/h max                    55 Km/h max

A. I do not see street legality !                      B. it is for R&D interests about consume/recuperation : the lowest possible  !

btw: (

                                                            4 rad Electric  ::)  Trike Scooter 
                                                        3 wheels = trike   4 wheels/rad = quad

                                                  AUTODROME experiments,autonomous drive,( unmanned )

                                                                       for (

                                                          steering wheel free

                                  Beyond Tesla Inc.,Toyoda/Toyota,VW,MB,GM aera thinking

                                  Beyond human self-driver

for the global tachometer > 100 Km/h fraction :

( diabolic thinking,I  :-[  : (  ::) ;) :) 
                                    but : Igittegitt ! : Gas/Diesel engine motorized ,stinker ! Brueller ! Verschwender ! ) (

Enthusiasts have established owners' clubs and some have modified their vehicles substantially, adding bigger wheels, jet engines, and high-powered electric motors to propel their C5s at speeds of up to 150 miles per hour (240 km/h).

                                                   Rock-it !  ;D  ( An e-torpedo on 3-wheels) Safe,street legal ? :-\

                 (  210 Km/h,bow hey,so slow ? ;D

                         IN THE CITY ??? ?? (  :o  Citydrom

Our world is based by rules and the "how to take rules"- operation manual  similar easy (

198? : P.M.-Magazin article : bullit-like vacuum channel journing, velocity 10 000 Km/h : f.e. Europe/North-America in < 1 hour

                                                                        MACH 10

orbital pendant : (


                                                                        MACH 20+
Title: Re: magnetic force and electric force alignment
Post by: nix85 on July 01, 2021, 05:19:27 PM
Often forgotten fact is that each magnetic field line wants to get away from all others, magnet literally wants to explode, but the force is, of course, too weak to explode it.
Title: Re: magnetic force and electric force alignment
Post by: nix85 on July 01, 2021, 09:02:29 PM
A-B fields
Title: Re: magnetic force and electric force alignment
Post by: Floor on January 06, 2022, 06:07:14 AM
from LankaIV via floor

Thanks  Lanka
Title: Re: magnetic force and electric force alignment
Post by: MasterPlaster on January 06, 2022, 04:35:19 PM

This may interest someone here:
Energy generation apparatus and methods based upon magnetic flux switching
Title: Re: magnetic force and electric force alignment
Post by: Floor on January 07, 2022, 11:40:37 PM
Laka post today
reply #10 : The machine is built to run on the principle of what ?  ?
The invention of the automatic, bidirectional winding mechanism with rotor and changer for pocket watches , which took place until 1775, is attributed to Abraham-Louis Perrelet . In 1778 at the latest [4] Hubert Sarton had also developed a pocket watch with an automatic winding mechanism. Abraham Louis Breguet also produced a forerunner of the modern automatic movement in 1787. He named his pocket watch with an automatic winding mechanism Perpetuelle . [5]

In 1922, the French company Leroy created the first wristwatch with an automatic movement, powered by a pendulum oscillating weight, which, however, was not sold.
From FR to CH :
to automatique Quartz system

Did anyone calculated the energetic input to total time function energetic consume from this small devices ?


Title: Re: magnetic force and electric force alignment
Post by: Floor on May 03, 2022, 04:12:21 PM
Some thoughts from Lanka IV

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Hello floor,I hope Your situation is well !
Related 'field' and working with there are in quantum mechanics two think parameters :
Working physical we should ask : freedom-degrees in cubical and/or round non/evacuated area/space !?
How much from Lorentz force is electro-magneto-gravito ion-/proton-wind ?!
Light velocity and distance-overbridging in medium/in vacuuo !? ≥ 300 000 km/sec possible ? How,why !?
Because I am one time more 'off-lined' by the Admin. I will any more later posting in non own began threads !
Is there not a relationship Lenz/Ohm and Fleming/inverse Ohm = Siemens ,developper from the ' dynamo ' ?

Oliver Christoph Waldhelm Lanca

Some thoughts from Lanka IV
Title: Re: magnetic force and electric force alignment
Post by: Floor on May 04, 2022, 03:03:10 PM
We are a designing society,
partial going down to cellular reproduction programming : Serbia : human cloning .
In EE and FE a field variance and to controle spectrum :
and specific
The field working area has to become defind,
the signals(also called : pulses or waves or oscillations = p.o.v.) configurated,
to develop in this field the wished force ( 4d including reactio 5d ) from given pressure ( 3d) !
The pressure input result is different,when different specific materials ( used element,their quantity,recflection grade, hardness ,purity are in use ! Commercial/industrial re-/production warranty !?)

Like here to see and remark ,soft/hard or,226

                     centrifugal /centipetal orientation pressing ,from in RT ambient  liquid metals !?
Nothing in concept new : EMD,EHD(Hydro=water=semi-metal),MHD technology applied !

And finally : it seems that our Nature system is holographic : cycle in a sub-cycle in .....

                  time to to milli-time micro-time to nano-time to femto-time circuits stand-by controle

                  by on/off switching,this is actually industrial the THz- devices mass production class

Input signal energy saving by Watt-to VA to VAr

to VAr: controlled ≤ 100% - duty    cycle sublimes conventional time d
Changing,retroduction  the " Nature BIOS program"

For comparison and digital fictive MEG-designing :
when         50 Hz in-/trans-verter ~                                                 3 000 RPM   rotor/stator or rotoverter concept

                500 Hz                                                                               30 000 RPM
                    1 KHz                                                                             60 000 RPM
                    1 MHz                                                                    60 000 000 RPM     
                    1 GHz                                                             60 000 000 000 RPM
                    1 THz                                                     60 000 000 000 000 RPM

                                                                            or      1 000 000 000 000 RPS

Quantum generator low space but high power output potential !
Btw : the Nature BIOS is 100% digital ,the humans are Nature sub-systems ,their BIOS idem 100% digital


Title: Re: magnetic force and electric force alignment
Post by: Floor on May 05, 2022, 03:18:18 PM
Hello floor,
I wrote this as message to kolbacict

but it makes part from emg-engineering ,as R&D and by application :

Hello kolbacict,

Hoping You are well !

You ,probably,differ motors and generators and/or motors with genrrator coils in their behaviour !
A-/synchron,self-dynamic( by electro magnets) ,.......
Inertia start-phase Ampere-tuning

Inertia start-phase Voltage-tuning
Using both,rheostat and varistor,means minimalist = near " demand/serve"  unity input ,
but the real specific device ,for experiment or in mass use,has to be strictly defined/finded by experiments  !
Related Bedini rated/real world batteries capacity and Beardens rated/real world permanent magnets force I
present also Fred Miekkas motor and/or generator devices improvement ,based by

physical textbook theoretical energy/power output versus industrial typical rated/average/waranty related/simple and cheap production//obsolescent

                                                           pre-/reservation habits :
We can assume

motor and/or generator each 1 KW PURE production costs(50 KW unit ),with variable speed and torque controller,
following Roy Kessingers motor/generator production concept R&D 5 US$/hp ~ 6,75 US$/KW and the controller in

the international freedomcar US DOE engine project in the 15 US$/hp ~ 20 US$/KW !
Through controller price decrease potential we can assume in future,by later REPRAP industrial process

total drive system PURE production costs per KW unit ,for 50 KW rated drive :

from 20 US$/KW to 17,5 US$/KW to 15 US$/KW ............. !
We are actually calculating with unwarranted, non-capitalized  US F.E.D. e-/paper-$ ,
with monetary retroduction from ' money=coin material worth"-PARITY systematics ,
the US e-/paper $ transforms to REAL WORLD 10/1 "US coin $" ! Zero tax,Zero credit !

And from " drop away"-society misleading to refurbish/recycling logics !
FE generator for less than ....... US-RW-THALER !
Ihr US-Amerikaner nutzt die imperiale Karls-Thaler ,Mund-faul : ( Karls-) Tdoalar/ Doaler/Dol(l)ar:!
Jeder Thaler/Dol(l)ar besteht aus einer FIXEN WertEINHEIT !
Wie REICH oder ARM/POOR Ihr US-Amerikaner seid entscheidet nicht Forbes/Fortune,
zudem aus dem Bereich der Quanten-Algometrik :

Das eherne Zinsgesetz ! The eternal tax-law ! Its followed Walras law and Pareto inverse-/pyramids logics !

Haus,Hof und Gesinde ABSCHREIBUNG/psycho-physio-logical Existence-Amortization

 inklusive,linear und/oder progressiv : Lebend-Vieh und Lebende ! Cattle and humans ,physically amortized

Viele Staedte zu sehen,Buch-technisch : abgeschrieben/neutralized/profictio :
1 Euro ,Dol(lar),Rubel,Rupie,Renminbi ,......... RET(in Peace,)-Buchwert

Viele Geisterstaedte,mit Geister-Menschen,Buch-technisch : abgeschrieben : 0 Euro/Dol(l)ar,Rubel,.......

Quantum-,Algometrische Buchhaltung,auf den Pixel,/dot genau !
Dialektischer Idealismus, Hegel
Dialektischer Materialismus ,Marx/Engels
Digital-materialistischer Idealismus WIR,-Genrration ,anhand Planckschrr Grundlagen-Forschung und opto-elektrischrr Fraunhofrr Spectrallinien-Aneendung

Forumsteilnehmer deren Beitraege besitzen ,* KLANGFARBE" =
deren spezifische - momentan/,lokale- Eigenfrequenz !Oder die des genutzten Auto-Translator-Program(m),ers/ierers !?

Nullus/Zero  Geheimnisse/Secrets !
Quanten-Algometrische Vorstellung des DPMA BUERO99 - Levels :
T.T.Brown MEP as thruster ,MW to GW shocks/pulsations to deep water area - pseudo-thermo,-,vacuum-,pump,-
                E-/M-2-G molecular active instead nuclear radio-active like

and under ocean line valley area watering with mineral seawater  ' artificial tsunami waves watering,' GIGAPUMPS

With less people and less area use more physical healthy output :
this makes indoor/sub-terrean saltwater-mixed electro-magneic plant culture possible !
10 times = 1000 %  more  yield by 2020-2100 maximal 50% growing world population !
Quantum-Algometrics and Cobot-fabrication means for zero-child /1 healthy child couples :
            Eternal spring life !

Message End

Related population estimations up to 2100,
f.e.Africa 2022-                                   2050-                                         2100
                 1400 Mio   + 72 %           2400 Mio                   + 200% (/ 2022)    4100 Mio.     

The South pays the price Because of the drastically increased cost of living, there were unrest in more than 20 countries at the time. On average, Germans only spend about twelve percent on food, while in the Global South it is between 60 and 100 percent. That is why the World Food Program and organizations such as Welthungerhilfe are warning against underestimating the consequences of the recent price explosion for global food security and especially for regions at risk. This is especially true for low-income countries that are dependent on food imports and whose food situation has already deteriorated drastically during the corona pandemic.

        No inland food/alimentation production = no /coitus !

For "Book of the Books"-Methodists = basic cristianity the demands are clear :
  The fatten years,the droughts/dry years tree species has its own rhythm in which the fattening years return.being Nature MAST-(~SATURATION)and/or ALTERNANZ -cycle  pre-served ,good/bad yield years ( Tier- und Pflanzen-MAST,for many unknown :-
                           MAST-(SATURATION) and/or ALTERNANZ ,NATURE its TRIAGE =           


                                                  Voll-MAST Teil-MAST,String-MAST,Leer-MAST ~ full/no fertility years

             Ho-Mens  MAST-farming international ,Zucht-und Ordnungs-Regularien

       The qualitative Cycle-STRUCTION ,humans double " bio periods" -cycle : ,
        female menstruation,male : pollution

        Wechseljahre/(ho-)meno-pause(-stop)after given quantitative bio-cells cyclic regeneration

        ( = bio-clock/watch program ,genetical = internal timer )
       = after cycle-regeneration pause/(-stop) : Degeneration

        The human body and mind  bio-algorythmical phases and changes ,non/influenced,non/manipulated
        Emg-spectrum : - pause(-stop) !?

       mammals Men(sch) - Tier-Pflanze-Amoebe-Plankton- ........ ? Life begins : by classical / by quantum ..... ?

                                                                                                                    E-motio begins : by EE ,by quantum E ...... ?