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Title: UFO Tent? (You can see out but not in)
Post by: Jerry Volland on May 31, 2021, 11:05:51 PM
Here's an interesting article: (

A new hunting tent allows you to see out without being seen from the outside.  The tent is made from a material which is birefringent, aka a quarter wave filter. This retards one plane of light by 90 degrees, relative to a perpendicular plane. The result is that light which passes through the filter becomes circularly polarized, causing it to rotate. After that, circularly polarized light will pass through the filter from only one direction. Reflected light maintains it's polarity and can't pass through the filter from the other direction. As long as no light originates inside the tent, anything inside can't be seen from the outside.

So what if some UFOs are made out of Mylar, covered with the special filter? They wouldn't need windows, would they?