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O.U. Magnet force shielding 2 and so on

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Please see the previous two posts...

In regard to the just previous post / video...

You can see the same kind of physical effect / results, but while useing a
different magnet interaction set here @


In the "T.D." demonstration (daily motion),
               the input work
              the output work

are cyclically done and then undone.

i.e. There is no net work, input.
      There is no net work, output.

        Curious  is it not ?

                       I'm pretty sure, that by linking a long series of these units
 in an escalating in scale manner, as non work out connected to the next non work in
                               One could lift an elephant over and over ?
                            As long as you put it back down over and over ?
                                                     And this
                         by lifting 105 g by that 22 deg. worth of travel ? (in the video)

                                Not sure though. I mean, I havn't tried it.

5,000 pounds or 2,267,962 grams = average elephant + - ...

Each magnet unit used in series increases the height lifted by an additional 45  % ...
100 / 40 degrees  = 2.5
2.5 x 22 degrees = 55 %
100 %  - 55 % = 45 %

Each magnet unit used in series increases the weight lifted by an additional 8.696 % ...
115g / 100 = 0.86956521739130434782608695652174
105 g x 0.869 = 91.304 %
100 % - 91.304 % = 8.696 %

There are 0.27930 mm of lift per each degree that is read from either of the degree scales.

The first unit lifts 115 grams by 40 degrees or 11.172 mm ( 0.27930 x 40 deg. =  11.172 mm)
115g x 11.172 mm

The first unit input is 105 grams, but  the actual force required (average force) over
the 22 degrees (6.1446 mm of fall) is around 85 grams. ( 0.27930 x 22 deg. = 6.1446 mm)
85g x 6.1446 mm

How many magnet units in series in order to lift the elephant and what would be the height of
that lifting ?

How about this then...

Instead of an elephant, a magnet and weight object, lowered through a coil that
is connected to a load while the weight is being lowered ?

It doesn't have to be as heavy as an elephant though...


The weight and magnet should be able to fall through a coil, even when the coil is
loaded and while undoing the work as lifting done by the rotating magnet ? !


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