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O.U. Magnet force shielding 1

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The magnet stacks, which I have ON MY BENCH AT PRESENT
(A and B illustrated below), are not well matched.   

One of the sets of magnets is stronger than the other.
This was not intentional nor by design, but by chance.

If the magnets in those stacks (on my bench) were more nearly
identical in terms of their force magnitudes, their interactions
would be significantly different.

On my bench, the shield magnet is not vertically centered in
relationship to the magnet stacks. Instead (in order to arrive at
zero force insertion / removal) the shield magnet has been shifted
down ward from center.

If the stacks were well matched, zero force to insert / remove the
shield magnet, would be made possible when the shield magnet
is centered vertically in relationship to the two stacks of magnets?  (? is an edit)

Under those conditions, we would get a better input to output
ratio, through the four step interactions (longer / better output
travel distances)  ?


Output 1.
an average force of > 607 grams over the 7/8 inch travel (repelling).

7/8 inch = 0.875 inch
0.875 x 607 g = 531.125 work units


Output 2.
an average force of around > 150 grams over 1/2 inch of travel (attracting),
while an additional 3/8 inch of travel is input (against zero magnetic force).

0.5 inch x 150 g = 75 work units
... ... ... ... ... ... .,. ...

531.125 + 75 = 606.125 total work units out by magnetic force.

At nearly zero input against magnetic force  (we will give it <5 grams)

 edited below (from 1.75 inches to 1.875 inches)

1.875 inch shield travel x 2 (insertion then removal) = 3.75
3.75 inches x 5 g = 18.75 work units input

18.75 in to 606.125 out ratio.

You can see what the output action in this design is like,
near the end of this video  https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x81pgdx
@ the 16 minute mark.

Although that video is of the Magnet Force shielding 2  design, the actions
are the same as in the Magnet Force shielding 1 design.

Measured out, the Magnet Force shielding 1 design outputs around
34 times the input.  The Magnet Force Shield design 2 is not going to
perform as well.  It might even come out at unity ?  I don't know.
I'm still not, at this time, set up to do those measurements to my satisfaction.


I occasionally put this design (Magnet force shielding 1) on the bench
(again yesterday), just to check my own sanity  :). 
      Its good.


Floor I appreciate your continued work. I have been too occupied to do this but I have a few comments. 1st mount your camera so it does not move around. I made a U shape with groves in the sides of the U that my camera slips right into to hold it. Then I mounted this on a pedestal that I can move around to get a good view or change views.

2nd I put your grams and distance into a spread sheet calculating the grams times the distance moved for each increment of work out and then work in vs out got OU 39 which is very good...congratulations. I almost always use spread sheets to eliminate calculator keying errors.

I tried the stack setup before and had no luck so this time I am using the 4 magnet setup in repel mode  "the Magnet Force shielding 2  design"
My test is gluing right now so I won't have any results till this evening or tomorrow.

The other thing is you keep changing topic and threads and I don't catch the new threads all the time. but the unread overunity feature helps.



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