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Alexander US Patent 3913004 1975 And A Speculation Coorelation


Does the technique of rotation with transformer effect  (double wires) as in the Patent  motor/generator, ALSO APPLY  to the certain special Briggs alternators, only the one with red and black wires with white end connector, stator ring for riding lawnmower engine? Two ends of alternators are grounded. This is a dual output alternators with wires in SAME slot being activated by magnets. One side was for BRIGGS ONLY light bulbs AC, other for one diode charging battery DC. But IF PUT TOGETHER, and with bridge rectifier, output was possible 14.9 amps. Someone tested this and their video was shut down. The alternators are run by crankshaft, no extra electric input power required AS IN the transformer type Patent. First winding generates AC out, it also induces into 2nd winding for 2nd output increased power, and that winding also generates also from magnets. Free electrical energy increase? A one cylinder engine with same ring set was run at idle speed on hydrogen gas generated and expanded water vapor in 2008 Georgia.



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