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Author Topic: History and the Baghdad Battery  (Read 2488 times)


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History and the Baghdad Battery
« on: September 22, 2021, 11:13:33 PM »
The Baghdad Battery or Persian (Parthian) Battery is a set of three artifacts which were found together: a ceramic pot, a tube of copper, and a rod of iron. It was discovered in present-day Khujut Rabu, Iraq, close to the metropolis of Ctesiphon, the capital of the Parthian (150 BC – 223 AD) and Sasanian (224–650 AD) empires, and it is believed to date from either of these periods.

Its origin and purpose remain unclear. It was hypothesized by some researchers[who?] that the object functioned as a galvanic cell, possibly used for electroplating, or some kind of electrotherapy, but there is no electroplated object known from this period. An alternative explanation is that it functioned as a storage vessel for sacred scrolls.

I find this explanation of the Baghdad Battery as some kind of holder for scrolls completely absurd. So they just so happened to build a vessel which has every single element a modern battery has but it's a scroll holder?, it's nonsensical. In fact the region around ancient Baghdad was once the global center of science and technology and they developed much more than just batteries.

Here is the rest of the story...
Ancient Baghdad was once the center of civilization with a large amount of trade, culture, science and technology. It was a place where intellectuals and scholars flocked to learn and share and all were welcomed. It thrived and grew while the rest of the world was still in the dark ages and primitive. They developed education, science, mathematics, geography, government, farming, irrigation and much more. However many would rather not talk about how this once thriving civilization was destroyed.

Like many past civilizations the culture grew but so did the population. The usual problems started to arise such as disease, food shortages, clean water, pollution and sanitation. In the past they had all the same problems we as society still have today. However as the living conditions grew worse and the people became more desperate many turned to religion. Over time the islamic leaders gained more and more power and then outlawed science. This was the beginning of the end of ancient Baghdad as the center for science and technology and what was once a great civilization was destroyed. It was destroyed because the population no longer relied on the facts to solve there problems but false beliefs. Obviously one cannot solve a problem with a false belief which does not actually solve the problem...

In fact we see the same pattern happening today and as our problems become worse many are rejecting science and embracing false beliefs. For example, were in the middle of a global pandemic and many reject the notion of a naturally occurring virus and a vaccine to help prevent sickness or death. In exactly the same way many people in the past rejected science and believed there pandemics were caused by witches. In fact we can see a war against science happening today very similar to the past just before that civilization collapsed.

My goal here is not to tell anyone what to believe or point fingers at any one group. I'm simply pointing out the main reasons why many great civilizations in the past were destroyed and how this relates to what we see happening today. The pattern would seem to be exactly the same and people may want to think about being prepared for the worst case scenario. I would also point out that every great civilization which failed in the past probably believed it would never happen to them but obviously it did, we have proof it happened.

Nobody will like what I'm going to imply but the pattern seems to be repeating itself and there is some evidence to suggest what might happen in the future.
The U.S. has become divided with almost one half the population hostile towards facts and embracing false beliefs. They have effectively backed themselves into a corner not being able to back down with few options. Some have suggested a civil war will break out in the future and the result similar to what happened to Baghdad. This would affect North America, Europe and most other modern democracies and we can guess how the rest of this story plays out. With these regions destabilized the remaining superpowers China and Russia would probably take an all or nothing position and declare war. However as we know from history there are no winners and everyone loses. After all the supply chains are destroyed so are the economies then the infrastructure fails and whomever is left is in big trouble if there not prepared.

There is also a time factor, with time each new civilization failed sooner than the last due to the burden of it's population. An ancient civilization like the Sumerians lasted many thousands of years and each new civilization after it seemed to fail earlier. We seem to have hit the wall after only a few hundred years so I'm not optimistic we have much time.

On the Baghdad Battery technology, it always seems to come full circle. A few thousand years from now I can imagine someone finding your technology buried in the ground and claiming it's impossible as well, lol.

Take care


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Re: History and the Baghdad Battery
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2021, 12:18:07 AM »
Hello AC,related "...Ancient Baghdad was once the center of civilisation ..."

Small-Asia/Asia minor (Mesopotamien Euphrat/Tigris)  historical center ,Babel ( the archive-tower ) or Babylon also called
 in the today abandoned ruins-site were by excavations ceramic fragments found , f.e. with mathematical formula : av2 + bv2 = cv2  with historical age ante/before   Pitágoras (582 - 497 a. C.)

From there the oldest known Constitution,CODEX, as stone Stele/Pillar :

but :
The Codex Hammurapi is repeatedly referred to as the oldest “law” of mankind, a formulation that can no longer be adhered to today - regardless of the controversies mentioned - since the discovery of the older codes of Ur-Nammu and Lipit-Ištar .

Younger,in years,prophet Mose his "10.Commandments"



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Re: History and the Baghdad Battery
« Reply #2 on: September 23, 2021, 06:46:05 PM »
On the absurd notion that the Baghdad Battery was a scroll holder...

The pictures below were from ancient Egypt showing a group of Baghdad batteries connected in series by what looks like wires. If I recall correctly some Egyptian text also described many vessels connected in series to produce gasses/vapors loosely translated as "substance of the sky" and "substance of man". Possibly referring to hydrogen which floats upward in the sky and the oxygen which we breath. So there is evidence to suggest ancient cultures knew all about batteries, electricity, electrolysis and chemistry. On the most basic level we could ask, if it's not a battery why connect them in series with a wire just like we do with batteries today?.

I also included a picture of the electrostatic bead generator and double tube light found in the temples at Dendera. So again we can clearly see electrical technology being used. One aspect seldom addressed is the cables running from a large box to the large lights at Dendera. Why a cable?, if as many claim it's just symbols then why depict a cable connecting a box to a light just like we do today?. As well, why connect a cable to the small end of a light bulb in the same way we would today. No offense but as an Engineer well versed in everything electrical I think anyone who thinks this isn't a light must be incompetent. In fact, the depiction clearly includes every single aspect required for an electrical lighting system. It also lays out all the components (HV battery box, cabling and bulbs) exactly as I would with the HV source in the center. 

We could also look at the absurd explanations many archeologists have given. Apparently they think the plasma inside the light is a snake and the bulb a symbol. Fair enough but that doesn't explain the cable clearly connecting the light to a box. Why connect a supposed snake and a box with a cable?, it's absurd. As well, why would a supposed snake in a symbol need to be supported by people and and what looks like insulated cradles?. Under even the most basic scrutiny the archeologists explanations fall flat on there face. I would love to debate these archeologists because there obviously incompetent and I would tear there absurd theories apart without even trying.

The only questions which remain are...
1)why try to hide the fact that over 5500 years ago many ancient cultures may have had advanced technology?.
2)why try to hide the fact that many ancient cultures were much more knowledgeable than most imagine?.
3)why try to hide the fact that every ancient culture claimed this advanced technology was "given to them".

I think we all know why, many of these intelligent and advanced ancient cultures were thriving before many of the current religions were even invented. They predate both Christianity and Islam by at least a few thousand years. So it makes perfect sense that many would try to hide any facts which may contradict there own beliefs. I have no problem with anyone believing whatever they want... I just can't accept being lied to.

The fact remains that we have been lied to and these ancient cultures were not just a bunch of goat herders living in grass huts using wooden mallets and stone chisels to build stuff. That theory is completely absurd and not supported by the facts we know. Which begs the question, considering what we do know what else are they hiding from us?...