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Author Topic: How UFO's fly & free energy  (Read 3181 times)


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How UFO's fly & free energy
« on: May 08, 2021, 06:01:01 AM »
How UFOs Fly and Free Energy
Last section is Free energy generator and is an open sourced to the world 🤗,
***********download 9.pdf to view pictures & links *********
***********download 9.pdf to view pictures & links *********
***********download 9.pdf to view pictures & links *********
***********download 9.pdf to view pictures & links *********
 >>>>>>The file is located on top of the picture below
 Just read the free energy section at the end if it's long
Figure 1

Do you know what the crop circle in figure 1 represent?
This is what created you!.  I used to ponder as what this pattern might be for the past 10 years.   Finally  in February 2015 I wrote a post in site titled "fun observations about The magnetic field".    The magnetic vortex revelation--watch the real shape of the magnetic field.
 the gracious Mr. Tim Vanderelli invented a device called the ferrocell in 2015.  The ferrocell allowed us to see the magnetic field for the very 1st time.    The field was exactly what was depicted in the crop circle.  At last the crop circle significance was revealed.
Fig 2 

What is the ferrocell?
By squishing a mix of mineral oil and ferro fluid between two sheets of glass, diligently squeezing out the air bubbles, sealing the edges, and then lighting it with a LED strip, Watch as the fluid’s magnetic particles seem to bloom and move in reaction to the magnets on the glass.  This experiment is based on a Ferrocell (or Ferrohydrodynamic Lens), a sealed piece of glass containing a 50 micron thick layer of ferrofluid. The black liquid appears transparent at this thickness, and according to ferrocell inventor Timm Vanderelli, it “behaves more like a gas than a liquid” in this state: Apply light and magnetism to either surface. Polarization of the applied magnetic field will determine the “angle of incidence” light experiences as it exits the cell. Using a permanent magnet is the easiest way to apply a polar field and see how a Ferrocell will change the path of light and appear as a holographic image to the viewer.   As a result, we are able to see the real form of the magnetic field.. Hallelujah.
YouTube link below demonstrates the holographic 3d shape of the magnetic field

What is magnetism geometry/components and how it relates to physical matter?

Fig 3,4 
 The magnetic field we observe from traditional magnets is the sum total of the micro whole & has fractal nature in design.  Fractals in which each part has the same character as the whole. 

What is physical matter the origin of our 3D pixel?

 Space is not empty at all.   Think of space as an ocean of invisible energy that our senses are completely oblivious to.  The essence of physical matter is a distortion in that invisible energy that permeates all of existence in this universe.     What does that mean?  Think of the invisible energy as an ocean of magnetic invisible energy that encompasses all of existence,  And think of the distortion as a hurricane (similar to a water fountain donut or torus shape) in that invisible energy field as shown above.   The invisible energy can only be detected with the traditional magnets.. There is a reason why I used the term "traditional".  In traditional magnets the electron  domains are fixed and if you hold 2 magnets in repulsion, the electrons act like fans  dispersing that invisible energy against another in spiral donuts or trousers.  The toruses have  the  same directional spin orientation, we finally feel that repulsion force pushing against the magnets.    Our senses are completely oblivious to the magnetic field itself but we are able to sense the effect it has on physical  "traditional" magnets
 In short, empty space is not empty at all & perhaps that invisible energy is what's known as the either, Higgs field or dark matter.  I know it's called time and space at area 51. Also, Bob lazar informed us in 1989 that the gravitational field is a torus.  Yet he was mocked  and ridiculed.  How sad.  I'll  Get to the relationship between gravity and magnetism later.

Fig 5,6,7   
 Disclaimer 1st of all I don't understand the  The mechanism of how the magnetic field entirely works.  But here are my observations.  I believe through thought and consciousness the invisible energy Loses inertia expanding to create physical matter in time and space.  It diverges from the source into  two spiral donuts (duality, opposites, & contrast in design) one is counter clockwise (CC) and the other clockwise (C).  They then converge back into the source through the drain.  (The drain is called a "well" in area 51).   Please keep in mind that drain's spin where it converges back into the source is opposite to the donut spin fig 7.  . Perhaps it is possible that the drain spin seeps into the donut & both spins intersect to create a mesh of clockwise and counter clockwise with an angle of 137.  My favorite number when I was a teen.    From this moment on I will refer to the donut spin of the magnetic field as the main CC or C spin.  (Not drain) Because the donut is the pretminant winning spin orientation.        For example in the northern hemisphere here on Earth the winning spin is counter clockwise and clockwise in the Southern hemisphere.  This basic principle in physical matter creation & design is mimicked in every dimension of creation from the 1st dimension to the the atom, planets, moon, stars,  galaxy, and clusters of galaxies.  For example  ,by draing your sink, flushing your toilet and all Hurricanes in the norther  hemisphere will always yield a counter clock wise spin orientation.
Watch uncovering the missing secrets of magnetism
I highly suggest you read Uncovering the Missing Secrets of Magnetism by
Source Ken Wheeler –
Food for thought: our black hole in the center of the milky way galaxy (top left) is nothing but a magnetic drain.   Do you know why we see it as a black hole?   In deed, we see it as a black hole because the  magnetic field converging  into the drain is so immense not even a photon of light can escape.  Actually the term photon is wrong light is nothing but a longitudinal propagation in the invisible energy.   Moreover, Our sun has a  drain to but it's not black because the magnetic field is not strong enough to restrain photons from escaping.

Important Experiments relating gravity to magnetism

Experiment 1 UFO TECH 14 Lockeed Chief Scientist Boyd Bushmans Antigravity Experiments-Spinning & Magnetism on YouTube
Minute 3:45
Newton's 1st law of motion states an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and direction unless acted upon by a force.  Newton'  1st law was violated as demonstrated by the lockeed chief scientist in spinning of the celt clockwise.    Remember hurricanes always spin counter clockwise in the northern hemisphere that's why.   The celt stopped its clockwise spin and reversed to spin counter clockwise because the predominant spin in the northern hemisphere is CC
Minute 4:55
 The scientist is showing us how gravity and magnetism are related with a simple experiment by bolting two opposing clock wise spin magnets by force and allowing the counter clockwise side to extend freely.   Galileo Galilei dropped two spheres of different masses from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to demonstrate that their time of descent was independent of their mass.  Galileo discovered through this experiment that the objects fell with the same acceleration, proving his prediction true arriving at the same time.   The scientist in the video violated Galileo's experiment when the 2 opposing magnets bolted by force arrived late to the ground surface.   

Experiment 2. Watch "Lens effect on magnetic field" on YouTube
In this simple experiment the lens is placed in a vertical position (perpendicular to the Earth's surface), the magnet rotates clockwise in south side and counterclockwise in the north side.  when the lens is placed in a horizontal position, the rotation is continuous counter clockwise on top.    The rotating magnet is highlighting to us the donut(s)/tauruses magnetic spin in the electrons in the lens as the lens electrons automatically orient relative to the earth's magnetic field.     In conclusion, this experiment  proves that the lens is nothing but a magnet.   In turn all physical matter in existence are magnets but not considered a traditional  magnets .   Remember the electron domains in traditional magnets are fixed due to their exposure of high voltage and current.   However most physical matter in existence are what I dubbed as "flex magnets".   The electron domains in flex magnets are free and ready to flex/alter to orient themselves relative to the Counter clockwise magnetic field of the Earth's surface in the northern hemisphere.  Therefore, an average human walking on the surface in the northern hemisphere will have electrons spinning clockwise from the waist down and counterclockwise from the waist up to conclude the magnetic circuit.  Yet, if a human is doing back flips then the electron's are constantly altering and changing spin relative to the surface in turn to comply with the the law of duality/ opposites in magnetism.  In conclusion gravity and magnetism are one of the same except one is coherent and the other is not.

How UFO's fly
Element 115-fuel antimatter reactor to power gravity amplifiers, output goes to gravity emitters. Moscovium was called ununpentium (IUPAC system) or eka-bismuth (Mendeleev's naming system) before its official discovery. Most people simply referred to it as "element 115". All isotopes of moscovium are expected to be extremely radioactive. The most stable isotope to date is moscovium-290, which has a half-life of 0.8 seconds. Isotopes with masses ranging from 287 to 290 have been produced. Moscovium is at the edge of the island of stability. It is predicted Moscovium-291 might have a long half-life of several seconds. In the future I predict will be able to produce lement 115 in a stable form if the protons are all on 3 tetrahedrons.  Next, UFOs utilize 2 modes of operation
First, planetary mode also known also as omicron configuration in area 51:

 In the planetary mode the flying saucers utilizes one gravity amplifier/emitter to emit a counter clockwise (CC) magnetic field from the craft to interact with the CC magnet field of the earth in  northern hemisphere to create a repulsion field between them.  The craft's CC field must encompass and surround it fully  to avoid the Earth's CC magnetic field interacting with the C clockwise field inside the craft(which is used as an artificial gravity).  Also,It is paramount  that you isolate the earth's field from penetrating inside the ship to eliminate inertia or G forces acting on the occupants.  The craft could either hover gently or shoot into space, Depending on the Gauss value, intensity and density emitted.   In this mode a highly dense maximum donut minimum drain is favored.  The craft's gravity amplifier/emitter are made of exotic materials  and are able to manipulate the magnetic field components resourcefully and brilliantly.  I would love to  Know what kind of materials they are made of.   Salt crystals for example is considered a gravity amplifier.

To test this theory I placed a salt crystal on the ground just when it started snowing when the snow accumulated  to around 4" a  crater was revealed.  The salt crystal amplified the earth's counter clockwise magnetic field on the surface into a larger donut on top of the crystal.  Water or ice in the presence of a magnetic field will always yield a diamagnetic effect which simply means repulsion.   The donut repelled the snow ice crystals away from it to form the crater.   In fact air will also yield a diamagnetic effect in the presence of a magnetic field that's why saucers experience no friction or heat upon entry into the planet.   Heat is nothing but spin transfer of electrons  between atoms.   If the crafts atoms are surrounded by a magnetic field preventing the atmospheric air from touching or transferring that heat energy.   Similarly if a saucer enters a body of water then no splashing is noted.
>Watch "Is water magnetic??" on YouTube

Food for magnetic fields have a range of frequencies like sound or light?. If so, Could the magnetic field frequency relate to the field intensity & density?
 To move in a horizontal direction a second gravity amplifier/emitter swing to the direction of movement and emitt a minimum donut maximum drain field configuration to induce a suction effect to move horizontally.   Remember physical matter is made of that invisible energy so creating a drain in it would automatically push it towards the pressure voidance. 

Second, galactic mode also known as Delta configuration in area 51:

In the galactic mode   The craft's belly on the side in the direction of movement.   Simultaneously, all three gravity amplifiers/emitter are utilized in a "maximum drain minimum donut" arrangement.   All three point to a single location in space then fires to maximum capacity to spin the invisible energy & create a massive drain or well as known in area 51. The craft simply  pierces through the invisible energy.    Conceivably the massive drain should be at least the same diameter of the craft or greater.   Remember physical matter is made of the invisible energy,  therefore physical matter cannot exist outside of it.  Consequently, it's transported instantaneously to cross thousands of light years in a matter of minutes.  Let's say your moving towards  Alpha centuri.  You don't move to the alpha centuri you observe visually, because you are seeing the alpha centuri 4.367 light years in the past.   You allow the craft computer system on board to forecast the position of alpha centuri in real time (4.367 light years into the future) and head in the forecasted direction.   Moreover,  the journey should be made through jumps.  Jumps are employed to reduce errors and prevent colliding into celestial bodies along the way.

Free Energy
the current laws of thermodynamic do not recognize gravity, elasticity and permanent magnets as sources of energy. They do not recognize because we know so little about them. It is necessary to go through a long and difficult way to obtain working theories with numerous experiments. Deficiency of knowledge in this area has led to a massive participation of the enthusiastic geeks in the experimental search for answers that scientists cannot give.
First of all, For any of you not familiar with SEG generator  here's a video link
My free energy solution employs SEG generator so it's important to view before proceeding
This free energy solution is an open source.   To all the geek community feel free to reproduce and create the generator as you please.   There is no copyright or patent 
  Free energy SEG generator could be achieved in two ways
1- Sine wave rollers design.
2- Spiral DNA rollers design. solution  herein
Y axis represents distance along the length of a typical traditional magnet or rollers.
X axis represents the gauss values for traditional magnet or rollers... 
Ex.  Guass values is maximum at the edges of a traditional magnetic as demonstrated in the red triangles.   The gauss value diminishes to 0 in the dialectic neutral plane then increases again to maximum in the other pole.
  I realized the roller magnetization should be completely opposite to the Sun (stator) magnet guass values.   By adding the green triangle to the red ones, I'm trying to form a perfect square to balance all roller energies in orbit.

  The green triangles now represent rollers magnetization at every level.      Also,  At any point along the length ( y-axis) My proposal is simple:
 the Gauss value of a traditional stator Sun magnet at any level + the Gauss value of any roller at any level must equal a constant*****.   When you equalize all gauss values of the magnet and rollers at every level it's like paving a smooth road .   There is no drag or up hill battle to climb for rollers.   The rollers will spin in perfect harmony without any impedance.   Assume the constant = 1000 for the sack of simplicity
so as the roller spin from level to level the attraction at every level = 1000,1000,1000,1000,1000,1000,1000,1000.    Now if you  Combined the 2 green triangle, Low and behold what emerged resembles other crop circles.
Nature balances energy with the use of fractals.  As you can see, it starts small to increase then decrease again at termination.   Could the crop circles above be presenting the elements from an alien perspective??? Could the 3rd crop circle be the stable version of element 115? Notice how each arm is resting on the other.  🤔

Similarly, to achieve rollers balance.  They must be fractally magnetized which means lowest magnetization at the top and bottom rollers & increase as you move into the center (neutral   plan) rollers
 ex as you see in the green triangles.

At last, we know the maximum Gauss value in x axis, and maximum  length in y axis....therefore. through simple extrapolation with different triangle sizes, we should be able to  obtain all gauss values for each roller (disk or plate) level easily. 
-- rollers must be diametrically magnetized, and stator/sun magnet must be axially magnetized.  Think  About it, both donuts are perpendicular to each other like two mechanical gears also perpendicular to transfer movement and spin effectively.
-- rollers must be laid 45゚ off the each other in a DNA spiral formation .  45 depending on number of  disks/plates in each roller.  I assumed it to be 8.  40 degrees if utilizing 9 disks/plates in roller
--when you run the SEG make sure it rotates counter-clockwise if you are located in the northern hemisphere .  That is extremely extremely important.  The CC northern hemisphere field is the primary spin force that will run the rollers.   Simplicity is key.....good luck guys and gals
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Re: How UFO's fly & free energy
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Stellar contribution!👍


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Re: How UFO's fly & free energy
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We have to ask    U.N.C.L.E.   about statement truth ! ;D

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