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Here news of this years very unique opportunity to actually visit venue (ICCF-23 from your home !

Thx to member Physicsprof for news

More info to follow

Note that you do NOT have to submit an abstract to join in.
You can register, and listen in, and ask questions if you wish

ICCF-23 online:   June 9-11, 2021,No Registration Fee ?

Attendance is free of charge, however registration is required. Please visit

http://ikkem.com/member.php?c=reg for registration.

Registered participant will receive an email on how to access the online conference, no later than June 8, 2021.

Chet K

Here a small update
I will get more info to better understand this presentation format ...or how to participate ( for those interested

Will touch base with Dr. Jones and perhaps also Stefan ?

Some info here


Chet K


Update from physics prof

the ICCF-23 Conference has begun - at 8:30pm ET tonight.

    I listened to all the talks this evening, about a dozen reports, and the organizers say these are being recorded.  Some were pre-recorded in fact.  When I find out where the vids are available, I'll let you know - hopefully to the public.

    The most interesting talks to me are those that speak of Experiments which are Repeatable.  Two research talks stand out:

1 - Frank Gordon and his LEC.  (This approach is quite new to me - hoping to learn much more about it.)

2 - George Miley and his gas loading followed by gas-desorption.  Very nice.

Both of these see anomalous effects when using either H2 or D2.  That is not a surprise to me, but may be to some.  To emphasize:  H2/H2O is no longer a control as it was in the earlier F/P experiments, also in the Jones/Palmer experiments  (papers by the two distincti groups were published at nearly the same time, in early 1989).

Links are above - I think you can still join in the fun.

If anyone knows about the LEC device, pls share info here - thanks.


Frank E. Gordon ( and Harper J. Whitehouse ),Lattice Energy Converter ( LEC ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4dzTWY_aWM


as pdf https://www.lenr-canr.org/acrobat/GordonFlatticeene.pdf

               myWatt output experience !? Alpha-stage development

( btw : what happened with https://blog.go-here.nl/6097
Potomac Energy Projects,Ed Sines https://patents.google.com/patent/EP2030260A2/it
https://web.archive.org/web/20060703055604/http://www.potomacenergyprojects.com/  )

Quick midway summary from Physics prof
  PS - at least 3 of the speakers presented strong evidence for anomalous results, Gordon, Miley and Hubler.   McKubre did his usual pitch for replications, replications, replications - which is indeed what's needed in this field!

PPS from Chet
Thx for links 👍


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