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Title: Low-temperature E-cigarette Battery
Post by: greatpower on April 28, 2021, 03:41:36 AM
Low-temperature E-cigarette Battery
Great Power e cig batteries Competitiveness
Endorsement by Big Customers
Smoore, First Union approved supplier
Sufficient Prouction Capacity
Square e-cigarette batteries: 350000 pcs/day; Cylindrical e-cigarette batteries: 300000 pcs/day
e cig batteries of Low Temperature Performance
Battery of low-temperature type are successfully developed that can be used at -10°C.
Advanced Quality Management System
The mature supporting TS16949 system helps quality control of products throughout the whole process.
Manufacturing Traceability System
A smart factory's information platform capable of human-machine collaboration can realize real-time quality data collection through the production process, in-time control and post hoc analysis.
Great Power e cig batteries Capacity

Type   Production Line   Capacity   Blockbuster   Capacity/mAh
Square   6F workshop   300k/d   051447   280
   5F workshop   50k/d   451645   250
Cylindrical   2F workshop   200k/d   13300   400
   1F workshop   100k/d   13300   400
GREAT POWER:Electronic cigarette battery system solver
The quality of the electronic cigarette depends on the electronic cigarette battery. If you are an electronic cigarette manufacturer, you will definitely want to find a good electronic cigarette battery as a supporting component of the electronic cigarette. A good electronic cigarette battery can improve the electronic cigarette. Brand. The e-cigarette battery produced by GREAT POWER can meet your needs. If the e-cigarette battery you requested is not available on the GREAT POWER website, please contact us and we will provide you with an e-cigarette battery system solution.
Great Power e cig batteries Description
Models   Nominal Capacity   Delivery Voltage   IR   D   H   Performance
LIR08570P   345mAh   ≥4.10V   ≤40mΩ   ≤8.5mm   ≤57.5mm   25℃3.0A clearance discharging capacity≥320mAh
-10℃3.0A clearance discharging capacity≥250mAh
LIR08400P   200mAh   ≥4.10V   ≤45mΩ   ≤8.5mm   ≤41.0mm   25℃3.0A clearance discharging capacity≥190mAh
-10℃3.0A clearance discharging capacity≥140mAh
Safety Performance

No.   Items   Testing Results   Standard
1   capacity test   discharge capacity better than in spec.   specification
2   60°/7D   capacity retention rate≥85%,capacity recovery rate≥90%   specification
3   cycle life   cycle life better than in spec.   specification
4   short-circuit test @ RT   no fire,no explosion,surface temperature≤150℃   GB31241
5   short-circuit test @ 55°C   no fire, no explosion, surface temperature≤150℃   GB31241
6   press   no fire,no explosion   GB31241
7   impact   no fire,no explosion   GB31241
8   over charge test 3C/4.6V   no fire,no explosion   GB31241
9   over charge test(1C 90min)   no fire,no explosion   GB31241
10   drop test   no leakege,no fire,no explosion   GB31241
11   vibration   no fire,no explosion   GB31241
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