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Author Topic: about momentum converter  (Read 2492 times)

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about momentum converter
« on: April 16, 2021, 02:52:37 PM »  W(olf) D(ieter/ietrich) Bauer

 The important point is that Imris did not notice that the Lagrangian momentum (which can contain constraints inserted) does not coincide always with the common definition of angular momentum as learned in school.

Clearly that Dr.Pavel Imris,CSc. ,

CSc. - Candidate of the Sciences (candidatus scientiarum) DrSc. - Doctor of Science (doctor scientiarum) (the titles CSc. And DrSc. Have not been awarded since July 1, 1998)

use more than only school book knowledge,an assumption !

2. Experimental setup Wuerth’s experiments originate from Stein’s rotor setup [2] which has been published to a bigger audience by the journalist G. Hielscher [3].

pro/contra theory development/results dispute

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 What you don't grasp, is wholly lost to you;
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 What you don't weigh, that has for you no weight;
 What you don't coin, you're sure is counterfeit.

( Faust, part II, act 1, by J. W. von Goethe, 1808, from the translation of George Madison Priest)
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Dass der Wirbelring bei gewissen Bewegungsformen keine Energie verbraucht und infolge dessen sehr lange leben kann,wusste schon Helmholtz (1821-1894).

 ::)  ingo rechenberg evolutionsstrategie

Die Evolution hat biologische Prozesse optimiert.
Die Evolution ist selbst ein biologischer Prozeß.
Folglich: Die Evolution muß sich selbst optimiert haben.

 :o  " ..... haben ." Ja isse scho abgeschlosse ,die Evolution !?


The invention is based on the knowledge that there is an analogy between electrical engineering and fluid mechanics.

This consists in the fact that an electromagnetic field around an arbitrarily bent wire-shaped conductor and a flow field around an arbitrarily shaped vortex thread are described by the same law, Biot-Savart's law.

The quantities "increase in magnetic field strength" and "increase in speed" therefore correspond to one another.

Since magnetic field strength can be concentrated by winding a current-carrying conductor into a coil, an increase in speed can also be achieved in fluid technology by winding a vortex thread into a coil.

If you arrange several whibs rotating in the same direction so that their axes lie on a circle, they will rotate around the center of the circle as a result of mutual induction.

The induction increases with the number of vortices. The winding speed increases and the wedged threads approach the shape of closely spaced ring vortices. The velocity field that these ring vortices induce inside them creates the desired concentration effect.

Citation finis

wie wird aus einem "Wirbel-Keim" ein "Wirbel-Faden" daraus eine "Wirbel-Spule" und dann darauf ein "Wirbel-Ring" ?


 but :    and Pi

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Re: about momentum converter
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2021, 07:49:05 PM »



Alternative research :


also from Perú we did not hear anymore about

                                                                     multiplicador de fuerza (torque)

                                                            Sixto Ramos

                                                                     Sixto Ramos tipe replication trial

                                                                     comments link : 1.  Ucros (Columbia)


                                                                                             2. a.


Columbia :             Systema Q



Brazil ( remembers Torbay magnet motor)

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Offline lancaIV

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Re: about momentum converter
« Reply #2 on: August 14, 2021, 05:22:45 PM »


         cw and ccw  coupling ? such arrangement as described above, the internal gear and the planetary gears can be rotated in opposite directions but at the same rotational speed, so that as compared with the conventional hydraulic turbine in which the internal gear is held stationary the rotational speed of the pinion shaft can be almost doubled. In contrast with the conventional turbine with a single bladed rotor which is rotatable only in one direction, turbine rotors which are rotated in the opposite directions are mounted alternately on the common shaft so that a helical flow of a fluid through them can be eliminated. Consequently highly efficient power conversion can be ensured.

when speed will become doubled = generator production maximized by ....%  ?

similar planetary gear arrangement :

efficient electric generator : Akio Hara cw/ccw coupled double rotor



                                         Kango Iida

generator coil coating :       Yurth

efficient electric motor :     Catalan

                                       Sankar Pat

                                       Lam Dat coil wiring

                                       Imris cap-wiring

                                       Meta-C 3-phase cap-wiring


gear-motor :                    Li Yng


first application : by given numbers     2-generator a 800 W version

                                                           1600 W out by 1000 W electric (800 W nominal) in

                         first improvement

                      +  Kango Iida generator  2880 W out by  1000 W                                     in

                         second improvement
                     + Kango Iida converter     2880 W out by   500  W                                     in

                      between generator/motor


                     third improvement

                     + Li Yng gear-motor         2880 W  out by    50  W                                     in

                    option :

+ generator coil coating,motor controler,.......

what physical/technical is possible has not to be industrial important,especially if "open source" technology = private ownership-free

The high salary western industry has no chance opposed the low salary countries worldwide ! No margin-reserve in the price !

Open source technology production is only in low salary countries or under " autonomous=humanfree 3d production factory"-condition possible !