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Member Vasik and others have been helping with some explanations
And I believe a simple starter experiment will be hosted here ?

Please no comments here yet
This thread if started ...will be moved to own board /section.

Next few days should tell... it will probably start as mirror topic
But hopefully many open source members here can get inspiration!

All info for build will be provided and expected results ( hopefully)

Chet K



I will try to get specific info on which path is being followed by the open source researchers
And place those links here.

I do know a few preliminary experiments have been done to sample the MO
( not yet mentioned in link above .. experiments were done on a “napkin drawing” shared in one video (which were referenced by Vasik .

Also it would seem some form of strong “spikey managed chaos “ in a push pull dynamic
Which can harvest from the Aether?
That is To say ...previous thoughts on a very precise approach ( nano hammering a specific target/frequency??)
Seems now a wider more open selection which includes very spikey parts ... is push/pulled
In a bigger “net” or topology
To _harvest_during this “spikey managed chaos”?

I do know that this area of research is hard on equipment (must also be hard on the Aether too...?

This area or thread has still not been formally started here....

Just a quick update

I would imagine this next week will see a path towards that happening here.

Chet K

Here some bench tuning and experiments

Has built a device to start some preliminary tests ( with assistance from Vasik



Some scopeoscopy ....and related info .


Movie too

Chet K


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