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Juggling inertia...


iacob alex:
.....as a circus performance , at : https://youtu.be/SebDLxMORZs
     as a concept , at :                 http://web.mit.edu/angles2008/angles_Jacob_Sharpe.html
     as a simplified mechanical "composition" if we take a look at :
.....but , we retain two spare parts (1 and 2 ) only ...and take out the vane (3-4-3) ,replacing this rotor with another one...a kind of vise handle (rotating and sliding ) bar , as :
.....and play it "double"( in "mirror"...) , can we get across with a "clean" pulsatory one-way centrifugal thrust ? !
     Two counter-rotating-sliding vise handles...as an "inertial propeller" ?!

iacob alex:
 Hi Jerry !
Take a look at :
They have some common first lines ( two rotating-sliding masses ) with :
My proposal was a minor change ( 3-4-3 as a single mass...) of rotor , with :

iacob alex:
 Hi Jerry !
Long time ago , it was inter-corporate forum/inertial propulsion...and the inertial "sailor"...I remember with pleasure ,but regretfully...and a non-tested model :
Now , starting with a counter-rotating propellers logo :
...as a symbol to identify the "essentially" motion , we can develop a simple logo for centrifugal propulsion:two counter- rotating- sliding masses (rods) , with an one-way thrust , as a summary.


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