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Author Topic: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?  (Read 56459 times)

Offline lancaIV

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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #330 on: September 25, 2021, 10:57:59 AM »
Patent applications are not patents grated.
But when the applicant is not interestant to get a grant ?
Utility model(s) applied are never granted,meaning by patent office peers approved,only published !
The only need for this protection application for me is to prevent this knowledge from being lost with my death and it should be food for thought for others.

                                 Chapeau I  ! by me  Who,why/for what !?  1998 ?  Official : Chapeau II !

Offline AlienGrey

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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #331 on: September 25, 2021, 04:18:32 PM »
Well well well so much for the water pump, so what does it do ??

This one I can under stand

on another subject is G Sav a member ?

Have a look at his youtube thread.

Offline ramset

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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #332 on: September 25, 2021, 05:24:14 PM »

Here a “Smot” or s’not ?
( not sure if we had this one here for debunk already )


thanks for water pump vid ( will watch when I have chance)

PPS on member question
Will check ( or you can invite him ??

New guy
Nobody has open sourced a reproducible FE device
That can pass good measurement protocols or selfrun with gain!


There are several contenders here ( Floor is working on...
And Stivep has something cooking
A few others too ( they are open source builders and will
Share if “it works “!!

And many many keep looking
_Globally _ all nations all beliefs ....
Our future depends on this , an end to burning the air we breathe for energy
End to water Pollution ....etc etc

“ you want to change the world ...
Be that change”

Offline e2matrix

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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #333 on: September 25, 2021, 08:34:42 PM »
Nice video on the pump.  Here is another one using a different concept :

Gravity based rather than Ram pump based and available to purchase.  They say it will last a lifetime.   I believe he stated it could pump up to 400 meters head.   

It would seem if that can be done - even a hundred feet would provide enough to run a water powered electric generator.   So FREE ENERGY !   Since the pump uses no power - am I missing anything here?   I thought in the past ram pumps could do this but they tend to wear out fast and are hard on the device whereas this device is easy, smooth and built to last a lifetime.   

I did not take time to see fully how this pump works so I'll admit I might be missing something here as far as it's use for generating electricity.   Anyone? 


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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #334 on: September 25, 2021, 10:45:58 PM »
Free energy, yes.

          I like it.

Offline seychelles

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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #335 on: September 26, 2021, 05:24:13 AM »

Online kolbacict

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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #336 on: September 26, 2021, 02:46:42 PM »

Can I have an offtopic, a little about politics? ;)

Offline e2matrix

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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #337 on: September 26, 2021, 06:31:26 PM »

In what message thread?  I only see about 335 messages in this one.

Offline seychelles

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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #338 on: September 26, 2021, 08:29:36 PM »

Offline DonEMitchell

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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #339 on: October 21, 2021, 06:14:44 PM »
Triki, Hi!

The real answer is "No!"

There are no systems here that produce energy from nothing.

There is a lot of confusion here, lot's of crazy, and a few that know a lot, and lurk.

The lurkers that know stuff is what we are all hoping to entice into a discussion that makes us each seem like the center of the Universe for a day.

Want an example?  After a couple of decades, I'm looking for CIA sanction to build the coil of my dreams.  Coil array actually.

We're all like that here.  And I'm not talking about the small minds that insult and demean while claiming they're so smart.

I saw one guy kept replying to himself, and in two or three days was complaining that he should have the Nobel prize, but nobody will even listen to him.

We're not all that bad.

Some of us are paranoid that what we know is so valuable that the whole world will try to steal it --precious.  Those kind die with their misgivings... or their gift, whichever way, they die with it.

Though, there was one guy way back in the 90-s I saw bought-out by an oil company for his innovation with fluid-suspensions of piezoelectric elements spun in a golden-geometry ovoid.  Not sure which forum.  Like, way back, before Yahoo physics chat rooms had sx-bots.

Innovation does happen, for sure, all around us.  Looking for it here is like going to a biker bar for an interior designer.  You might find one, but may get a few teeth broken out trying.

Please do tell me, Triki... Do you have an over-unity concept you would like to discuss?

Here you will not find any science about overunity.  You will not find discussions that drill down, but shrink-into a vein of thought.

The thought veins here aren't often principled, or that kind of thinker would find this environment maddening... like superstition about electromagnetics on parade.

That's what I think I see when I read things on here... the thoughts may be complex... but they are not rooted in a principle that relates to why things are done, and what causal reality is involved.

There just ain't no physics here.  Not for long... no career physicists will come close to this place, or a biker bar.

This place is a shelter to afford people a cargo-cult experience building things on a hope. That's what cargo cult is.

I'm a cargo-culter, technically... I was 'touched by the excitement' decades back... and always have hoped that somehow if I hope well enough that some angel will gift me a crown of cosmic knowledge.

In my cultish approach, eventually it worked.  It wasn't an angel... but because my nose was sniffing every crack and under rocks others wouldn't touch, my angel turned out to be a near-death-bed disclosure by an Area 51 guy. But here, huh!  I can't even get a topic started in the concept space to develop what I'd love and live to share.  It's spiritual for me to share about a living universe... but here...   

This place is not designed for contemporary knowledge, let alone designed to accept novel ideals... unless one of the cult-figures has broken through into the lime-light, and developed the most adopted lingo that many forum threads begin to use.  Yet no principle discussion.  Principles here get stepped un and flushed, simply because the terms aren't within the community cargo-lingo.

Years later that remain only the thread-of-the-moment, of ideas that were realized as unfruitful, yet, while these ideas were in vogue, small minds were insulting others for not being in on the 'know' about so much blo.

When you're here, you're in the biker-bar of cult-pseudo-science... where the plus to the community is a few mixed nuts that can help... the rest build stuff.  Stuff they talk about.  Stuff they hope will reform mankind.  (Unless real study into science is involved, can't have education talkin here.  Got to be cult talkers that don't get smeared by small minds here.)

But us cargo-culters are good people.

There is no reform for us. 

We are the hoi polloi.

DonEM an old guy --formerly Codasaurus Hex

Offline ramset

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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #340 on: October 21, 2021, 06:54:48 PM »
Pull up a stool ....and have a think ....

Nice to read your thoughts, and your “switchy thingy “
Topic ( new thread

  Here it’s
The itch you just can’t quite scratch ... regardless a PHD
Or ....?

As  Confucius use to say
“The person who knows all the answers
Has not been asked all the questions !

Thanks for your comments

And yes the pool in the open source community is very
Deep ( with talent and resources

And not limited to place or geography!

Chet K

Offline partzman

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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #341 on: October 21, 2021, 08:03:41 PM »
Most people claim that a simulator will not exhibit OU due to the fact that all the components and equations fit the classical electromagnetism model.  This logic stems from the idea that classic electromagnetism can not produce OU but this is simply not true as can be proven by the attached simulation.

This sim utilizes RLE (Reduced Lenz Effect) plus a transformer design that has a low coupling factor, a high ratio of primary to secondary inductance, and a constant current inductor.  The low secondary inductance along with the low k factor means the primary inductance drop is minimal during the time the secondary is shorted.  This results in a large portion of the primary inductance charging energy to be returned to the supply during the primary collapse when the secondary is shorted and the current in L5 is frozen or clamped.  This is the source of energy gain for this device under classic electromagnetism!  The one criteria for this operation with this present design is the relatively high DC supply voltage.  Also the shorted secondary L2 reverses current direction during the cycle.

Referring to the sim, the net input energy taken from Vs is 26.877uJ.  The charging of the primary L1 stops at 10us and the energy in L1 is then returned to Vs while at the same time, the gain in current in L5 is clamped at 112.36ma.  With a starting current in L5 of 100ma, the energy gain is (.11236^2)-.1^2)*.025/2 = 32.81uJ.   

The cycle ends at 19.91us where the current in L1 is zero but there is +107.14ma remaining in L2.  With a starting current in L2 of -100ma, the energy gain is (.10714^2-.1^2)*.0015/2 = 1.11uJ.

Therefore the COP = (32.81e-6+1.11e-6)/26.877e-6 = 1.26 .


Offline solotraveler

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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #342 on: November 11, 2021, 05:47:40 AM »
My answer would be definitely yes. As with all before us and all of you, where did we go wrong? Why couldn't things have been done better? Now, the conclusion is, we do not know much about electricity at all. Electricity and nature are two completely different things then our understanding to date. Anyone trying to achieve something like OU for example, firstly must throw away and unlearn false teachings.
When we started in the late 1800's to work with electricity, the understanding was very poor and basic. Many flaws were part of the development of our equipment, which were left unchecked until today. Anybody willing to go through the process of learning through the nature of electricity, to build a proper coil in a few easy steps, could throw away the false and begin with the new.
Best Regards

Offline solotraveler

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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #343 on: January 08, 2022, 03:59:39 AM »
If I was asked what my idea would be to build an OU motor, the answer would be:
First, throw out everything you know about electricity. If, for over 100 years, we cannot see that a different direction must be taken, then the information given to us is totally useless, therefore stop trying.
Second, all the research must include knowledge of how electricity creates matter from 2 spectrums - red and blue and uses 4 octave pressures. Better still, it uses 4 multiplication efforts to compress matter. Walter Russell would be an excellent start concerning this subject.
Third, which is just as important, is common sense. To build a motor and use only one side of the coil, as is used today, is not practical whatsoever. Now we can see that it didn't take us too far. Learning how electricity actually works, one could add a few small details that would improve efficiency. I have given you, in my opinion, a good starting point.
Best Regards

Offline pauldude000

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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #344 on: January 10, 2022, 03:00:21 PM »
As the title says, has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works? If so, are there instructions to reproduce your build? I'm asking because it would be nice to hear from someone who has personal experience of a system and can verify that it works and produces more energy that it consumes.

Trick question. First, there is no such thing as overunity, there is just outdated and easily debunked notions of what constitutes COP=1. Basically, when the standards use inefficient and wasteful methods of measurements, and ignore all evidence that such is the case, as well as all of the examples of perpetual motion in nature, then it is easy to say that this or that device can't possibly work, even if it does. Examples in nature? For a device or system to qualify for perpetual motion, it must start and remain running without additional power entering into the system for over 100 years to qualify. Remain in motion for over a hundred years, lets see electrons spinning spatially around an atom for an undefined eternity, but if that motion is too small, then consider planets circling around stars, moons around planets, stars around galactic centers, everything around the universal center, objects flying into space away from stars, etc., etc., etc.

Perpetual motion is definitely more common than intelligence, that is for certain.

However, the bias doesn't stop there. It must be in VISIBLE motion (doesn't matter if work is being performed that isn't obvious, as expenditure of energy is required of many things to KEEP them from moving, which is measurable by the lack of motion over time, such as is demonstrated by magnets, etc., not as potential energy, but an active constant force. This type of action I call negative acceleration. It includes the forces of gravity, magnetism, strong and weak forces, etc., etc.

As far as the measurement of COP, currently the method is measured using brute force to vibrate molecules to produce heat, arguably not necessarily the most efficient. That is like saying the best way to get power out of a car engine is to dump as much gasoline as possible into the carburetor -- extremely wasteful. Also, anyone with a fleer could tell you just how much energy they are wasting with the brute force approach as well (any heat loss is wasted energy not being used to heat the molecules in question). Also, why heating molecules with a nonthermal form of energy, such as electricity, somehow demonstrates power efficiency is daft anyway.

But hey, who cares if something is logical, right?

As to working forms of overunity, those are cases where someone found a more efficient way of doing something. You might research the water hammer, as one instance. A means of heating water efficiently.

Numerous forms of resonance have been used to achieve apparent overunity, which shouldn't be a surprise in a Relativistic/Quantum/String Theory universe. What physics understands of the concept of resonance can be written in a very small notebook indeed. A small amount of energy at the right resonant frequency can shatter hard crystal glass, for instance. True resonance tends to be self-reinforcing, absorbed into a media where it remains and then becomes additive if the source continues, getting stronger and stronger, or slowly dies off if the sources stops, sort of like a reverb resonant tank for an electric guitar, except that those use brute force as well.

The big problem is that once someone finds anything, they generally have no clue where the energy is from, use a garbage description to make an easily debunkable claim, then get discredited for the crime of not saying "I don't have a clue what is happening," since MOST devices/methods are discovered by accident -- someone tinkering with something new and discovering something really interesting that doesn't line up with what they thought they knew.

.We live in a universe where engineers exist to design and make things work, and part of their job is to get rid of anything really interesting, so to speak. If a circuit developes noise (signal that is not supposed to exist) then their job is to make whatever is unwanted go away. Anything that is undesirable is a "design flaw."

Ultimately, it is a question of A. What exactly is the system in question? and B. Is that system open or closed? If the full system is known (battery connected means nothing -- it has to include all potential energy sources to be accurate, known or unknown -- which becomes problematic) it is truly a closed system, then the conservation law of thermodynamics applies. If it is an open system, then said law NEVER applied to it to begin with! I have yet to find a truly closed system, and I have looked hard, despite the fact that engineers try hard to design them that way. It is actually hard, if not impossible, to actually design a perfectly closed system in which no outside source of energy whatsoever affects said system.

Pick up a portable radio if you want to see overunity, lol. Every time you receive squeals from various sources such as sunspots or tornadoes, to the crackle pops that come from distant lighting, know that energy has entered the system that did not come from the batteries, rofl.

Paul Andrulis