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Author Topic: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?  (Read 89090 times)


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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #180 on: May 17, 2021, 11:56:11 AM »
Hello Ilya,when You look "in the western" about "industrial price politics" in the last decades You will see as one extreme example the at first " b2b" and later "b2c" instrument called : video-recorder !
Grundig as first developper from the "audio/video magnetic tape"-player/-recorder,"Grundig2000".
First "b2b" market price in the 70' : 50 000 Deutsche Mark each.( A Mercedes car price in End-70')

Some years later the japanese industry entered the market with Beta and VHS :from 50 000 DM the price dropped to 5 000 DM ,ten years later 1000 DM average.It was the time when the CD and some years later  DVD were introduced from lab to market .

Today this Grundig2000 video-recorder with same/ better function You get as CD/DVD-player fob factory for 25 US$ :
                                                         1/1000 price drop
Industrial mass production process machine patent rights lost ( utility model 10 years / technical patent 20 years :when rights granted !) ,the production object : the consumer good patent rights lost ,the material production process patent right lost :
this restriction barrier over the given time let drop the total consumer end price :from market entrance price after latest 20 years  -90%/-99% less to pay !

Or : there is an international price cartell to hold the price high(er) ! Interests ! Credit-market !

When we think in electronics,we mean : controle ! And this happens by software/ logic app .Here we have industrial " Copyright",for the other side "freeware/low cost shareware" !For the same app service we ,as private user,can pay 1000 units or upload - for free !

About material price drop : Wacker silicon/silicium -chip/solar cell grade- production - Monopol(e) in the 80'/90'
to now 8 US$/Kg Oxford Uni production process costs ! More than 90% less !

It is about solution research&development&availability : ( real physical) free trade !
Industrial/commercial price transparency ! In local cash market/ in un-/controlled credit markets !

(Ready to use) Production units per day/hour/minutes !
Observing the peswiki listed trials we see also that most fails does not happen during market competiton,but before : inventor(-s)/investors their worth/influence overestimation and by this project mismanagement !

       Economial LOGIC ::)
Since 30 years the industry had the opportunity to save over 50% electricity by power factor controlled permanent magnet motors use :
probably only 1/20 applied this opportunity !
It is cheaper to pay 125 US$ for a conventional electric motor than 375 US$ for the optimized controlled PM counterpart : these 250 US$ probably for a 10 years use tool with 1 year R.O.I. !

It is also true : the difference between conventional electric motor and controlled PM motor has not be such high,2021 probably - by top quality management : the same production costs - in factory and fob production machine  !

250 US$ were over-head/marketing margins : not existing in restriction/barrier free 3/4d print culture !
Scan2C.A.D.        C.A.D.2C.N.C.         C.N.C.2mill/laser/plasmatorch

We are from the 80' DECKEL-MAHO-GILDEMEISTER generation and freeware : TURBO-C.N.C.
And in wait that metglas-permalloy laminates will become as cheap as conventional " dynamoblech":

                                                               ≤ 5 US$/Kg( fob factory)

                                                                from 25 US$/Kg and more !

It is common that factory prices are not "real/net",because "export incentives" by the several estates !

beside "money laundering" = Geldwaesche we see also an international "price laundering"= Preiswaesche  as industrial politics by the estates !

Unit "List price"               less a. : up to 50% mass buy discount                         less  b.  export incentive !

best example for "manipulated markets" Wesley his experience about price/worth,#178 :


Don't be surprised if I have your $3000  device and  $1000 motor for  just 15 dollars.

I bought really expensive  $119000  Aeroflex synthesizer  generator for $150 from military contractor, and  years ago, my first   (half of a million dollars  microscope) for  $100My second  one wasn't that cheap;

Often it  helps to know what lab closes forever, as they must to provide  a proof that  equipment financed by government was offered for sale or given as a donation.

90% of all sales is for US citizens only and we  often have no rights to resale it outside of USA.


We have to differ "internal US$" value and "external US$" value ( internal/external EURO) ,similar PPP calculation: spread in average 37/1

US$ and EURO are "not really free" currencies , if not cash market exchange related !

Price fixing by private ,profit-oriented,  companies , "inter-banking" agreement (and interest) !

When Wesley wrote about 3 700 000 US$  patrimony and we take George Bush his US/Afghanistan  ratio  : 2 000 000 /20 000

( some could mean : rassistic arrogance ! but based by common : )

this deducts to 37 000 US$  in local -Afghanistan- patrimony worth !

real Kg-classical economy rules based PPP,the%20currencies%20have%20been%20exchanged.

compared :

                 page 5 19-20 lbs weight = average 8,5 Kg
                  $81,995.00 / 8,5 Kg = + IVA :  > 10 000 US$ per Kg tool  ;D
                  ( exzellenter "ins Gehirn geschissen" Preis, :-[  Pardon-me for the vulgarity,but: STIMMT ! ;D 
                                                    Das Kredit-Proletariat hat mich sozial verzogen ! :P  )

                   150 US$/8,5 Kg , ;)  OKAY ! BEST FAIR PRICE MANAGEMENT !

If in the future  millionaires look for food in garbage cans then the question arises:
what / who defines "MILLIONAIRS"?! In debits ?

It seems international we have a growing "finance positive"-society ,but "positive" is negative ! Clear,is it not ?! :) 


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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #181 on: May 17, 2021, 04:34:49 PM »
I will rewrite  your response a little:
// the user may pay for software or have it for free for a month or so..//
//competition kills product despite how much inventor and investor paid  for it.//
//energy efficient motors are only 20% of market, as they are more expensive, despite fact that production cost and  machinery is the same//
//It is cheaper to pay 125 US$ for a conventional electric motor than 375 US$ for the optimized controlled PM one.//
//metglas-permalloy laminates becomes incredibly cheap.//
//internal value is different that outside of USA value of the goods//
The 80' DECKEL-MAHO-GILDEMEISTER CNC is dream  for me to have just  to look at it and touch it.
But unfortunate is that  most of audience here  doesn't know what I'm talking about.
My love is German, Swiss, beauties of technology, and they are by my standards,  the best  human civilization
has ever made in its entire history of evolution.

Russia manifests its "victory" in WW2 and from history perspective they are total losers.
It was Germany that  won the war after  45 years of soviet occupation and the Fall of Berlin wall
from perspective of present time in comparison to the past:
- Russian Federation is the third world  feudal country
- Germany is the center of the dreams of almost every  non-brainwashed  Russian.

The synthesizer I have, was much more expensive  than Aeroflex FS5000B-18
It is Aeroflex 5220 and is so unique that  in entire world of eBay, you have none of them for sale for years.
At the time of  its production its price was compatible with  purchase of a house in suburban  New York.
Obsolescence as a mechanism makes cheap prices.  Planned_obsolescence
Buyer doesn't care about  saving on electricity, he needs the tool to make more money as long as end user  pays for it.
America is over-saturated with machinery, equipment, tools of the past. We could resale it outside of USA for good money but,
we are the country of laws,  and if I sign document saying not for sale outside of USA, I will  obey the law.
In contrast: In Eastern Europe regimes, almost everything can be stolen, and you can buy it, but they have not much to offer. 

Legal note : opinion expressed in entirely my own according to  American constitution.
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Ilya Tsimbaluk

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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #182 on: May 17, 2021, 07:14:45 PM »

What you can see in the picture is a repository of my old experiments. In order to check certain hypotheses - I use the means at hand. Therefore, for this, everything comes into play. what is at hand.

As for the economy, it goes to reduce the cost and in fact we are moving either towards socialism or communism in the presence of capitalism. On the other hand, technologies allow us to perform certain actions more and more for a lower price. on the other hand, the Western World, like the "comic" one, also lives according to market laws. all laws are created by people.

It's hard for me to say something about Switzerland or Germany. I have never been there and it is difficult for me to do diffusion. But I guess. that the standard of living in these countries is different from life in Russia or Belarus. Just like life itself in Russia is different. There are Muscovites and residents of St. Petersburg who differ in the standard of living of people from the provinces.
USA needs satellites. which are donlers of the economy from which the United States is siphoning resources. the USA is also trying to be the financial capital of the world. Therefore, in fact, yes, as Elon Musk said, the United States is a country of opportunity, and this is already a cliché.

As far as technology obsolescence or pricing goes, I'm not at that level right now. to think about it so deeply. At the moment, I am now delving into the calculations of the Schmitt trigger based on NOT gates. Therefore, it is difficult to somehow pull your business, along the way to engage in experiments in terms of time.

Now my focus is on the technical side. This is more important now, because there is no technology - everything else is meaningless.

Ilya Tsimbaluk

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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #183 on: May 17, 2021, 07:41:13 PM »
Now at the moment my head hurts not only for that. to make experiments related to non-obvious. but also related to obvious things. One of the schemes. which we are trying to implement is to create a mother's laboratory in which we could be engaged in small prototyping and the manufacture of electric vehicles, which would allow us to have the finances to retain or expand the team, on the other hand, the presence of metalworking and other equipment. with the help of which it would be possible to earn money and at the same time be able to pay rent for premises and so on.

But there are some but. It would seem that there is a market and it is saturated. But we have customers. which we could offer small electric transport, but now. in order to resolve issues with equipment, we have to deal with some small things, which takes a lot of time. And it turns out. that the Chinese product has simply lost its relevance in terms of quality.

there are difficulties. But now, due to consumerism, there are no high-quality and luxury things, that's that. what I observe in the post-Soviet space.

now I'm looking at that. what Elon Musk is doing. He's trying to build awesome cars.

But of course, with electric vehicles we have problems with flight range and the ability to lift weight. But no matter how the propaganda works, in most cases we all use internal combustion engines and in fact we still use a kerosene lamp under the soot.

Since childhood, I would have liked to have some kind of vehicle, but to be honest, I'm a fan of the railway. I have a weird thing since childhood when I ride trains.

But the point is. that making cool things about transportation in terms of design and yet affordable to the consumer is one of those things. which I would like to influence.

But these are all flights to the future. in fact, I still need to lower it to level 4. in which we make pistols at 5, and get the minimum product to demonstrate.

But after that. how we will conduct the experiment. Each Expert Advisor now takes half a year. so it's not all that simple in terms of thinking about a bright and wonderful future. But I live by some kind of vision putting absolutely everything on the line.

Ilya Tsimbaluk

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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #184 on: May 17, 2021, 08:26:44 PM »
Some photos

It's evening now. This is a photo of my facebook page

Wesley - write, there is an option to call


Ilya Tsimbaluk

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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #185 on: May 18, 2021, 08:55:08 AM »
Greetings Wesley. Why do not you write. I would really like to see those devices. which you call workers, such as Akula, Kapanadze, Vasmus, and so on.
I have something to show, but I would like you to confirm what you are talking about.
After all, I am primarily interested in the interlocutor not by the criterion of speaking. and the main criterion is to do. and this can be revealed through looking and not listening

While I have an experiment that has proven the physics of processes, the fact cannot be disputed.
But you are talking about a beautiful life in Switzerland, but you haven’t said exactly where you live? Lithuania or USA?

You tried to show. that you are a tough pepper, and I'm ready to take it. But I would like to check that everything you say is true. Because I can offer people something mutually beneficial, but it's important for me. what benefits can you personally provide to the community.

We have a great morning now) It's raining and I want an answer from you Wesley.
I remember how 10 years ago you told something about Kapanadze. I did not understand anything, but there was something in the background of the detector receiver


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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #186 on: May 18, 2021, 01:38:29 PM »
Greetings Wesley. Why  are  you not writing?.
This happens to me many times a year.
I also have periods when I,m working to much.
On the other hand  audience wants  some technical and scientific entertainment on public  forum.
What's going on with Global Wave, How is Staruhin?
It looks like  he lost part of his funding.



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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #187 on: May 18, 2021, 04:09:27 PM »
Greetings Wesley. Why  are  you not writing?.
I will try to respond to some  comments  in my free time.
But if  my response will be related strictly to  main  goal  of my study and experiments I will write
in my main  for me - two  places of  this forum:
Here I  write and accept only!!  comments  related to  EM Wave, Propagation, physical phenomena, Tesla coil,
dielectric constant, Zenneck Wave,  Surface Wave, energy transfer and so on.
If something is to far from main subject I will move it to  other place  or even delete it .
In this part of forum I  accept  more broad different or diverse subjects  of discussion.
The main goal is to do not create  there  any form of chaos, destructing  valuable commenters and readers.

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Ilya Tsimbaluk

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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #188 on: May 18, 2021, 05:19:59 PM »
Greetings. now I cannot tell you anything about Starukhin. When the free energy movement began in the country, he traveled a lot to the inventors. Everything. those who worked with him did not have a real device - it was just some kind of device. who supposedly demonstrated some kind of hypothesis. On that moment. when I showed my crafts, these were hypotheses.
It was relatively long ago.
I left and began to work in the suburbs. then I moved to Minsk, where I am now.
now he has philosophy and esotericism. advertising of some strange things and so on.
I did not participate in his business schemes and do not accept. His audience was different on the channel, and probably now. But it is better to ask you about him.
I find it logical to talk about myself and my work.

I have some interest in phoning and communicating. But not about politics. Purely technical questions and nothing more.
I asked you a straightforward question. Is there something. what could you show? You talked with Kapanadze and many others. You are talking about people. which supposedly have devices. I would like - you yourself wildly collected. After all, as I understood. since you talk about them so much, then you already have such a device. which you personally could demonstrate if you understand the principle itself.

I have something to show. True, I can now have a peezd in a new building in Minsk itself.

We can call ZOOM


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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #189 on: May 18, 2021, 05:49:47 PM »
the answer to you question is here in Russian:
I hope your "curators-overseers " will understand that what they wanted to know :)
Slide correction to  text from the video  that  may make them not so sad  is that
direction of Dr Corum  is to make money and if  our government offers him  little different vector of activity
than he may not be so aggressive in big energy transfer from  USA to e.g Moscow  heee.
there are plenty of other  applications  e.g communication, internet, counterintelligence, ...
So  what is  bad  than?
Information spread by me, activated  plenty of experimenters  who  based on  Dr Corum
patents may do  the same what I 'm interested with.
-and that is not covered in Dr Corum patents 
-and it can't be patented as  it will go in conflict with patent law,
that requires  -
the technology to be new and not published  prior to filing.

Putin will not stop it, but he may try.
It makes "things" go only faster..
 His engineers will likely not  introduce energy extraction form Schumann waveguide, 
-as it is in conflict with his activity.
He exists  due to sale of gas and oil.
USA is too strong economically to be harmed to much.
I don't care if I'm first or second  or none of them.
My dear Ilya it was  the dictator big mistake, and
this all is my response to events from year 2011.
I was different person than.
But  he can donate few billions dollars to American dogs and cats shelters.
and than I may change my opinion about him :)
Legal note; opinion expressed is my own and is "humoristic" / moralistic in nature.
-based on constitution of USA


Ilya Tsimbaluk

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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #190 on: May 18, 2021, 11:06:15 PM »
Greetings. Everything is so politicized here. I wanted to simplify our conversation. But you are all into politics and into politics.
I watched your videos. A simple question - does your device eat?
You have been showing something for 10 years and explaining, maybe more than 10 years.
I tried to raise interesting questions. and you are all about Schumann waves.
Now I am beginning to understand why investors have such a huge skepticism towards alternatives. You are furnished with equipment, as I understand it - this is a pleasant environment. so is there any experimental confirmation of your hypotheses? This is what would be interesting and important for me now.


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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #191 on: May 18, 2021, 11:48:28 PM »
I cannot help myself
It is just that fishing for investors at open source forum has been against rules here forever?

I have honestly not been following all words written here

Nor have I ever seen Wesley asking for investment or ?

I just know Stefan has never allowed businessmen to solicit money here,it would actually make him accessory
To scam ?
( I make no reference to persons posting in topic at this moment)

And there are plenty of those who tried over the years.

Some of us cherish this open source venue, and many work tirelessly here and elsewhere
For tens and tens of years ...

Sorry to interrupt!


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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #192 on: May 19, 2021, 12:21:10 AM »
Though it has given insight into the "character" of various of the people posting
here and some interesting perspectives upon some aspects of history...

I have to agree that the sales pitch part of the conversations are off topic
in an open source community.

Also, allusions to the secrets of a free energy device are the classic indications
of a scam in progress.

Got some thing ?  Lay it on the table.


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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #193 on: May 19, 2021, 01:21:48 AM »
Translated to Russian too.
Thank you Foor  and Ramset.
Ilya comes from different part of the world  and he may be just  not informed
what is right and what is wrong in our society.

Dear Ilya this is open forum. People here  are in hope to get information .
I understand that you have  energy  efficient motor  you want to  manufacture and sale.
Yes you  have rights to mention  your commercial  interest  here  but not repeatedly  and not in form of solicitation.
We have no rights to:
-ask for money,
-look for investors here.
-we can't make offers or accept  offers.
We have rights to:
-Share information  into the extend we  see as  reasonable.
- educate others in phenomena  related to  the concept.
- scientific conversations.
Stefan is always right , his superiority overrides our own, despite  of what we think about his decisions
I'm not interested in  investing in anything,
I don't need,  money, tools, opportunities .
I know that it sounds strange  but It is me who is helping others  in exchange for nothing.
That means  people whom I have helped are not obligated to anything at all.
I don't help people based on their poverty level but based on their scientific value.
I can't help everyone
I don't want to help everyone

and  I'm not a person of wealth.

Please  understand that:
-We not talking politics here but we are allowed to mention political figures from the perspective of
scientific or technological  impact  of technology  on the economy  of the countries and its leaders.
Talking about history of science  in format of historical events that took place  in that time  period  is not politics.
Мы не говорим здесь о политике, но нам разрешается упоминать политических деятелей с точки зрения научного или технологического
воздействия технологий на экономику стран и их лидеров. Говорить об истории науки в формате исторических событий того времени - это не политика.

I gave all information about technology  of Dr Corum here  and everyone can try to build it.
My statement is as mentioned in my  last post.
Answers to  the questions about working model of my device are  covered in my post from above.
 It is exactly that what Dr Corum has in his patents.
You Ilya are not obligated to, present to us  your working motor  or  share  anything about your motor .
Уважаемый Илья, это открытый форум.
Здесь люди надеются получить информацию.
Я понимаю, что у вас есть энергоэффективный двигатель, который вы хотите произвести и продать.
Да, вы имеете право упомнyть здесь свой коммерческий интерес, но не повторно и не в форме приглашения.
У нас нет прав -cпрашивать - "ищем инвесторов."
- мы не можем делать предложения.
Я хочу, чтобы у вас все получилось, но  Есть правила.
Люди на этом форуме ожидают обмена информацией о науке, технологических концепциях и экспериментах
Если вам есть чем поделиться, то это  кaк ожидается ,  должно быть на определенном уровне.
 У людей есть чувства нo-
-Будьте готовы к тому, что люди здесь соблюдают правила,
согласно которым наука не является доброй, или приятной,У науки нет чувств
Наука точна.
Так что некоторые ребята могут внимательно изучить ваши тезисы и концепции.
-если вам бросают вызов вы получаете уважение и заводите друзей, если можете доказать, что другие неправы
Здесь есть самые разные люди, от студентов до профессоров,


Ilya Tsimbaluk

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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #194 on: May 19, 2021, 01:49:35 PM »
Dear Wesley.

I do not consider you as an investor and did not intend to invite you anywhere. First of all, I'm interested in communicating with people. Those thoughts. which I had - I expressed. we began to discuss with you on the topic of energy.
I invited you to Zoom to have a meal and chat. Which is normal and commonplace for ordinary people.
If you are considering. what I have considered is your guess.
My answer is that I do not plan to use this site to attract investment. I have a partner for this. which plans thereafter. how we will make a prototype and if everything is successful, go directly to them.

Meeting and meeting people is not a violation of local rules for me. I offered to communicate in the expectation that we could get something useful from the very communication.
But you have escaped the answer as to whether you have any real results or not. You offered to look at the topics. where you tell something. And yahotel understands sense - what practical result did all this lead to for you?
There are people here. who could tell about themselves to make it clear. who does what. and maybe this could lead to some kind of real-life creative tandem.
But the creative tandem we have with you wildly Wesley manifests itself through communication about politics and controversy about electromagnetism.
But we have not yet succeeded in having a constructive conversation, because it does not turn into something practical.
even the elemental experiments of Coulomb. in which it would be possible to revise the conclusions and modern racifications.
You said. that you have a vacuum chamber, why not do an experiment and record a video?

At the moment I have to do an experiment and now there is a lot of work. which brings me money for household needs. A survey in Zoom, according to my hypothesis, could speed up printing time. and the cut from the dialogue itself is shared.
But if your fantasy is working in its planes, what can I say? I don’t know what to tell you yet.

Politics need to be discussed. otherwise. what can I say - physics. But talking about physics or showing experience is more valuable for the community. than disputes about Starukhin or Putin with Obama.