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Author Topic: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?  (Read 99207 times)


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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #120 on: May 10, 2021, 10:21:38 PM »
In another words,

Take the metal sphere, ship,

emit lots of waves inside the ship,

The waves will reflect inside sphere and create standing wave point inside the sphere.

That standing point is gravity source and whole sphere, ship, will try to fall to that point,

making the ship following the gravity point.

In order to move gravity point, and ship, you need 3 emitters, [3d space]

and adding different emitting power to each emitter,

you will move gravity point, standing point, [it is 3d space - point] inside the ship and ship, metal sphere will follow gravity point.

The crew must be in upper section so gravity point is always below them,

and they will always experience gravity under their feat.

Changing the position of gravity point with the 3 emitters, for even little and with that magnitude,

will affect crew and they will be disorientated, bot not physically harmed.

If the ship is sphere like, it will start to spin around,

so it is better to make it saucer like, so it can dissipate the waves in one axis of plane,

and prevent spinning.

The spinning will remain but not that much with saucer shape ship.

More and more people are starting to think and see those simple facts, ignored before.

Gravity is consequence of waves and frequency and is not fundamental force.


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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #121 on: May 10, 2021, 10:58:19 PM »
There is no antigravity,

gravity is consequence of waves and frequency and

has no opposite force.

Every gravity ship is creating its own gravity pool,

and because gravity pool is local and small in diameter,

it affect only ship and small area around ship which we see as glow around gravity ships.

Every gravity ship dissipate waves, under high density,

creating the light waves which we see as glow around,

in space and in atmosphere, the same glow effect.

The ship is emitting huge amount of waves inside the ship,

and some of the waves escape, emitting through the metal hull,


The gravity drive is depending on the reflection of waves inside the ship,

in order to create standing wave point inside the center of the ship. 

Manipulating the center of standing wave point inside ship,

ship can be propelled towards the standing point, gravity point.


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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #122 on: May 10, 2021, 11:05:31 PM »
The waves itself are small and affects particles,

so the human body does not feel anything.

Particles does.

Smaller the waves, greater the power must be to produce effect.

If the waves are bigger it will tear apart any matter inside, including the crew.

And the project based on the simple bowl experiment was success.

It works just like that.


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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #123 on: May 10, 2021, 11:13:55 PM »
The only problem needed to be solved is to create oscillator, transistor,

of huge power which can oscillate, emit, on electron frequency or

at least close to it!

So there are little or none of those who can produce it tomorrow.

Experiments can be done and effect will emerge, as it was done,

but not even close to commercial transport which can transport living beings.

Except maybe military or other institutions with unlimited resources.
The military probably already solved this obstacle and travel around solar system as we speak.

So knowing the principle does not help to produce commercial vehicle, today!


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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #124 on: May 10, 2021, 11:30:07 PM »
@ Are You Sure ?

   Nice !


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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #125 on: May 10, 2021, 11:40:51 PM »
I presume all of you will try the metal bowl experiment and

scratch the head like monkeys thinking

how 2 plastic spheres always attract each other under the influence of waves.

Remember, it cant be possible without particle accelerators?

No way!

Nature can not be that simple and is needed much more complicated equipment

and hundred of years of research to figure out true nature of gravity.

Simple it must be, there is no other way.

And power source must be even more complicated!

Power source must involve eons to figure out,

Kapanadze is simple not true. It can not be. It is lye!
It can not exist!

Well, if you figure propulsion, must figure drive to propels it!

Even more simpler.



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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #126 on: May 10, 2021, 11:55:51 PM »

I have been talking with Wisley here for a very long time on a topic related to Einstein's system error, due to which people are trying to view the environment as emptiness.
However, your conversations lead to the fact that you have probably lost a certain logical line here, in which I tried to say that. that I just proved with the team. that since the time of Joule and Faraday there has been some systemic error in which, initially, any installation operating on the basis of electromagnetism is just an overunity device.

To put it very roughly, we just got it, about the stage of proving the efficiency of the concept or physics of the process.

But the question is. you ask how fucking a person I am. I think that to the fullest, on all three planes, including time)
The fact is that the topic related to oil just speaks about that. that it will end. you don't even need to ask the child. who will say. that we cannot burn oil itself forever.
But it's a matter of controlling people. to make people buy energy and sell everything, we already have digital technologies. The only question is the business model.

I meant to say please excuse MY disruption of your conversation with Wesley.


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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #127 on: May 11, 2021, 02:01:26 AM »
Having an overunity device means commercial (independent no/high profit project),at first, NOTHING !

Developping by the same time the right "mass production process" ! And the right material delivery source !

And be attented that our worldwide market is under syndicate/cartel condition working ! Beside "London/Paris Clube " pricing trade !

Aluminium (per pound)1927 price / 2010 price                            4 times more expensive


hot rolled steel bar (per 100 pounds) 1927 price / 2010 price       23 times more


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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #128 on: May 11, 2021, 02:41:32 AM »
I have been talking with Wesley here for a very long time on a topic related to Einstein's system error,
I'm sorry  I'm not in my office now I'm often on the road and I'll be there for some time.
Linking to my office computer  is not   so comfortable, and direct response  is  giving  to many information about my location .
It is especially  important when I'm visiting  test site  or  people involved in project.
So I don't have  so much of a comfort to respond.
But I try to read  your posts in my free time.




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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #129 on: May 11, 2021, 03:25:42 PM »
//You ask me to give a link.//
Да, просто дайте ссылку, мне не нужен PDF или перевод, я говорю на вашем языке.

Yes, just give me a link , I don't need PDF  or translation I speak your language.
Ether impresses me more, because it is associated with something filled.
I trying to piece together evidence of the failure of relativism// as// is too primitive and //is// studying natural phenomena with mathematical abstraction.
Я вас понимаю. Но для мира эфир  не менее мертв, чем это тело Ленина на Красной площади, на вершине мертвого коммунизма,
которому помогает умирающая  конституция, изнасилованная ОМОНом.
Даже если вы скажете, что это наоборот, никто вам не поверит.
Ваше время потрачено зря, вы не можете на нем заработать
Тот, кто  назначает деньги Старухину, получает часть « денег»,
а вы просто аттракцион, просто инструмент, позволяющий ему попросить еще Баблa
I understand you But for the world ether/ether is not less dead  than  that dead body of Lenin in Red Square, 
on the top of dead communism  assisted by dying  constitution  raped by OMON.
Even if you say that it is opposite,  nobody would believe you. Nobody is interested.
Your time is wasted, you can't  make money on it.
You are just  an attraction,  just the tool, for Staruhin to ask for more.
You have a lot of equipment and an excellent system for video editing.

Программа редактирования Davinci Resolve 17 бесплатна. Это стоило НОЛЬ !!!!. качай его, он делает в точности все, что моя студийная версия.
Но нужно спросить у Старухина компьютер получше, так как он требует много вычислительной мощности.

Davinci Resolve 17  editing  program is for free. It cost ZERO!!!!.  download it , it does exactly  everything what my studio version.
But you need to ask Staruhin for  better computer as it is  power hungry.
2 J per 1 J was obtained, we would need to make a more accurate setting. in which we would need a high-temperature superconductor and a company in Moscow
2 J за каждый 1 J можно получить только путем преобразования энергии или подключения к источнику энергии,
за который вам не нужно платить. например, солнечная и ветровая.
У меня дома и в двух лабораториях есть установка по производству жидкого азота.

 2 Joule per every  1 Joule  can be  done only by  process of energy conversion or coupling to the source  of energy you don't need to pay for.
 e.g- solar and wind.  I have Liquid Nitrogen  plant in my house and in my two labs.
what is the impedance at the physical level and by what method the energy can be destroyed,
I think nothing about impedance can be found more  and energy can't be created nor destroyed.
The first law of thermodynamics, https://courses
we decided to put superconductors aside for the time being. So now with an engineer. which appeared in my team, we plan to
do an experiment in order to get closer to the electric motor itself and at the same time check the concept finally and start prototyping
the device in the future. which could be demonstrated to a potential investor.
You know   reality  around you :
- что-то всегда выходит сухим из воды - но не вы
Если дела пойдут “не так”, заберут  имущество, “отожмут”компанию, да и вообще, как будешь отвечать перед инвесторами...
-если кто-то, включая вас, живет в любой стране бандитов...«Твой бизнес либо отожмут, либо развалят»
I have to deal with the physics itself. // it is very difficult to explain to // academic science // why we have more //energy  .. in our installation.
Мне здесь очень легко.
Инвестор должен платить деньги. Его интересует не наука, а денежная выгода.
Он, скорее всего, не поймет и не хочет . Нам не нужно ничего объяснять, пока его команда не попросит..
Неважно, что мы говорим
- если идея "обещает" он платит за это.

I is very easy here:
Investor is to pay money He is not interested in science but in monetary gain..
He will likely not understand it nor he wants too.
We don't need to explain anything until his team ask for it.
It doesn't matter what we say  - if  Idea is promising he pays for it.
we are debating about ~Ether~ or Physical Vacuum with its virtual particles and Dirac holes.
Dirac hole theory:
Dirac sea:
is fascinating subject but today  I don't have time  to talk about it more.
Legal note : opinion expressed is my entirely own according to  American constitution

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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #130 on: May 11, 2021, 03:27:13 PM »
Valvol.  :) Yes confirm. the very educated person.
See what he came up with in the attachment. I've tried to bring this up here before.
But I was ignored. This, of course, is not a perpetual motion machine, but still interesting.
Do you think it could be a startup in the USA?


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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #131 on: May 11, 2021, 07:58:55 PM »
У меня дома и в двух лабораториях есть установка по производству жидкого азота.
I will  publish more in my part of forum



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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #132 on: May 11, 2021, 09:48:52 PM »
 This is connection between  N2 gaseous  nitrogen generator and
 Liquid  nitrogen generator  LN2
 N2 gas is delivered to  the Cold head.
 Cold  head is cooled  by  Helium Compressor at the bottom.
 Helium compressor is cooled by  refrigerated water cooler .
 N2  when touching  cold finger of Cold head that is inside of the Dewar  changes to droplets that drops down
 into the bottom of the  Dewar( the big 36L  bottle)
Это соединение между генератором газообразного азота N2 и генератором жидкого азота LN2
Газ N2 подается в холодную головку.
Холодная головка охлаждается гелиевым компрессором внизу.
Гелиевый компрессор охлаждается охладителем охлаждающей воды.
N2 при прикосновении к холодному пальцу Холодной головы, находящемуся внутри сосуда Дьюара,
превращается в капли, которые падают на дно сосуда Дьюара (большая бутылка объемом 36 л).

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Ilya Tsimbaluk

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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #133 on: May 11, 2021, 10:15:01 PM »
Greetings dear Wesley.

Are you sure you are writing to me?
To the person. who lives in Belarus near Minsk. Minsk and Moscow are absolutely two different cities, different countries.
So I get the impression. that you are drawing some of your own pictures in your head, and I cannot understand in any way why you are doing this so diligently.
I have not communicated with Starukhin for 6-7 years (approximately). Yes. we contacted on purely technical topics. I have many acquaintances. who communicates with Starukhin, but my acquaintances 6-7 years ago suggested the idea of ​​creating an open laboratory. to experiment openly. In those days, video blogging or working on the stream was a novelty for me. we were able to collect some equipment. to work on some ideas.
Political sympathies did not interest me.

Since you once started showing videos. in which you began to talk about. some inventors were killed by the FSB - I trolled you so that you would try a little to look at yourself from the outside.
I'm more than sure. that all the videos that you show. in which there is supposedly free energy - it is there and that these people were killed by the FSB and so on.
And this was due to propaganda.
I don't like propagandists.

With regard to propaganda and Lenin.
You often talk about ether and again go to corpses and so on.
I forced the USSR in school and I remember. that in literature lessons we were so fed up with propaganda about Lenin. that I wrote my poem about Lenin. My classmate passed this trick to the teacher. who sat with me at the same desk.
As a result, my parents were called to school. Conducted explanatory conversations.

Now I hear again propaganda about Lenin, and to be honest, I do not like ANY propaganda at all. It doesn't inspire me.
I am human. which works in incredibly difficult conditions than you can imagine and at the same time translate your focus into some strange propaganda theme.

The idea of ​​fighting against something is flawed in itself. I prefer to work for something. in this case for some interesting purpose.
I don't like to complain about life.
To get me what I want. I had a very difficult time. not easy at all). Considering. that a global pandemic, while I am in Minsk, European sanctions and so on do not make life easy.
I don't get a job for one reason. that then I will not be able to do my own development and research. including translating literature, because at least it's interesting. on the other hand, I don't want to devote my life to that. what I do not like. But you have to pay for it. for this you have to interrupt with hard work, since the business is stagnant.
But I am not standing still in spite of VERY difficult conditions. Things inspire me. which can bring something useful and interesting.

Conversations about Ether, about which I am going, are of a specific nature. As I explained, at the moment I prefer to use the terminology associated with Ether, because the word Vacuum or Physical Vacuum has a certain coloration and I do not really like it.

About Kapanadze. For all Wesley's promises to give out the secret to the public from Kapanadze, we most likely will not get it if we have it. It's hard for me to discuss that. which I have not personally seen.

When we talk about the force interaction of the electric field in the Coulomb torsion balance, we are talking about the electric field. It is responsible for this force of interaction. But the electric field itself on two electrified bodies is not taken from the void. And they forget to tell us about where the field itself comes from. Nobody saw the charge with their own eyes. charge in mathematical expression is the result of the forceful interaction of an electric field with a physical body through a distance.

An interesting question was raised here)
let's imagine. that you are in a rocket. You are speeding up. What is weighing on you? You will say - that this is the force of gravity. But relativists will say that we are being pressed by the Lorentz transformations. mathematical change in space and time. maybe say that time. but in fact you are influenced by matter. relative to which you are moving and in addition to the forces of gravity, forces of inertia will exert on you.

But Umov is not the first. who pondered. what is the flow of energy. Isaac Newton also thought about this. Umov was the first who introduced such a concept as the flow of energy in mechanics and began to do it in relation to electromagnetism. But then Umov was not listened to. He was close to failure defending his dissertation. The letter written to Kirchhoff had no reaction to Kirchhoff. But later Poynting. a little later, independently of Heaviside.

As far as research is concerned, you're right. you need funding to do research. But I do everything myself with funds. which we are collecting with a group of enthusiasts. That is why our work is proceeding so slowly and so protracted.

But we have no choice and now we have to work in the future on a prototype. because without a prototype, the investor will not talk to us. They are not interested in science and this is a fact. I am working with a colleague. who launched his startup in 500 startups and he has already talked with more than one venture capitalist. Everyone is talking about only one thing - that it is interesting. We are not interested in any science. we are only interested in the finished device. Therefore, it is difficult for us, but still we are slowly moving towards our goal.

now at the moment we are preparing an experiment. to translate the resulting physics of processes into a real device. And the question is. that now we have attracted to our side a young specialist who is fluent in CAD in the form of Ansis Maxwell and he has to secretly perform modeling and calculations at work. Therefore, this experience is being done just for him. so that he can feel and make sure. that in 200 years we have missed something and it's just so obvious. which is strange. that people, under the impression of existing literature, have such clouded eyes.

Actually, to Wesley's delight, we're doing that. what. most likely it was Edwin Gray. However, the interpretation of John Bedini and the American background was false.) I personally did not communicate with him. but for that information. which I was able to get starting with information from John Bedini, But we were in for a fiasco, as well as a fiasco. which brought information from Newman and so on. That. which is in the public domain. I'm ready to guess. that John Bedini could hide the truth, but this is only speculation and nothing to do.

But here's the thing. that in the USSR there was once a popular science film, in it the events unfolded in the USA, where psychologists decided to conduct an experiment by bringing a group of scientists together. They showed a fake video about an inventor who allegedly demonstrated an anti-gravity installation. One of the scientists believed so. that it's true that he ended up creating it.

For the plant and liquid nitrogen, that's great news. I would like you to tell more about it. More precisely, more about your laboratory. I watched the video about the installation with pleasure. which you showed to evacuate It is useful and educational. But the rollers. in which the frequencies include scraps mixed with propaganda - it's hard to watch.

Why that would be interesting. As I understand. what can we talk about. to do the experiment remotely. I believe correctly. In the form of some kind of collaboration?

Ilya Tsimbaluk

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Re: Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works?
« Reply #134 on: May 12, 2021, 08:19:55 AM »
Greetings - looked at the installation. Looks awesome.
Yes. the dream of working in your own laboratory is a wonderful story. the toolbox can solve a lot.
I work in a much more modest environment at the moment. although I worked in encata some time ago, it was interesting for me to look at the prototyping process from the outside. Now I understand. which is essentially a routine.

So I am now working to enable my partner to go to the United States and talk there about financing the project. But also the creation of our own laboratory. But on what territory and where it is not clear to me yet.

Because potentially lucrative things are of interest not only to decent people. but also dishonest, I would like to say. that of course in some case there is some security in the US. Why does my partner have a registered office in Delaware. and foreign investors will not invest in a company from the post-Soviet space.

As for the location of the future or proposed laboratory, it is not at all clear to me, and so far I do not think about it. My task this year is to build a prototype close to the minimum requirements, but sufficient. so that it could be invested. But it is clear that certain resources will be required to create a mechanical device. including tools.

Below is a photo of my partner.