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The frenzy to start Starwars development was triggered by some breakthrough
of gigantic proportions.I believe we have been completely lied to about the
nature of the program.I don't think it had much to do with antimissle
development.They've probably been hiding that for years.I think most
scientist learn from watching reactions and what better way to make those
who lead in the scientific community frantic for 1000s of hours of research in
a new area is a breakthrough in a way to watch new reactions of energy.

This could include something far better than the electron microscope but, I
don't think so. At first observing was limited to the 5 senses and then machines
evolved to allow us to look beyound that.We were then able to identify areas
of the spectrums beyound our physical capabilities, like supersonics and infared.
My conclusion is they have devised machinery that allows a look at energy well
above the light spectrum.Energy that directly controls atomic structure or some
other aspect of nature they didn't know existed. 

Amateur video of Star Wars being implemented..... (NOT authenticated to my knowledge)


12mb file may take awhile to load.


Actually, raburgeson, the mirrors for the starwars project were ground just south of Butler, PA, which should be within a few hours from your place, I believe.  I grew up there and my brother worked for a company contracted to do the work.  I really hope you weren't talking about the movie.....    ;D

By government report , but more likly the mirrors are for the new
telescope they are going to launch soon.A friend of mine right
here in Erie scraped the mounting plate for the Hubble. I don't
believe the press, or politicians about anything anymore. This
is a learned progress from 50 years of watching those govt.
pricks. All is not lost, after they die you can screw them into
the ground so they stay there.

bah you cursed microsoft users.
I can't see the video due to the wma format.


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