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A spiraling football generates lift with no wings, and has a nearly perfect laminar flow. Combining an internal rotating impeller sucking air in from a front port and blowing the compressed air over a counter rotating hull would supply inertial stability. Vortexed compressed air would nozzle from a Dyson aperture over the spinning hull from the front. The low pressure would propel the football shaped craft foward. Air sucked in from the front would be channeled around and vortex backwards over the hull from a rim nozzle in close adjacency to the intake port at the very front of the craft. This vortexing air will power the spin of the gimbled hull.

A gas bladder in the center would allow for vertical take off and landing. Once airbourne the blimp can climb like a rocket to high altitude for supersonic acceleration. Passenger loading can be through an aft hatch.

Directional control can be achieved from thrust vectoring. This is a spiraling wing concept that employs the Magnus effect and Bernouli principles to achieve lift and super sonic acceleration.

This vehicle can climb to altitude and generate power from the wind. Unlike a conventional blimp, this rolling wing will track into a wind instead of being shoved by it.

A fiberglass hull could spin freely around a gas bladder on a pressurized gas layer in between. The gas bladder would anchor to the impeller. A transparent hull section can permit visual perspective from the aft control cockpit.

A first step would involve the construction of a simple working model. Below is a picture of a spinning wheel wing:

The actual spinning hull shape would resemble this Celeron with no wings.

The "Flying Gyroscope"!


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