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Title: Self Running Magnets Motor from 1950
Post by: russwr on February 21, 2021, 03:54:26 AM
See diagrams for the Bowman Permanent Magnetic Motor shown in 1950 by Engineer, and recent Youtube notes.  Three spinning discs of 1:2:1 ratio using rod alnico magnets attracted and repelled. The starter magnet #17 was adjusted and locked in place. There were 6 bearings and 3 metal rods and gears. Nowadays we got neodymium light weight magnets, brass rods, and plastic gears. Friction could be reduced further with gears on back of discs that eliminates 3 bearings and weight of longer rods. My attempt on this years ago used 2 small plastic gears with center large disc with a cut and counted cog rubber belt , glued backwards onto large disc circumference sanded down to fit, and used as gear teeth for the 2 small gears in ratio. ( CHEAP). With some outer wire coils added, this would have been interesting for perpetual night lights.