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Gold and silver : over unity Freedom Energy prize ..for open source !


Dr. Jones did this here and elsewhere 10 years ago

Now again

Physics professor
I would like to renew the FIRST GOLD & SILVER FREEDOM ENERGY PRIZE of Gold and Silver Pieces as an award for the first Freedom Energy Device which is both replicated and open-sourced.
 I wish I could offer billions, but will offer what I reasonably can to both encourage and reward all the hard effort that goes into such a generous invention to benefit humanity!  I will count up and see what I can offer at this time - certainly several valuable precious-metal pieces, roughly an ounce of gold AND 10 troy ounces of silver.   

 I'm inviting input on:
1 - Reasonable conditions for such a prize.  For me, the first several conditions are:A- Replication by an independent person or lab B- Open-sourced (offered to the world without patent restriction; some kind of royalty-payment attached will be allowed).C-  Allowing me to actually test the device (somehow, not necessarily in person, although that would be nice) to be certain that there are no "prosaic" sources of input energy such as a battery, and that to assure that the output power exceeds "known" input power. D-  A self-running device is the "gold standard."E-   Minimum 100 mW output power.

2.  Who will join me, to increase the "pot" of Gold and Silver coins?

3.  Are there any other prizes out there, for the altruistic inventor of such a FIRST Freedom Energy Device to benefit mankind (open-sourced)?


Topic under construction !
Offer etched in stone !!

Respectfully submitted

Chet K

Waiting...maybe Bezos, Musk or Zuckerber will join  :P

It would be much wiser spend those money on opensource FE research IMHO
PS After all this seems to be a real thing https://www.overunityresearch.com/index.php?topic=361.msg62072#msg62072


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