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Very interesting topic and perspective for experiments.


Viktor Schauberger's devices «


I have been revisiting Viktor Schaubergers work which isn't that complicated...
We take water(H and O) and air(CO2, N and O) then split the water into Hydrogen and Oxygen with a HV plasma under a vacuum. The Hydrogen/plasma is very reactive and Viktor used a copper/silver catalyst to bond the Hydrogen to the Carbon of the CO2. The result was a hydrocarbon (CH) and Oxygen which has a smaller volume producing a higher vacuum able to perform work.

You should recognize this process because every plant does the same thing as photosynthesis. It takes in CO2, H2O and energy, then reforms it to produce a higher density Hydrocarbon and Oxygen. What most do not see, as Viktor pointed out, this produces an implosion not an explosion. Burning CH and O produces heat and expansion. While reforming CO2 and H into CH and O produces a vacuum and contraction.

Now imagine what large machines which utilize this natural process could do. They would take in vast quantities of atmospheric CO2, reform it to CH and O as well as producing large amounts of power. This power could be used to generate electricity while scrubbing the atmosphere of excess CO2... problem solved.

Gentlemen, pretending our problems don't exist is not the way forward and you may want to take a look at Viktor Schauberger's work.
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on natures motion...Viktor Schauberger often referred to "natures motion" and many might think he was talking about vortex motion. However Viktor always spoke conceptually which many find difficult to understand, it was the concept he wanted to convey. In Viktor's world there were two primary motions which dictate all motion...
2)Contraction/concentration/generation/growth  Viktor recognized that society was consumed with the concept of expansion, degeneration and burning stuff. What nature builds we tear apart for energy and other needs however the notion of generation and growth is foreign to us. Viktor often used the tree as an example of how a single seed planted in the ground could concentrate energy to grow into a 200 foot tree weighing thousands of pounds. In this respect the concept of growth is foreign to us and most cannot understand how we could concentrate energy in that way. Viktor often expanded on the fact of how were doing everything wrong however I would like to concentrate on what we can do right.
 We were taught all about Entropy, the concept of how energy radiates but we we never taught the alter ego of how it concentrates. We could ask... if energy always radiates out from a point then how did the energy get to that point in the first place in order to be able to radiate?. What mechanism concentrated the energy to a point before it was radiated?. It would seem were missing one half of the equation in my opinion. The fact remains that for something to expand it must have contracted at some point prior to the expansion and understanding contraction, generation and growth is our goal.   We could ask... how does something concentrate energy or mass?. What mechanisms are involved, what forces?. In every respect it's about balance, for something to expand it must first have contracted in order to expand. Viktor's analogy of a tree is a good example and the roots form a cone concentrating to the trunk and also forms a cone upwards expanding from the trunk. It can move hundreds of gallons of water a day, concentrated or absorbed from below and expanding or evaporating above. That which is below is like that which is above, moving a medium in the same direction. It was this natural process relating to the concentration/expansion of a medium which Viktor based his technology on. In order to really understand Viktor's concepts I found it helpful to retrain my mind and way of thinking. When I looked at everything I looked for contraction, concentration, generation and growth. I excluded what we normally perceive and concentrated only on these concepts. As it turns out it's a much easier to find something were looking for than not. Sometimes it's that easy...


but if you look at the vortices, the energy in the middle is also concentrated there. I have built various devices for water revitalization and cleaning. They're just under construction. But effective. Bacteria are eliminated and oxygen is introduced, or Co2. If you like. At the moment I am building a mold to burn the part in clay.

WoW interesting

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With respect to Viktor Schauberger's work, and after reading all the books this may be the most insightful literature I have found to date.


Part I, IMPLOSION VIKTOR SCHAUBERGER and the PATH of NATURAL ENERGY Compiled by Riley Hansard Crabb


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Comments welcome

Chet K


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