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Title: Impossibility of free energy
Post by: int25 on January 07, 2007, 10:32:37 PM
It seems, that many people still didn't learned about the impossibility of free energy, thus I'd like to know, if there's still any good reason, they still believe, it might be a part of our world.

The biggest and insurmountable obstruction to free energy is IMO not, that there is no way to realize it physically or techically:
it seems, that there several inventors already succeeded.
The obstruction is mostly arranged, if some invention has be done:
at this point there's waiting the trap for the inventor.

He is believing, that his invention works ( and proved it), and is heading unto the patent office. There he will find, that there's no one, who will believe him. But though he may have success in spite of it, since the watchdogs of the state were inattentive, he will be mostly met by resistance, if he wants his invention to be appraised by scientists, and he might try the Steorn-way.
This he is been doing, while not aware, that his invention  is threatening the most powerful and influential industrial complex, we have on this planet.
Maybe he will survive unto this stage of approving.

So - what is coming now?
He will be looking for investors, and he will still be ignoring for the fact, that the most powerful industry on earth don't want his technology succeeding (the CEOs of big oil-companies are just not allow to let him succeed: there are hundredtousands jobs at stake, many billions.of turnovers and so on)

The best case will be, he gets his idea sold to one of the big companies and thus earn some money. Of course, afterwards we'll never hear anymore of his invention.

If not, there will be much trouble waiting for him or his investors: he or his financers will be dried of financing or suffer other kind of trouble, or he will die unexpectedly.
We remember the campaigning of Edison against Tesla or against Peter Baumann, the inventor of the Testatika-engine. Also the death of Stanley Meyer or Dr. Eugene Mallove, who was working on cold fusion.
Also we remember the announcement of machines that exploit free energy, but that we never hear about after they had advertised it to investors.

The story will have no happy end, since the inventor and his supporters are just not ready to fight the most powerful groups on earth, that cannot accept him succeeding.

If there's still someone, who is having hope though, I'd like to hear, which way there really might be open, to have success with free energy.
Title: Re: Impossibility of free energy
Post by: neptune on January 27, 2007, 07:55:24 PM
The only way forward is for the inventor to arrange for his design to be published on a thousand different websites at the same time, in a form that can be copied by thousands of back yard engineers. That way the inventor will benefit along with everyone else