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Theory of Lunativity

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Theory of Lunativity

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Theory of Lunkativity:

This theory is a modification to the theory of relativity that replaces the time variable.
The theory of Lunkativity will show how time will be replaced by the variable called Lunk.
The variable Lunk will, in most cases, be the same value as time in the relativity formula, one of the differences is that the value will be derived from the difference from the transmitted frequency to the observer signal frequency.  The angle between the transmitter and observer will need to be incorporated into this term as well.

The problem of using variable time for the relativity theory:
Lets look at the following scenario:
There is a train that travels from West to East on the tracks at 100 mph.
There is a platform with an observer on it 1 foot from the tracks with a sound meter and stop watch.
When the train goes by the platform, it will blow a horn at 10Khz. Starting 1 block before the platform until 1 block after the platform.  There are five more observers.  One is one block out from the platform, another I mile out from the platform, another 2 block west of the platform, another 2 block east of the platform and the final observer is on the train.  Each observer is measuring the duration of the sound and the frequency of the sound.
The train travels by the platform starting the horn one block before the platform until one block after the platform travelling at 100mph.  The six observers compare the data they collected.  All the observers on the ground got different results.  The ground observer that was 1 mile from the platform obtained results that were similar to the observer on the train.  These two observers saw the same 10K hz. Frequency for the same amount of time.  The person closest to the train on the platform observed the same time, but the frequency started at 9khz to 11khz.  The person one block out observed the same time but the frequencies changed from 9.5khz to 10.5khz having the same time frame.  The person 2 blocks west of the platform observed a constant 9khz with an increase of time by 10%.  The person 2 blocks east of the platform observed a constant 11khz with an increase of 10% of time.
If time was different on the train than what it is on the ground, then why did the observer 1 mile away from the train have the same data as the man on the train.  Also why did all of the different ground observers have different sets of data.  A different rate of time on the train than for all of the ground observers who collected different data sets does not make sense to me.  The Lunkativity theory does explain all of these different test results having the same rate of time both on and off the train.

What is the Lunkativity theory?
Time is a universal constant. 
Waves traveling in a specific medium, travel at a constant rate of speed.
Understanding the propagation of waves as they are created in one plane and then observed in another plane makes the difference.  Lets look at another scenario to describe what is happening.
Now lets say you have a hovercraft that is moving from west to east across a pond at 1 m/s.  Now lets say that five stones are dropped at a rate of one per second.  The waves that are created with each stone dropped into the water moves at 2 m/s.  Now if you had one person on the west shore measuring the time it takes from the crest of the first wave to the crest of the last wave, he would measure 12 seconds.  On the other hand a person on the east shore would measure 4 seconds for the time of the first to last crest to arrive at the shore.  Now lets say there is an observer on the south shore of the pond.  He would measure 8 seconds which is that same rate as the stones that were dropped into the pond off of the hovercraft.
Waves are not created instantaneously, they take time to be created so that a distance is traveled between the start and the completion of that wave.  Now the 5 stones represent one wave signal from the start to the finish of the wave form.  The dropping of the stones at a constant rate represent the constant speed of a wave traveling in a constant medium.  So what is happening is as the waveform is being created from a moving transmitter,  it’s speed in a different plane moving at a different speed is dependent of both the direction of transmission and the difference in speed between the planes.  The difference in speed of the planes along with the change in direction of wave travel can be calculated for the frequency that will be received by the observer.  Also these calculations can be used for modifying the lunk term that replaces the time term in the relativity formula.  In this way time will be constant when using the Lunkativity theory.  I will let the mathematicians create the formulas for this theory.

Jay Lunke

About a moving observer:

If an observer moves at speed s and the speed of light is c, it holds that:

s + c = c (whatever speed one adds to c will still result in speed c)

Has the Lunkativity-man thought about this?

Greetings, Conrad

Newton II:
How about animals which have flow of time in a different scale?  One year of man is equivalent to seven years of dog.  Is speed of light for dog c*7  or c/7 ?


I want to respond to the comments made about this theory by clarifying the theory with formulas and examples to support it.

I believe the time is a universal constant.
I believe waves from through a medium at a constant rate of speed.
I believe that the mechanism of different wave lengths between the transmitter and receiver
is caused by the change in distance between the transmitter and receiver during the time it takes to propagate a wave. 
The moving transmitter Propagates an array of frequencies due to these distance changes viewed from different angles of travel as the transmitter moves through the medium.

The 5 page files has detailed examples of how this happens.
The files will be more clear and informative of what is happening.
I am sorry to say that time travel is not possible with this theory.


Einstein said that physical time travel is not possible because the human body cannot physically support the manipulation of space and that only a projection would be possible.  Some self-proclaimed scientists claim that they invented or discovered time travel and even teleported objects in time and space.  I sit now and wonder how they solved the paradoxes problem?
Based on Einstein concepts I will write here an example of a paradox: suppose that the phone I hold in my hand is a time travel device and when I press the home button I travel through time in the time of the dinosaurs. Next what I see around me is T-Rex hunting me and I run and press again the home button to return back in my time. When I'm back home with my phone in my hands I will not remember anything, neither a clue that I maybe traveled couple millions years in the past. Why that? It's simple, because my phone doesn't have a quantum computer inside.Why don't I remember anything about my time travel and why do I need a quantum computer?
When you have dinner and jokes with T-Rex million years in the past the Universe has suffered a dilatation that moved all the things in space continum in that moment and in your travel interval and when you press the home button to return back in your time you will return before you traveled and you will remember nothing, you will even don't know that you traveled back or that your experiment was a success or not. If You program your device to go back in your time but plus a couple minutes, days or hours delay in the future then you will make another paradox, you will meet the other you and one or both version will be neutralized and the memories for the time traveling also will be gone if the future version will remain. The only way to return back exactly in the same moment when you have gone in the past is to use the time dilatation calculation and this is possible only using the stelar map, advanced orbital positioning system mapping and for now only quantum computers can do that.
If you travel at the JFK event and someone will make you a photo by mistake then you will know that your time travel experiment was a success even if you don't remember anything . The paradoxes list continues with other situations and stuff.


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