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Author Topic: Global leadership games : low cost hydrogen production and distribution  (Read 2069 times)


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                                                                               competition :

                                         staatsneutrale Eugenik = aristokratischer Wettbewerb !  :)

Idea connection I :
H2O + 2 C + 1.5 O2 = H2 + 2 CO2, in sum consumes 12 + 4.6 = 16.6 kg C = USD 1.33 for coal + ~ 20% - 1.5 sold is electricity net profit.
It is USD 0.095/kg H2 being practically free,


In electrical terms, the energy density of hydrogen is equal to 33.6 kWh of usable energy per kg, versus diesel which only holds about 12–14 kWh per kg. What this really means is that 1 kg of hydrogen, used in a fuel cell to power an electric motor, contains approximately the same energy as a gallon of diesel.

with 44 kg CO2 exhaust can be profitably utilized as in industry (e.g. for axalic acid production) as in agriculture for plants feeding.
 Kückens knew from his school days that plants need carbon dioxide to grow. In the meantime he has read up on how important the gas CO 2, which combines with water to form carbonic acid, is for the cycle of life. "And then," says Kückens, "I just copied a few tricks from nature."
               about Alexander Kueckens published applications
                                                       remembering  ;)