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Author Topic: May 1999 publication : international public knowledge !(?)  (Read 1894 times)

Offline lancaIV

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May 1999 publication : international public knowledge !(?)
« on: January 01, 2021, 09:07:15 PM »
About plasma= Schroedinger´s electrons-gas/ion-gas
About money
About economy

Currently, global with the common commercial stature, 80% hidden unemployment and 90% unemployment rate have to be calculated
 1 cyborg = 10 Maurer        a 3 Schichten = 30 Maurer         365 Tage nonstop = 50 Maurer

But : 1 "academic" cyborg equates 50 human academicians
         1 "parliamentary" cyborg equates 50 parliament delegates
         1 "presidial" cyborg equates 50 Presidents
         1 "rich" cyborg equates Forbes Top 50

                     98% global humans number decimation potential by same individual comfort but healthier Nature !
elited :

special constructed cyborgs will never have energy source scarity :

Offline lancaIV

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Re: May 1999 publication : international public knowledge !(?)
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2021, 01:41:06 PM »

The party Greens/Buendnis90 Co-Chairman gave a nice "when ....,then ...." pseudo-logical actio-reactio statement !

 Chairman                        Stuhlmann                     (Un-) Heilige Stuhl                Sitter                der Stuhl im Gang  der Haufen

                               in remind : Graf Otto von Lambsdorf,F.D.P. : Diagnose "Gehirn-Diarrhoe"

                                             Like an estatal " finance perpetuum mobile" !  ::) 

                                             Probably by "junk/lixo/Ramsch finance bonds politics" -parties  !

But as German he knows that when he speaks about "money" then he speaks about EURO,anymore national  DM,so he speaks about  European Parliament decision politics ,not individual regional/national parliaments politicians "green-behind the ears"  ideas/wishes !

                                                    gueltig-verpflichtend fuer den gesamten Staat und E.U.

But let us make a 2021
-level  mono-tasking worker and COBOT work-power worth comparison :

application :

40 000 Euros by 200 Kg material input ? Lean COBOT-engineering ,when human average 75 Kg ergo max. 50 Kg and less 50 Euros/Kg selling price !

12 months has a year

10 months -in average- the worker "works" ( public and work holiday excluded)

this gives 1680 work-hours per year in an 8766 total hours-year

the human,in average, delivers 75 Wh body-mechanical work energy -

1680 hours x 75 Wh = 126 000 Wh or 126 KWh per work-year body energy value !

Here ,in Portugal,the minimum wage/salary :

Em 2021 o valor passou para 665€

665 Euros x 14 times x 1,22 ( employer's share of social security )= 11,358 Euros per year work-place costs

We are defining "minimum wage/salary" : can be academical or analphabet ,"minimum" social class -independent ,
 per body payment !

Also valid in Germany,this productivity definition !

1680 h x 75 Wh mechanical work output
1680 h x   7,5 Wh electrical conventional electric motor         input for 75 Wh mechanical Li Yng transmission output
1680 h x   5,0 Wh electrical 2021 DIN power saver e-drive     input for 75 Wh mechanical Li Yng transmission output

this are 8,4 KWh per year electrical body work energy equivalence ! ( we are often working with the lever-principle)

what is the economical worth of this electrical body energy ?

40 US$/KW production costs x 10 years energy delivery x 2,5 production/commercial market margin factor =

100 US$/87660 KWh energy delivery in 10 years = 0,00115 US$/KWh

0,00115 US$/KWh x  8,4 KWh per year body work energy = < 0,01 US$/body energy per year

11,358 Euros per year x 1,15 Euro to Dol(l)ar = 13,061 US$ payment per annum for energetical 0,01 US$ p.a. worth

                1 306 100 ( 1 million 300 hundred six thousands one hundred ) times the algometrical worth spread

                    not to be Nano-Boxx development dependent(market entrance)

 we take conventional solutions by actually industrial material production worth and 1,5 over-head margin factor :

0,01  US$/KWh energy generation costs x 8,4 KWh per annum = 0,084 US$/body year work value

                            13,061 US$ payment per annum for energetical 0,084 US$ p.a. worth

       155 489 ( one hundred fifthy-five thousand four hundred eighty-nine ) times the algometrical value spread

                                            this makes the difference : price,costs,worth,value

                     And this huge spread number let us easily transform human work-places to K.I./A.I.  work places !

                                                               + work station qm/cbm capacity productivity :

                                                        With 24/365 work and productivity output potential

                                              400% more productivity than 10 months/8 hours-workday

                   Covid-19 time and work-flow observation home-office/inside and outside service productivity comparison

                                         + 300% more efficiency by tele-system or less 75% pay-role servants

               -2/3 or -75% or -90% : before COVID-19 we got this reducement numbers for the G7 employment decrease

                                                                    logical consequence :

                               so we should decrease the average human coitus and fertility quote,vulgo births,  by 2/3 to -75% to -90%
                              not 1-child per couple ,but average 0,5 child per couple

                              and maximal births per sqKm and annum allowance :

                             social budgetizing ,

                             in geral,social class membership independent



                                   minimum salary only by defined  : minimum efficiency/productivity !

                                                                   GREEN DEAL !

                                            GREEN UNPRODUCTIVITY ABORTION PROGRAM !

                                Schleswig-Holstein und die 2021 Windkraft-Industrie-Abhaengigkeit und -Verantwortung

Chaos-Theorie :

 f.e. Cabinda/Angola , the butterfly (partner dance)  its wing moving frequency(pulse-cycle) and the Wirbel-/Whirl-Keim/Seed to iniciate the later Caraibas/U.S. coastal hurrican cycle ;

                                          the natural West-Africa-America sea/air highway

Chaos-Theory and wind rotors :
 off-shore air humidity/density/temperature "artificial" high-way direction for on-share happenings,hail/floods/.....

                                             mechanical H.A.A.R.P. climate changer,w=1986,q=low,c=0.bild.gif

             trasselose -on demand/in situ- bis zu 24/365 Rotations-Generator Kosten-Komplex-Analyse :

                         < 500 Euros/KW und +- 1 Euro-cent per Kilo-Wattstunde Generierungskosten

                                                      AGENDA 2010 ,SPD and GREENS :

                                                      1 Euro-Jobs

                                                      AGENDA 2030 :

                                                      the Underperformists per year value and honoration

                                                                   G20  market worth

                                                                     Maedchen nichts wert

Maedchen,biologische Jungfrau / abgenutzte,gebrauchte,Frau Marktwert :

Mädchen werden oft auf dem Schulweg in Dhaka auf der Straße von Menschenhändlern entführt, oder von ihrer eigenen Familie hierhergebracht und an sogenannte „Madames“ verkauft. Hier ist eine Frau nicht mehr Wert als umgerechnet 100 Euro (9459 BDT). Mädchen, die noch Jungfrau sind, sind bis zu 20 Mal teurer.

Menschenwerthandel , George W. Bush,seinerzeit als U.S.-President  :

1 US-Amerikaner 2 000 000 US$       compared  1 Afghani 20 000 US$

In der A.I.-Welt ist es fuer die 100 Euros Kaufpreis Frau relativ einfach, den A.I.- Gebrauchswert per annum zu gewaehrleisten,

                                                 2000 Euros das Maedchen ist schon ein hoher Anspruch,

                                              20 000 US$ der Afghani und 2 000 000 U.S.$ der U.S.-Amerikaner

                                                                 Wir kaufen Euch ! Aber wohl sehr viel billiger !

                                     A.I.: die Gebraucht-Dirne= Jungfrau=Afghani=U.S.-Amerikaner - Einheitspreis

                                                   ALLE MENSCHEN SIND GLEICH
                                                              ZU BEWERTEN

                                        Baerbock,gebraucht  /verbraucht
                                        Habeck,gebraucht    / verbraucht

                                         Representanten eines gebrauchten/verbrauchten Staates ,einer gebrauchten/verbrauchten E.Union



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