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Smudges permanent magnet motor discovery PDF

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under construction
PDF to follow

From link here post #12

I’ve built my first version. It behaves similar to my Howard Johnson device. It’s worthy of more investigation now. Thanks for posting Chet.

greetings to all
In OUresearch was posted another related PDF wich included an image (below) for a possible motor.I hope this do not disturb Mr. Smith (could not ask for permission to publish here.)Anyway, I made a replica of it with 1 cm cubic magnets.
Tried several height positions with no success. No self motion whatsoever.


my version with 1 cm magnets

Are all your magnets polarized the same way?  If the rotor magnets are polarized the same as the stator magnets you will need to stand the rotor magnets on edge for the polarity to be right.  In other words if the stator magnets all have the north pole facing out or the south pole facing out as per smudge's pdf then your rotor magnets have to be oriented so the pole faces are facing in the clockwise and counterclockwise directions.

Hope this helps.


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