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Author Topic: Free Book "Harvesting Torque From Permanent Magnets"  (Read 3593 times)

Offline Lunkster

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Free Book "Harvesting Torque From Permanent Magnets"
« on: December 09, 2020, 08:58:11 PM »
Free Book:

Harvesting Torque From Permanent Magnets

Most people believe that permanent magnets can not produce work in them
because it violates the laws of thermodynamics.

This book is an attempt to show people that this is not correct.
Gravity of the earth always has the center of gravity in the same place,
so gravity machines can not function in theory.
Magnets in themselves operate like gravity,
Where it takes as much force to raise an object in a gravity wheel as it does to
 bring it to the bottom of it, so the forces cancel each other out.
THis same thing is true for a magnet to be attracted the repelled
from another magnet as they pass by each other.

That my book shows it that it you change the center of gravity or the center
 of the magnetic pole of the magnet during the motor operation,
then torque can be harvested from a permanent magnet.

The center of the magnetic pole is changed in the motor through reconfiguration
of the stator assembly by creating a functional magnet in the stator assembly
for some travel in order to move the rotor magnet to this new position.
In this new position, the functional magnet is removed and the new positioning
of the rotor and stator cause the permanent magnets to be in attraction with each other again.

As the rotor moves around the stator assembly, the stator assembly is constantly
being reconfigured in order to provide forward torque on the rotor through the full
rotation of the rotor in the motor.

In this book I give examples of motors that operate from the torque
of 5 permanent magnets to 1 electromagnet.  You only have to pay
for the electrical energy that drives the electromagnets.  The
torque from the permanent magnets are free.

After you read the complete book,  I am looking forward to your feedback.



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Re: Free Book "Harvesting Torque From Permanent Magnets"
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2020, 10:30:07 PM »
Thanks Lunkster
If for an experiment, we leave out the permanent magnets from your design.

We find that in pulling the movable magnet away from one magnet
and toward the next magnet in the sequence,  there is no NET work
is done    but also     no net energy is expended.

                    This is because at first...

we do work  in pulling against attraction. 

                    then we gain equal work

in the next attracting interaction 

                      These two cancel each other out. Sum = Zero.

Next we install the electromagnets.

What they add to the previous,  zero sum energy expenditure,
is only what they would add in a conventional motor.

They    WILL   add  (while activated) mechanical energy into the device,
but only as much as in a conventional electric motor.

In  my opinion.

     best wishes

Offline Lunkster

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Re: Free Book "Harvesting Torque From Permanent Magnets"
« Reply #2 on: December 09, 2020, 11:56:45 PM »

Thank you for your opinion.

When I was studying the first movement, I can see equal put from the rotor permanent magnet to the two stator permanent magnets at the very start of the movement.  But to my understanding, opinion, as the rotor moves more to the right, it comes closer to the magnet on the right in the stator assembly.  At the same time the rotor magnet is getter farther from stor permanent magnet on the left so that the torque is less between them.  So it looks like to me that the if a vector analysis was done from the beginning of the movement to the end of the first segment movement that the forces from the left side stator magnet would be about 25% of those on the right side stator magnet.  This would mean that the net result would be 75% of torque in that movement.  This would be a very easy thing to test out.  I will test it out hopefully this week.

You always have great insight into these things.
I thank you for your input



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Re: Free Book "Harvesting Torque From Permanent Magnets"
« Reply #3 on: December 14, 2020, 04:18:53 AM »

I think its good to check it out.
Perhaps there is something unseen / missed.

  best wishes

Offline Lunkster

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Re: Free Book "Harvesting Torque From Permanent Magnets"
« Reply #4 on: December 16, 2020, 04:31:29 PM »
I wanted to share some photo's of the prototype motor that I built
that is described in the book.  The prototype uses physical moving
permanent magnets for the switching magnets. (all permanent magnet option)
When you look closely, you will see a ton of poor quality aspects to the build.
This proves that I am not a mechanical engineer or a machinist.

When using electromagnet switching with coils having air cores are stationary. 
With the power off, there is no need for physical movement of parts
in order to produce the switching movement.  THis simplifies the
motor design a lot.

Now the reason I tried to build the motor design that had the least chance of working,
is for one, I do not even own a power supply to test a prototype with electromagnets.
The second reason,  if an all permanent magnet motor worked, then that would prove
the other designs using electromagnets would work.

As Edison had several failures of building the light bulb, he knew that if he kept building
prototype, he would eventually get there.  Edison had a whole crew of people working with
him and a lot of money to support his work.

With have this forum where we can work together in order to bring new ideas into reality.
As you can see from my work so far that I am not the person to build prototype motors
because they are so poor in quality that they will fall apart at low speeds.

This is where I am looking for other people to take over where I have left off.
All of my designs are currently only theories and none of the edeas may work,
bur on the other hand, what if I see something, but just am not able to get there
on my own. 

I added a chart that shows the potential of the Three Layer Electromechanical Movement technology.
This technology along with the modified tank circuit with steering diodes should at a minimum
increase the range of the electric vehicles used today,

Great inventions start out as a dream,  I am leaving these designs at the dream stage and hope and
pray that other people will pick them up at take them farther.  Even if they build, test and confirm that
these dreams were actually nightmares, it would be nice to know that as well.


Offline aether22

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Re: Free Book "Harvesting Torque From Permanent Magnets"
« Reply #5 on: December 20, 2020, 09:43:24 PM »
Free Energy is possible in any system where there are large balanced energy gains and losses.

See, we say energy is transferred, but REALLY it is being created and destroyed in equal amounts.

But sometimes that creation and destruction is balanced within a system such as a series of permeant magnets, the attraction and repulsion is inducing lenz law effects in even permeant magnets, either pulling on or giving to the microscopic currents.

What you want is to have ideally megawatts of energy being created and destroyed with little energy having to be put in, consider a theoretically perfect system of magnetic rotors and stators undergoing attraction and repulsion, energy being induced in the magnets and taken from it s it turns freely, coasting.

This large energy shuttling is key, it can be done with batteries, capacitors (charge the middle plate with two in series) permeant magnet motors and motor generator hybrids, output pair coils, and series bucking bifilar coils.

You could wind a Tesla Coil secondary as a Bifilar and pass 10 amps DC through it with the HV oscillating at the some time, this would have HUGE virtual power gains and losses in the two halves of the circuit, like batteries back to back one charging one discharging.

Or, indeed tank circuits...

The point is that you need large amounts of energy being "processed", this kind of activity both creates and mixes aetheric energy with electromagnetic energy.

Pretty easy to implement this stuff!


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Re: Free Book "Harvesting Torque From Permanent Magnets"
« Reply #6 on: December 21, 2020, 06:47:32 PM »

It looks like some serious time and energy went into the build.
              Nicely done.

Thanks again for sharing the design and build with us.

I recommend that experimenters build test benches.  If you put the same kind of time and
energy into building a test bench, and if you build it versatile enough, you
can test many different kinds of magnetic interactions and modify / reuse
the test bench.

Make the test bench / device modular. 

Then hone your skills and knowledge in how best to measure the energy present in the
magnet interactions.

You can look at the test bench I use, for starter ideas on how your test bench design / build
should go.


  and @

There are basically two ways to go.

1. Proof of O.U. because its a self runner. 
2. Test / measure each interaction / element of a design, to find the energy
input or output in that element. Then build a test runner.

The second option is faster and a better learning environment / opportunity.

How to make and interpret the measurements is not very difficult, although it requires
some time and commitment.   It pretty apparent you have a lot of commitment.


Offline lancaIV

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Re: Free Book "Harvesting Torque From Permanent Magnets"
« Reply #7 on: December 21, 2020, 09:25:56 PM »
Hello Lunkster,

here is a belgian patent archive listening :

Look for the different numbers their
Publication info:  AND                (B1)

Probably fine experiments results ,some * granted after examination*, to refind !

Here a relatively easy descripted motor-generator arrangement : Watt1/Watt2  RATIO !

66. The generative Unruh' or Tourbill(i ;) )on or Tornado

p.s.: deleting this poste ? ::)
« Last Edit: December 22, 2020, 12:35:37 AM by lancaIV »

Offline Lunkster

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Re: Free Book "Harvesting Torque From Permanent Magnets"
« Reply #8 on: March 26, 2021, 04:29:23 PM »
Lunkster Update:

After I wrote this book, I decided to look into generator concepts because that seems to be of more interest at this forum than anything else.
So in 2021 I developed in theory a new concept of generating electricity.

How it works is that I have the generator design arranged in such a way that one electromagnet will reroute the flux flow of several permanent magnets in the generator.  I place coils in several places in the design in order to generate electricity through these changing flux paths.  THis rerouting can be performed at speeds of other generators.  The collective electrical energy of the several coils in the generator from the control of one electromagnet should be a better design than has been researched so far.

The great thing about this new technology is that it can be used in motors as well.
The motor has two stator assemblies each controlled by one electromagnet.  It has one rotor having only permanent magnets in it.  So the PM to EM ratio of one of the motor plans I have in the book is 12 to 1.  THis is far better than the 5 to 1 ratio from the motors in my free book.
This design is different than anything I have shared on-line so far.

The name of the book is currently sold on Amazon.  I am not sure how long they will be allowed to sell the book.

AAAAA Amazing Apparatuses Applying Abundant Abilities
Chain reaction of flux switching in generators and motors:

I will use most of the proceeds of the book to further my research and lab development in my basement.