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Extreme disinterest in provable breakthroughs on this group.

New theories about free energy systems > The Aether

Extreme disinterest in provable breakthroughs on this group.

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I made a post about the Aether, actually I made two, oddly two others followed from others, but the lack of interest is deafening.

I have posted about this on Reddit and even though I have had a hard time finding the level of active experimental interest i'd like to find, there have been a plenty of people who have tried to feel the energy and comment.


There has been some real interest, 186 members have joined the group and 34 and 42 people have answered those two polls.
That is a fair few.
So far ZERO people have reported trying the images I posted here!

There is a real disconnect going on here, while I a frustrated about a very low level of reproduction going on there, here there is about what, one dismissive reply and that's it.

Galileo couldn't get anyone to look through his telescope, I know how he feels.

Come on guys, give it a shot, some won't feel a thing, but some will, and some will feel lots.

Try the above links, also:

https://www.reddit.com/r/Aetheric_Engineering/comments/k7p24c/the_final_public_advance_for_now/   <Bottom image

Why wouldn't you try?
I have told you that people feel the energy even when the device is hidden and they are ignorant of it (no expectation, not Placebo).
I have told you that some feel an extreme level of intensity.
I have told you that amazing result  have happened.
That it is correlated with many claims of Free Energy and antigravity.

You either have to conclude I am lying... (why?)
Quite insane (but would that explain others experiences?).
Or that maybe I am on to something.

And if I am on to something that has come from researching and Free Energy and Antigravity for 26 years, maybe it is actually not totally in error, maybe it is connected, maybe it is relevant.
Maybe it is worth the minute of your life it would take to see if you can feel it!


Hi Aether!
People don't want to be sent on an Easter Egg hunt when so many similar exhortations turn out to be wild goose chases.
What would be useful if you, as an expert, were to summarise in 100 words or less what the aether is and why it matters to free energy reserarch - with an example for how it is relevant to us.

No wild goose chases I promise, okay, 100 words, here goes.

I began studying many of the better proven Free Energy and Antigravity claims looking for a correlation, I found only one distasteful correlation, that of an aether vortex.  So did many other, but I carried on researching and experimenting until 17 years I finally made an unusual coil that issued a definite tangible phenomena from it's tip, the sensation became obvious the longer my hand was exposed to it, this made it easy to explore this phenomena.

Many Free Energy devices manifest not just one but many gravitational, material, thermal and magnetic anomalies they act as though a bubble has been setup in space that makes physics act wonky.

Okay, that's 110, but if I might say a bit more, when you look at the designs of Free Energy device claims in light of an aether theory, in light of the techniques I have developed, suddenly the designs make a lot of sense!   There are lots of hints about these devices that suggest that something is happening in space, the materials are becoming conditioned.

But that realization is almost useless unless you have two additional things, a rule book that tells to how to Engauge the aether, and a way to know what is going on, now meters are nice, but science almost never begins with a meter for a new phenomena, initially you have to experience the phenomena yourself in order to investigate it, otherwise it wouldn't be expected to exist.  Luckily as I explain MOST people can feel this phenomena!

So what I am delivering is "THE ANSWER" the the hidden secret key to Free Energy and much more.
How to feel it. (gain a super power)
How to affect it (powerful techniques, correlations).
And finally, a simple way to know with a minute or 5 of testing if this is real (for you)!

Even if you aren't patient enough to try even one minute, for the love of God, could you not try for 20 second?

So that is my pitch, just TRY IT!  I accept some won't be able to feel it, but at least some notable portion (generally a majority) should.

I can't tell you once you use this that Free Energy will fall into your lap, but I can tell you you won't be working blind and ignorant anymore of the primary function behind this work!

Why do you think success is so fleeting and hard to replicate?!  it is because these technologies aren't electromagnetic, they are Aethero-electromagnetic, they are hybrids of a force most ignore entirely!

How can it be a wild goose chase if it takes just one minute to feel something extraordinary or not?

Once the phenomena can be vouched for, I will happily explain what I understand of the mechanisms of aetheric energy in Free Energy devices with correlations and evidence and explanations.
I don't have a specific design, these principles can be implemented in any design you might work on anyway!

For me, the nub of your useful piece was:
        "I finally made an unusual coil that issued a definite tangible phenomena from it's tip, the sensation became obvious the longer my hand was exposed to it, this made it easy to explore this phenomena".

You say you don't have a specific design but you must have one that would allow us to reproduce your effect.

Yep. I stuck my hand in the field of the GK4 and it burned the right hand thumb nerve and both optic nerves. I am not blind but the thumb still has problems.
Most these devices we see here are simple open faced microwave generators.Putting a meter or scope on it entails sticking a metal rod in the field.Connecting a meter or scope on it entails shorting it through your measuring device.Search for safe testing techniques on Tesla coils for a start.After that you will have a better handle if you have something or not.As far as eliminating charlatans, always look for a mess, cables going off in the distance, dirt floor testing beds, and the proverbial battery in the light bulb trick.We know what countries these tricks come from.
Take a microwave oven outside and rigged the door open. Place an incandescent light bulb near the opening. Turn on the oven. The light will turn on.Lets flush out the laughing idiots now. The test is no different than placing a light bulb in the field of a Tesla coil.


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