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Extreme disinterest in provable breakthroughs on this group.

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--- Quote from: skywatcher on December 06, 2020, 08:09:40 PM ---Yes this could be the main reason. I would even say that most of the original builders of such devices don't really understand why they are working.
(If they are working at all, i have never seen one working with my own eyes.)

Please continue posting your experiments here. I'm sure there is interest, even if you don't get much resonance immediately.
This kind of stuff takes some time to sink in and sometimes it has to be read several times...

--- End quote ---

With at least one person to interact this, that is doable.

But without even one person, just me talking away to myself post after post, that becomes increasingly hard to find a reason to continue to spill your guts without some feedback, in other words, please chip in and I will continue to share.

Let's take a look at a simple but powerful effect, this one is a super recent discovery.

Take a coil, or Disc, anything circular (not tried this with other shapes) and then in some fashion you want to represent the inside of it and the outside of it with two different numbers.

What numbers you use are up to you but they must be from this list, some might work better than others.

6, 12, 20, 30, 42, 56, 72, 90, 110, 132 and 156.
What are these numbers, they are multiplications of sequential numbers (3*2=6, 4*3=12, 5*4=20), you can go above 156 if you like (12*13) but why bother.

Put the larger number on he outside (use say 156) and the smaller number on the inside, use say 12.
This makes for a vortex of energy.

So how to manifest those numbers?
You could measure the inside diameter, multiply by Pi to get the circumference, then divide by the chosen number and cut a length of wire that long, or set a caliper to that length.
You then do the same with the outside diameter and divide by the higher number.

Or you can use some example of the chosen number, so maybe use 6 magnets inside and 12 or 20 magnets on the outside diameter.

Or, you could wind 6 turns on the inside diameter and 12 on the outside diameter.

Or do several of these!

Or you could use elements that represent these numbers.  Magnesium is 12, Zinc is 30, so Magnesium on the inside and Zinc on the out, or Barium is 42, the key to Floyd Sweets VTA according to legend.
Calcium is 20, You could use that.

Want it stronger?
Let's look at 3 6 9

3x2=6 and 3x3=9
So we take a seed number (3 is the lowest number this can be done with any above it are find) and multiply by itself and by the number immediately below.

So this gives us the following sets, with the seed in the middle because it relates to the numbers either side.


These numbers generate energy, so now the center instead of being just 12 could be 12, 4 & 16.
The outside could be 156 13 169 which is 13*12 and 13*13 (squared) along with 13 itself.

Another very powerful and simple effect which can be combined with the above is to shield half of a coil or ring from energy coming in (better to invert the energy actually, but let's keep things simple) from the outside, and half the energy coming from the inside, but rotated 180 degrees.

Here is an example of both of those principles combined, there are 156 divisions on the outside and (half of which are faint, but the spacing establishes the number) and 1 on the inside (half of which are faint).
This also acts to generate the split shield effect.

This works despite the fact that the circle is extremely thick, that makes it much harder.
In addition you could print this and place a metal circle (ring, coil, washer) such that it fits between the inner and outer of this and it will just from the print up establish an aether vortex.

The point is that this could be incorporated into a coil, pancake coil, regular solenoid, and circular form you might be experimenting with.

I am not looking to get people to make a specific Free Energy design, I am trying to give people the tools (the sensitivity, the comprehension) to bring in the critical components that are needed for Free Energy to occur.  Not necessarily sufficient, but necessary components for Free Energy.

But, for any of this to be taken seriously, people need to know that this is REALLY REAL, and that requires that enough people try and feel the energy from these images, it only takes a minute and maybe 50% wont' feel a thing, but some will if enough try, and some won't feel a little, they will feel a lot!


--- Quote from: giantkiller on December 06, 2020, 05:20:32 PM ---Yep. I stuck my hand in the field of the GK4 and it burned the right hand thumb nerve and both optic nerves. I am not blind but the thumb still has problems.
Most these devices we see here are simple open faced microwave generators.Putting a meter or scope on it entails sticking a metal rod in the field.Connecting a meter or scope on it entails shorting it through your measuring device.Search for safe testing techniques on Tesla coils for a start.After that you will have a better handle if you have something or not.As far as eliminating charlatans, always look for a mess, cables going off in the distance, dirt floor testing beds, and the proverbial battery in the light bulb trick.We know what countries these tricks come from.
Take a microwave oven outside and rigged the door open. Place an incandescent light bulb near the opening. Turn on the oven. The light will turn on.Lets flush out the laughing idiots now. The test is no different than placing a light bulb in the field of a Tesla coil.

--- End quote ---

Glad it didn't leave you blind!

The TPU is most assuredly creating an aether vortex, as I have mentioned when I made a TPU like design I got the washboard effect when moving it.
I didn't know it attracted lightening, but Boyd Boyce claimed the same of his (and it manifested storms).

Again we see the use of mixed conductors too, with the iron wire in the core.

If you use the numbers I mentioned in my previous post, or the shielding I mentioned you will enhance a TPU significantly, you might feel energy from it without plugging it into the power, and in this form the energy is safer.

You have made me more wary when it comes to powered research and not just images.
I can develop so fast, learn so quickly with images I am often reluctant to do hardware type experiments which take much longer.

In addition to what else I have mentioned, I would note that done ight, folded wires both crate a sort of aetheric vibration (aetheric AC or pulsed DC)  but also when induced by some influence (voltage induced by EMF) it generates what I term "gross power", gross power is where you have large amounts of balanced energy loss and gain, it happens in motor-generators, magnet motors and in bifilar coils induced with an EMF.
It also happens with the Tesla switch and with an unusual form of capacitor (or two caps in series) where there is a voltage on the middle section such as one cap is like a charging cap and one like a discharging cap at any moment.

Consider the attraction and repulsion of magnets on a permeant magnet motor, magnets repelling and attracting, this nets to almost zero, but huge degrees of energy interaction are occurring!
If these were each individually powered electromagnets we would see huge generation and energy use occurring at the rotor rotates, but this occurs with permeant magnets these same effects occur but we don't "pay" for it.

This significant energy gain and loss (balanced creation and destruction) is just one component of many Free Energy and Antigravity devices, other times this "virtual' or gross power doesn't occur because the device really just uses large amounts of energy.

GK, if you involve the aether and for the moment don't use electrical input, you might even find the energy has ability to heal the harm it did to you, I had demonstrated absolute healing miracles with this technology, indeed it is the only semi reliable physical effect I have demonstrated, I have not much to show with physical effects because I have done little that has been physical or powered.

Also, honestly, at this rate if I had full success I wouldn't share it since why risk the harassment or possible attempts to kill mw if no one is going to listen anyway?
I think wile I am sharing this aetheric stuff "they" aren't concerned enough, but all bets are off if I had effective OU/FE.

So I can really only share openly and effectively now, once I get results I would be unlikely to share.

SM produced a video of a U shaped TPU. The video disappeared.


--- Quote from: giantkiller on December 07, 2020, 03:16:44 AM ---SM produced a video of a U shaped TPU. The video disappeared.

--- End quote ---
GK, I had a reply for you, but then I clicked to another window to look something up and it went away, some add loaded, didn't know what happened.
So then I re-wrote an even longer reply, only to have the EXACT SAME THING HAPPEN, it is an ad on the left of the screen, the fucking image doesn't load so it looks like regular blue background.

So honestly, I'm not sure what to say, I'm not going to type that whole thing for a third time.

But here is the link I went looking for, now without ay real context:

Okay, well yeah, I didn't know SM used a U shape, but O's are the most common shape in this work and the broken O or C U horseshoe type shape is close behind.

I then mentioned other designs and then mentioned important components for making a Free Energy or antigravity device (the two technologies are related) work, if you want me to list important considerations for getting Free Energy to work,  check list so to speak ask and I will write it out, but not right this minute.

Correction this is the link I was looking for:

Cavity strucure effect,Grebennikov

Usherenko effect !?

btw: " ..... disinterest .... " learned ? not : ".... desinterest ...."  ?

 Do you do not read ( resonant = self-reflection before outing/publishing) during tipping ? interesse/interest and not interest = des-inter-est

Latin :

 nonus redere         resonare    sibi  reflectare ante             publicare     durius tip-p-are       inter esse 

You write latin,thinks in an gaelic


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