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Most people can feel Aetheric Energy from these images, can you?

New theories about free energy systems > The Aether

Most people can feel Aetheric Energy from these images, can you?


With physical coils, unpowered I have had about a 90% success rate if not higher at best.
But with graphics, it seems to be a bit north of 50%

We use light to burn circuit into matter, but it also works to burn a circuit into the aether.  These are not symbols, it's not magic.
This is physics, and if you follow these instructions you will likely feel the energy!

Please take a minute to try this because this is the missing component behind Free Energy physics!

And some people feel the energy at extreme, scarily strong levels, it is VERY compelling for some.

This is a revolution if you will just jump into this new paradigm, then we will get new energy!

I don't want to post all the images here and swamp Stefan's forum with too many copies, you can check them out here:




The instructions are that you make a stop like gesture with your hand towards the center of the image, with hand a bit tense, move your hand toward and away for a minute, you might feel it instantly but the energy might build up enough for you to feel only after a minute if you are less sensitive.

Feel for any sensations. BTW the energy remains in space for some time after you remove the image.  It also works printed.

People have felt the energy under conditions where the Placebo effect isn't possible, there is no debunking this.

You don't need to see, understand or believe it for the energy to manifest and even be felt or have an effect.

I can show you the ways that Free Energy devices use this in their designs.

This field will flounder decade after decade till people wise up and learn to understand and employ the aether!

Free Energy without understanding the aether is so rare it is like a first degree lottery win, and successful reproduction has no chance.

Just to clarify...

When I say a "better than 50%" and "better than 90%" success rate, I mean the rate at which people report being able to feel something.


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