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The Aetheric physics behind Free Energy & Antigravity exposed!

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The Aetheric physics behind Free Energy & Antigravity exposed!

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Okay, so I have presented this before and it hasn't gain traction, but it is critical to the purpose of this forum that this research is adopted by experimenters.

Experimenting with physical materials, electrical circuits is slow, dangerous and somewhat expensive and demanding work.

However I took a page out of Dan A. Davidson's book SHAPE POWER and used images to explore the aether just as he did and proved instrument readings.

So I have largely used images because I can work very fast, learn more in a year than I could in a lifetime with extremely rapid experimentation.

So I can explain how the aether works, and I can explain how to implement principles used here in Free Energy devices, and more, but first I need to prove that I am not off my rocker, and i will be honest here, if you are going to be super skeptical and rigorous in the evidence you require, then I cannot prove this.

I have had people feel energy from designs I have made (unpowered coils) even when they knew nothing about them and they were hidden (no expectation) so the Placebo effect is not a viable explanation.  But I also know that isn't enough for some people, despite the fact they can't explain that result!

But if you aren't too closed minded, here I want to present you with images in which the light puts a stress of the aether, burning a circuit into the aether, much as light burns circuit into matter for the production of computer hardware.


Face your palm to the image, your hand should be ideally flat and under some tension, like you are making a stop gesture, it is easier to feel energy if your hand is somewhat convex  e.g  palm ( back of hand
Move your hand in towards the center of the image and out again, it might take a minute and feel for different sensations.

The tension in your muscles resists the energy, the energy builds up in your flesh, body parts that are more exposed to the energy feel it more strongly for this reason, at first for me the effect was extremely subtle, but it increased to levels that were very intense and even painful, and yet my other hand couldn't feel the energy at all and it took months of occasional exposure energy day to build up sensitivity.

Try the images below, also try images here:
or here

The top link has an active poll, the bottom one has a closed poll, as you can see more people report feeling the energy than not!

Aetheric energy can conduct down the same wires that conduct electricity, and it can conduct along paths of magnetic flux.
But if you don't know the rules, you can destroy aetheric functionality with simple and tiny details.

If you look at claims of Free Energy, other anomalies crowd the more credible and powerful claims, and includes even antigravitational effects.

I know most here are stuck on purely seeing just the electromagnetic side of things, but real Free Energy devices of the type most here seek are hybrid devices that are half aetheric and half electromagnetic.

It is easy to implement these factors in your designs, and even putting one of my design on paper, laying some wire over the main circle (clear sticky tape to secure it) and putting this under a sheet of glass and putting a Free Energy design on top in a well lit room is enough to increase markedly the aetheric energy involved in an electrical device.

Small changes in how to make a coil can make all the difference, connecting a single pole of a battery to a circuit (such that no current is used) can affect a circuit at an aetheric level.


Here is an email i recently sent to Tim Ventura and others.
It is a good argument for the aether.

When I got into this field, I was young, and had just learnt a lot about conventional physics, my faith was high in general in that view.
But when I also found the case for these fringe phenomena of Antigravity and Free Energy was too strong to be denied, I had a conundrum.

How can conventional physics be (mostly) so competent, measure things with amazing accuracy and yet find none of these effects that pop up in these often rather simple experiments?

How can there be so many different experiments that show there are huge flaws in the conventional model?

I reasoned that if these effects aren't showing up all the time, then there must not be lots of totally different effects or we would all be tripping on them, rather there must be one underlying effect, and this means there must be correlations.
And they must all be doing some unusual things.
So I really studied, but at the level of conventional science, there really were no unusual things they were all doing that made sense in light of conventional physics.

But I couldn't help but see that there was a correlation, a correlation that many others had noticed, some had told me about before I ever believed that there was an aether vortex.

And the way multiple anomalies crowd around these claim, it becomes obvious that there is a change to how physics work in the area, space, or something in the background of space is affected.
But so many of these devices have a circular form and hints of vortex activity.

But there is a huge problem, how does one work with this aether when there is no obvious way to know the rules or to measure/detect what is going on until there is obvious levels of success.

This means the solution is to take a best guess and put lots of money and technical skills into over-engineering something rather likely to be expensive to increase the odds of success while working in the dark.

I can see why so many have seen this correlation, but abandoned the aether vortex idea!

But with a decently strong design, more people can feel the energy than not.  I have had about 20-30 people in a row feel energy from physical coils and I would guess that at best about 90% of people can feel energy from an unpowered physical coil (more from physical likely, but untried).

And with the images, it seems mostly north of 50%, hard to say because getting compliance from random people to really try something properly that sounds impossible is kinda difficult.

I can give an understanding of a new branch of science so it is not guesswork and because the ability to feel energy increases with exposure to this energy there is a way to effectively judge the results of experiments that don't yet produce extraordinary results.

In addition because of the correlations that this is based on, even things that have not yet been achieved I have worked out "likely" requirements for results that I have not mostly even tried to get yet.
There are certain things many claims have in common that I have identified as likely being of assistance to getting results.

It isn't logical for people to chase specific claims, or to try reproduction without understanding the underlying physics.

You couldn't likely make a radio work if you didn't even understand about or believe in electricity even if you had a diagram, if you erroneously think it runs on steam.
You would have the details wrong, non-conductive connections, forget the electrolyte, an already discharged battery, or not working or incorrectly connected semiconductors.
The same is true of trying to make a device that is aetheric while thinking it is just electromagnetic.

If the underlying physics isn't understood, then the odds of reproduction becomes very low, it becomes a cargo cult reproduction.

So, yes there is a problem, if someone doesn't accept that people feeling the energy is evidence (sometimes even when the device is hidden and they know nothing, no expectations)...
And doesn't accept the correlations, the parallel developments, the miracle healing as evidence that this is anything other than a fantasy, then at this moment there is nothing I can do to prove it to them.

But on the other hand, many already realize that there is some mysterious nature to this phenomena.
Some, maybe as many as almost a quarter will feel a degree of sensation from the images that is utterly compelling, and is not near a level of effect that makes the Placebo effect seem like a viable explanation for them or others who witness their reaction, the detail of what they feel.

And just because shade can be thrown on this purely because it doesn't live up to some preconceived standards that conventional science has long been using to suppress this.

It would be a good idea if there is to be an interview if you have several friends and family give a decent test to these images (yeah, with Covid it might be hard, but you can also email them).

It is a bit like flipping a coin, you might get 10 tails in a row, but it is unlikely.

So there you have it, plenty to chew on.

Finally, I think there is a degree to which the odds of feeling energy might be lower in those who are more "left brained", skeptical and such, yes I have had stone cold semi-hostile skeptics admit with much surprise that they can definitely feel it.
So maybe show just more 'regular people", because it isn't the placebo effect, but the mind can deny it.
As strong as the energy is, I can hold my hand in ways that the energy is felt, but is very subtle, my instructions to feel the energy is to have the hand slightly tense, make a stop gesture, hand flat, this resistance helps the energy build up rather than pass through.

Also, IMO there is actually no such thing as the Placebo Effect when it comes to feeling energy, consciousness can affect/project these energies, this is well established in general and in my experience.
But the energy that is generated from my design is far stronger than most people can readily manifest even with a lot of intention.

Here are the keys to a new branch of physics, one that can be experimented with at no cost with relative safety and very rapidly.
That has infinite potential, that can transform our world to one of your wildest dreams if developed sufficiently.

It can be clearly established as real to the majority of people who can feel the energy, some feel an extreme intensity.

It is bizzare how hard it has been to get attention to this subject.

This 'energy' is also known as 'torsion field'. Some people can feel it but it's not energy which can be used to power anything. It's more like information.


--- Quote from: skywatcher on November 29, 2020, 11:07:53 PM ---This 'energy' is also known as 'torsion field'. Some people can feel it but it's not energy which can be used to power anything. It's more like information.

--- End quote ---
True, it has many names and forms. 

Torsion in one way the aether can be effected.
But you aren't entirely right that it can't be used to power anything, there are different forms of aetheric energy
So when at low levels this energy isn't strong enough to materialize, but when at intense levels it stops being sub-material and become about to directly able either to be, or affect energy.

One possibility is that by altering space you can imbalance the normally equal creation and destruction of energy that occurs in what we normally see as "transfer" of energy, which is never really a transfer but balanced creation and destruction.

When the medium in which energy and matter plays out is imbalanced, it becomes possible for induction to happen with no loss.
Or it becomes possible to increase interaction with neutrinos.

Even matter is just a form of aetheric energy, a form that is dense enough and acting just right so we can interact with it.

Note I have updated my reply to skywatcher above.

Skywatcher, why don't you try to feel energy from the images, and see if you feel anything.

Just make your hand flat, a little tense like you are making a stop gesture to traffic and move your hand toward and away from the center of the image for a minute.

More people feel the energy than not.
And a useful percentage feel a level of energy that is EXTRME, to some it is frightening!

To others it is on the edge of perception, but for most it builds up the more they subject themselves to it.

For a few they don't feel it, maybe they will every 100th time, but it's a rarity, their body just isn't in a state most of the time to feel it.


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