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Author Topic: Mach VS Newton  (Read 2728 times)

Offline maciekkmarosz

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Mach VS Newton
« on: November 29, 2020, 10:10:28 AM »
I'm 40 years old mechanical
Engineer I love physics

I found very intresting problem
In my opinion Mach eliminated
Newton and Galileo from classic

your tool is opposite to
Physics !!!

 you can kindly Ask him to
Study this post
( later ....please Ask
This person to eat own 
books  about physics )

Inspiration to this post was
Mr Lucjan Łągiewka his tool
Started below questions in my brain

Part 1 Inertia ? What is IT ?

Part 2 observation and Turbine ( global Doppler )

Łągiewka Bumpers
Please try solve below problem (drawing  )
V1  IT is Line
Vx IT is Curve
Math : You can not use Curves to build ideal Line ( impossible)

What will feel hand after shoot ( 25kHz vibrations only ?!) Action but where is reaction?

crash test 40 km/h
 the same car and speed but with new tool

How works this tool ?
First prototype we made
30 years ago in small
Polish vilage
( right now F1 team is using
Our  susspension They not
 pay US  money for patent 
but this is other topic.... )

Pendulum problem
i found few years ago
8 years  work !
Look on this ( please take 5 kg
 hammer to your hand and try
repeat test from YT.
..vehicle that we made =7kg !!! )

WHY i teling you about pendulum
Each bearing = small pendulum
 please study distance R

Drawings from YT that i using
More about my work

I love create here i showing blog with my own ideas

Global Doppler effects is very important
For each form of life

How heavy are electrons in Our body
How heavy is piston and flywheel

You can go sleep or you can Die

Where is modern physics before this post ?

Plain Rope in your home IT is great tool
If you understand what you want to
Measure !!!

How heavy is each point of this rope ?
How fast is moving each point of this rope ?

Rope prorblem

Please work hard but before you
Doing machine first learn physics

Offline stivep

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Re: Mach VS Newton
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2020, 03:50:14 PM »
Thank you for your work and interesting material.
Dziekuje za pojawienie sie na naszym forum.
Problems with theoretical physics are interested mainly to theorists .
For me personally  your presence, here is  a joy .
I have big respect to Polish professionals and to Poland too.
I speak your language  (and 2 other)  with  great fluency.
I understand all 27 Slavic languages .


Here is a problem:
American life is formed based on application and goal to be achieved.
Theoretical problems are welcomed  mostly by teachers or students here.
Teachers are paid and students are required and requested  to obey.
I think that this situation is  similar to most of EU but  Poland is an  exclusion among few .
People in Poland  conserved the old style of social life at evening and weekends - the free time, we don't have here.
Practicality of solving physics problems here is simply:
- look at Quora, or Physic Forum , read it and than, go back to  our life.
   it's like.. Yes, we  may love very much  that  what you do, but who has a time for it.
   In International Optics Conference in Denver  CO .and  few other military or government  places 
   I had a chance to a be lecturer, but always for very  much specific audience of physicists and professionals.
   I met physicists telling me that they are from  articular field and the question was..
   -Wesley what is your primary?...  What are you at?... originally?
   - Particles ( I answered)
   I was told many times that  narrow excellency  is a key to professionalism.
   Team work - makes the best professionals in the world in pressing  button A or B.. and is making miracles .
   Is it good?
   NO .. it is not.. but who cares?
   Polish preserved some from their  omnidirectionalism... in a common sense.   
    -The principle that no matter in which direction you are traveling (particularly walking or biking) the wind will always be blowing in your face.
And that is some of that leftover from  dark communist time of Russian oppression in Poland
where everything was bad but one thing was excellent.
It was Polish education.

So what was good:
Polish mechanic was able to fix everything some of them even TV's
Polish  philologist or historian  was taking car transmission  a part and fixing it.
Polish education made universal multi-directional  Polish youth and they wanted their children to be  better than them.
Polish knowing to much and understanding to much  was a trouble  for Russian  oppression regime in Poland.
Polish was inventive ..
- Yes being educated in so many directions  Polish  was levels more inventive than most of Americans and Europeans.

What was bad in it :

Knowing so much  in so different areas and not being professional in any of these fields ,
Polish was  perfect surviver able to adjust   and quickly become good in one of many directions.

Polish Dentist  becomes wealthy contractor construction  Co.
Polish historian becomes wealthy electrical company owner.
Polish surgeon becomes wealthy  architectural design firm owner
Typically Polish from the day of entering USA with no English and no Green card and no money,
was able to buy his first  house here  after  7 to 11 years  of being here.
Yes in the country where most of  Americans can not buy house in their entire life.

Polish alone was able to solve problems of entire American team.
But it took him so much time  (seen in Logarithmic scale) that he by that, was very inefficient in his work.
Team of Americans could solve 2 or 3 entire tasks, of different nature in that time frame.
Polish inventiveness is good for people having a lot of time and money to patent it in Western World.
-that makes him knowing that he doesn't have $20k to  pay for patenting procedures  of  something as simple
 a a paper clip
- making him likely a loser, disappointed that he is here in land of opportunities  USA  having 
 no time and no opportunity other than  go to work   very next day.
 But his children will have no  such problem. They will grow up  as US professionals , limited and not knowing Polish life.


-In this forum like in many forums you will find professionals, scientists, students, not showing that they are interested with theoretical physics.
  they have no time for it, no money from it and they can find answer in the internet if they are in need to go there.
-this also is the unfortunate, progressive future  of  EU too.
 In this forum you will find:
-dreamers  having some time to dream as children students or achievers
-losers  having not much to gain seeking  opportunity and easy money
-narrow excellent professionals close enough in their education or  skills, to the  area  of
  energy for free - called Free Energy - (means energy that doesn't have to be paid for..)
All of that makes very few of them achievers  with real achievement.


-apart from you being  in mechanical engineering  try to be directionist for your own good.
-If you like physics than prove yourself to yourself in one particular field.

In Physics an absolutely practical and absolutely new  for you section of it. 
-proves your inability to do anything at all .
-you may feel totally lost  in the very few ..

But don't forget  that you are Polish !!!!
And you are 40 years old  so you still remember some of that good old school that doesn't exist there any longer .

Me the guy who understand  physics of/ and/ can work at:
-any mill, lathe, CNC
-fluent in all possible processes from sintering,3D metallurgy,  EDM, hydraulics, vacuum,
-electronics, communication, EM wave, propagation.
-particle and nuclear processes

I'm asking you  just  to see  by yourself where the money is
and where the physics can give you pleasure
and that special feeling that you are valuable to yourself as an achiever. 
and you can  - Just because you are Polish

Serdecznie pozdrawiam i dziekuje.
Wejdz na inne moje filmy na moim kanale.

To see what you didn't see in your life time  the Beta particles in real time
its violent  vibrant nature  go here :

To see EDXRF go here:

To see what is true in Free energy go here:

Some physical problems go here:

some of my critics of other guys:

and that is what happened to the guy to curious  in Free Energy  filed 
It is allowed  to watch from 18 years + because of some corrupted YouTube guys working in Russian Office
and possibly bribed by some  Russian Trolls.
Ja tez bylem otruty  przez "pewnych" Ruskich ale mi sie udalo, wydalilem z siebie zawartosc,
na sile zanim stracilem przytomnosc.
dokladnie tak jak Alexei Navalnyi w samolocie.

9/11 Anniversary, Scheduled to die....

« Last Edit: November 29, 2020, 09:46:37 PM by stivep »

Offline stivep

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Re: Mach VS Newton
« Reply #2 on: November 29, 2020, 05:44:18 PM »
Legal Note:
All opinion  expressed in my previous post/s  including video material is expressing my own opinion
according to my rights  described in constitution of USA

Offline maciekkmarosz

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Re: Mach VS Newton
« Reply #3 on: November 30, 2020, 02:20:58 PM »
You need make Tuning

Wankel  for Mazda RX 8
25- 40 R.P.M  speed
Two mass m or steel  Disk 4-5 meters
Below minimum theory

Even children understand

My name is Maciej Marosz
 I looking partners

Physics : model for my Turbine
Airplane is able become EARTH"s moon  ( moon no need fuel during motion around Earth IT is fact  )

*Extra safety stop !
* Extra safety start ! ( ideal vertical )
Freez Helicopter  / Airplane

 Helicopters /  Airplanes will have new  function ( freez position above ground )

Important fact ! ZERO  fuel consumption during " freez " position above ground.

Also ZERO  fuel consumption to fly above the Earth at constant height

New Turbine offering  freez function  ( this Turbine need only !  initial energy to start )
after ideal  vertical  start vehicle will stop above one level.

After finish fly ( during landing ) initial energy is able back to source ( Eco break)

During work this Turbine consume fuel only to reduce friction in bearing ( small energy for good bearing )

To  above system We need natural engine

Offline lancaIV

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Re: Mach VS Newton
« Reply #4 on: November 30, 2020, 04:01:14 PM »
Probably similar technical fundamentals :

entering searchmachine

Gigadron engine by Michael Rodrigues ,GB 

peswiki : Fellows Research Group TAC Thermo Acoustic Cycle Generator