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Author Topic: What is the name of the (autistic?) man who could make Free Energy circuits?  (Read 5223 times)


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I can't recall his name, but I want to say "Dave", he dies a few years back, either USA or Canada.
He had "minders" and he would raise money by showing these paranormal powers.


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Good to see you around !

Daniel Palmelou (probably slaughtered the spelling think there is an r in the middle?)

Amazing gift IMO


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Searchmachine : a. David Pomerleau

                          or  b. Daniel Pomerleau                 Free Energy coils
                                            idem                              the power of the mind in creating reality     youtube vid'



p.s.: autism/a.s.s./Asperger Syndrom

       a. ab,-norm,typical,clinical : to treat ,therapy center ,illness

       b.  ab-norm ,a-typical,creativity : to learn,education center,ultra natural ( f.e. mental ) forces, 

            human roots,Tele- .......

        Albert Einstein,Greta Thunberg,.......... Francis Galton ? I ? 8)

       Kurs ' Die Macht ihres Unterbewusstseins' (Francis Galton experiments based and own study 8) Polite! ):

                   Fresco 'Adams Erschaffung',Michelangelo Buonarroti,Sixtinische Kapelle
                  Fingerkontakt or small t'alk ;D


Kleine Petit-ion( bzw.  dem petere ableitend ,fuer Langweiler)

          an Professor Dr.rer.nat. Heinz Ryborz (Berlin,BR D.),zu S.Freud Ich- Ueber Ich - ES :
                                                  4.Stadium Ueber ES

                           Frage : Autismus un-begrenzt zur Authentizitaet ?

                          Weltliche/Geistliche  'un-/.....' a.  philosophische b. psychologische c.kreative Antwort ?

                        The POWER of the MIND of:a. in b.ex CREATING : REALITY ( by aboveunity ;) ,or belowunity :) )

                                                           Creating ~ Erschaffung

One explanation example about Authentizitaet: WAS IST ECHT ?

          ARE YOU AUTHENTIC ?    Ex-left-hander,now conformal right-hander,           
                                                       ex-naive:now serious,.........

         How are You ? "Autos" + "ontos "    :       how will You be ?  what can You be ? what wish You to be ?

                                          Self-(Re-)Creation ?!

De la Soul : ME-Myself and I   : Personalities-Recombination

Es kommt alles zusammen,was zusammengehoert
                                                                                            Willy Brandt,R.I.P.,Ex-Bundes-Cancelor,Pres. from  S.I. ,S.P.D.

                                            LIFE and ENTERTAINMENT   

International ARD-mediathek "Klein gegen Gross-Das unglaubliche Duell"- wikipedia

or ZDF-mediathek "Wetten, dass"-  also wikipedia

Potential,specific talents : 'german ',deutschsprachige',
TV show ' Klein gegen Gross' - Das unglaubliche/unbelievable Duell,  ARD, Moderation : Kai Pflaume

                                                         kids challenges Adults,Champions

                                                            Mnemo= memory -Training/Coach
Joyce Brothers/Edward P.F.Eagan :     In 10 Tagen zum vollkommenen Gedaechtnis
                                                                   10 DAYS TO A SUCCESSFULL  MEMORY

Attention : in "10 days" ~ "Bible 7 days"   :
                     10 days,100 days,1000 days     

                     conventional -unmotivated- up to 10 days
                     C.G.Jung,Mariendorf,Feld-Theorie/-Praxis study : Factor 10x :
                     motivated only 1-2 days 

                    SUCCESS ? NEED ?
                    Risc for "Akkord-work definition ": Lohn/Stueck-Kosten/Verdienst,Arbeits-Recht/Pflicht

                    Risc : ruhige Kugel schieben(Sisyphos),schnelle Kugel schieben ( in den Lauf)
                   Henry Ford/Carl Proteus Steinmetz : the worth from the bill ! Time and Know-How !


Have our kids to become Heros,Champions ? Or belovely ?
Have We all to become Heros,Champions ? Or belovely ?
     Staatsorden,1./2.Klasse          Held/Hero der Work/Arbeit

Better than the teacher/Uni-Docent,Uni-Dekan,Decathlon-World Champion,Chess-World Champion ?

Better than       Dr.Watson,IBM    ALPHAGO-machine  DeeperBlue Chess

Men against AI : SUPREMACY !?   Kids against AI : SUPREMACY !?   kids +AI against Rest-Men : SUPREMACY !?

                  Un-/Believable : !?

Wetten  ......... ,dass ...... !? : german,deutschsprachige TV-show ,ZDF,some different Moderators over the time
most bewondered : Thomas Gottschalk ,abrupt show-end ,case : Samuel Koch

Guiness book of Records : how we are comparing how we can be : extremiest

                                                our NATURE around and in US

          Attention,border-lines ! Hyper-activity,hyper-passivity     awaker,sleeper
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Good to see you around !

Daniel Palmelou (probably slaughtered the spelling think there is an r in the middle?)

Amazing gift IMO

That's him I actually recalled shortly after posting.
And yes, it is an amazing gift he had.

I am going to share the latest aether images here now, but I will make a new thread to do it in.

I have begun to share the research on Reddit here:


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Yes ... a very strange deal indeed!
We had member Wattsup visit a few times (Daniels demonstrations ..

You should search the forum a bit for those threads here with visit
Discussions ?

If I find one I’ll bump it
Some old members might pop back to comment.

Just a note on your pending new thread!

I believe Stefan can give you a board with administrative
Capacity( separate section)
To keep it organized and update or whatever ?

to keep thread neat !

Up to you!



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I believe Stefan can give you a board with administrative
Capacity( separate section)
To keep it organized and update or whatever ?
to keep thread neat !

Yeah, um so how would I set that up?  Email or message Stefan? I'm kinda on the fence about it, it will all depend on someone being interested in what I have to share.
So far no one has taken a minute to expose their palm to the energy from my images (or if they have they haven't mentioned it).

Let me give you one example, now this bit is theory, but it's pretty sensible.

Tesla asserted (or did others assert about him, I don't know) that current flow would stop aetheric energy so he sought to stop the current as soon as possible.

I have found the main aetheric energy that I work with seems to be wash off of electrons or negative ions, this has been termed a soft electron by some, or space electron, it could be considered to be the ghostly energy body" of an electron, it spins as electrons have spin.

I attract this energy with a right handed wound coil =\\\\\\=  This energy
Well, if electrons are all moving in one direction, this would create a massive vortex, like that of a coil, in other words this energy gets sucked into the electrons.

Okay, so the other thing worth noting is that aetheric energy (which can be evolved from voltage sources without current like say a high voltage DC generator) can in the right circumstances jump a gap that is further than the underlying voltage can make the electrons do.

This means that you can have the aetheric energy flow through such an open circuit.
So imagine that some large industrial DC generator (basically a DC motor being used as a generator) connected to a transmission line, to a network, and the generator is turning but the switch is open, the "ghost electrons" flowing through the cicuit and I guess making a "ghost magnetic field".
Suddenly switch closure occurs and the electrons suck the aetheric energy into themselves which might be massive at this point, they become charged with this energy as the "ghost current's" has it's associated "ghost magnetic field" collapse".
And what does a collapsing magnetic field do?  It creates a voltage spike!

Did I just give a reasonable description of how the purported spike event, powerful enough to kill switch operators occurred?

I believe the chance of that is decent!
A mechanism that could be used for free Energy with engineering potentially in reach of the experimenter?  Perhaps.


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Hello aether22,
Dr. ? Nikola Tesla got WHERE  his education,studied WHEN,got promotion,habilitation,Doctor-Fathers  ?

Aether : Funkenaether,Radiofrequency-Spectrum,broad casting 187?-188?  !

Hintergrundrauschen ~ background/thermal noise  et cet.              noise also translated by : voltage

To differ ether and aether II : e-/ae-/-theric oil !

You heared probably about 'cold current ',Bearden/Lindemann,....

espacent advanced : Hanna Albert Awad         utility model application : US2002171299 ( now free) Sink electricity

Probably your findings improving ?!

It is written,that somebody was ordered to work with Dr. ? Tesla,to receive more -specific-  infomation than probably by Tesla wished 
                                                   Thomas Townsend Brown ( Prof. Biefeld-BROWN  ? ,Philadelphia Experiment )

Do you know,studied Thomas T.Brown his  publications ?

Electro-kinetics,MEP : motionless(mechanical !)pumps , MHD,EMD,EHD et cet.

In Dr.?Tesla original language,Studienzeit Oesterreich-Ungarn  : 2020 p.C . related Torsions-Feld + Feldkraft


 Understanding :            Nikola Tesla - Thomas Townsend Brown - Hermann Plauson -  Baltzar von Platen
                                         Thermo-Dynamical Carnot process applied  as Plasma-Dynamic/-al Carnot process


p.s. :

Not complicated to understand : wikipedia Carl_Friedrich_von_Weizsäcker   betreffend              " ure "  - G.U.T.

Gott wuerfelt nicht,aber knobelt,Yatzee z.B. :P ,zumindest bei uns so

p.s.II:  Professor Dr.phys. Felix Ehrenhaft (Peers :Victor von Lang,Ludwig Boltzmann,Franz-Serafin Exner )

           Hans Coler Magnetstromapparat
          Richard Buerkle

         ccw/cw Fleming-/Lenz Orientation Rule/law ? B/H ! By EE-books,+ wrong orientation advice ! To reality !
           = Theory and Practise Non-Conformity ! Measurements Error Nr.1 !
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Hello seychelles,
I never heared something about this one from hundreds of Saints , only for the romano-catholic community !

Looking with the given name : lev(e-)itation with up to 60 meters in high 'flying' and taking a 10 mtr. cross .

Impressive the numbers ,what we  read :
1 floor 2,5 mtr. average high, 60 mtr. high/2,5 mtr. =

                         24 floors building
           60 meters high jump compared :

2020 high jumping world record 2,45 mtr. Javier Sotomayor (1993)

2020 pole vault world record 6,15 mtr. Armand Duplantis (6,18 meters hall )

Very magic,indeed ! "faith moves mountains" ?
 the power of the mind in creating reality: church-mystiks,agnostics ~ PSI-phenomen/Para-Psychology



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Old School over unity.



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 ::) Floor,'over unity ' by esquise

      The Spirit  from the bottle 
                         from the Gra'l
Each One take his own Quintessenz as Life-Elixier
but : only 60 meters ancient ,Baumgartner , o felix austriaco,reached several thousands of meters
This are Champions,Master-class,nothing for Newbies ( to act without ∆O intro-duce-ment)
A master has never fallen from the sky
    LORD                                            HEAVEN/EVEn/O

INXS Kiss the dirt
 (By-Title,spiratspirative :o : Falling down the mountains,pardon-moi,s'il vous plait ! avec cor'rection : Falling Down The Mountain )

Mo-Do: Der Berg ruft !  Na,und ....?  ;D        2,1,: ? Polite-ly ?

Staying under unity cum e-spirit-o ,in none over-dose

A to B : " Hattu 'lumen,fire,Feuer ?
B: "Klar doch,mein Pirit imma tu Haenden !"

A."Dann (er-) leuchte mir ,Ich bitte darum,  den meinen Weg(Armleuchte )!"
B. (Armleuchte :o >:( ,O,MG-point  delta force alert) to A  : "Ger-ne !" ;)
                  ? actio-reactio ! Scale ?

Que trans gens,trans gente,trance gente,questione gentil (transitiv !) ?

L'ear'nin(g) the self-appear and self-dis-appear,l'ear'nin(g)to self-miss and self-dis-miss ,in-/ex-I and in-/ex- others
        myst'i'fy'in and de'mist'i'fy'in(g) my vision,Euro'vision,World'vision,O-vision : ∆

Wasting my,our,time ? It does NO matter or in INXS title remind : Elegantly Waste

     Let Us stay avec : elegance  ;) mark by our sensitivity things and matters

and by the right time,right place remark subjects their objects and consequences: fair'ly
Mit An-Stand,by Ab-Stand den Lauf der Dinge betrachtend ,sich fragend : Auf-Stand,not-wendig!?
".. could make Free Energy circuits ?"    .... Could make Free Energy : circuits !"
 Oh,how we sometimes mis-understand by over-standing ! ::)   

∆ + ∆ +∆ + ∆ = the arrows with same direction, O-point reach'in =O his π ,easy tak'in,is'n it ?! ZPE call'in,                                                       some Thing so !

O,MG-oint : 3,14...... + 2,71 ..... + 0,25.........,un-/believable : !? Infinitum self-silent/self-speaking comments

       +++ - - - creativty + fantasy : over- and under unity ( ∆O definition view point)

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Screaming plant study 65 dB
Many things are strange to consider ?
I wanted original topic poster to see this (all is worth a watch IMO however 3 min 3? Sec mark starts info

65 decibel is crazy loud ( for those with ears ( Bats and ? )

Aether 22 .. had questions on consciousness? Self awareness (and coming from .. or touching Aether (some unexplainable connection?)

Tings dat make you go Hmmmmm ?

Anyhoo here the science

The how and “why” is fascinating to consider
As well the Aether and Conciousness and ??

Is there more “out there” on this plants and screaming?

Perhaps needs it’s own thread ... amazing IMO

Chet K


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A shiny good Morning, ramset/ Chet !

Working and living with Alpha,Delta,O and Tau as Weg-/road-map helps ,probably !

The meaning spiritual,the use in algebra and geometris,this envelopped in our speak/conversation !

This,applied,shows creation/creativity + inputting this in our life als/as physical object imagination/fantasia:

                life comfort diminuation or maximization !
               Our human body life,our human -overall-life !
             Our ambiental body life,our ambiental -overall- life !
Individual to Universal : Gaia ( Mythology) and Gaia ( Hypothesis Margulis,Lovelock) ,here only the Earth,
Universum-Gaia: living Kosmos

No-/Order,    no/Destination,      no/Target !?

Order with : result freedom ?  Quantum/Quant(en)-theory from Ur(e)-Alternatives , Carl Friedrich von Weizsaecker
  Below -at the end - the wikipedia description - google translated from original german/deutsch article containment

Less the word/-s but more the wording ( in not/knowing the REaction from this "- ing = activity,in action" !

We,concentrated to get precision in our work,do not use external ,hearable-readable,expressions like speaking/writing,but are conscious to our surround !

We ,subjects,also do not think,during the work,we create-construct the object

And this (a)vales for our surround equally about ,each one of,us : see and be seen,hear and be heared,............

under controle,observation,in hope,in fear,in wish !?

Bio-Analytics: Motoricsystem ,Notoric system,Neuronal system

An object in re-/search,the " know-how" to maximize/minimize : professional creativity/destructivity tool/method
A. Faith Popcorn,BrainReserve

B. by Altschuller, and Shapiro and Kabanov TRIZ,Innovation/Creativity/Destructivity

C.Alois Schumpeter,Vienna School of Economics Destructive Creativity,based by Kontradjef/Elliott-wave-theorem

D.Futurists,when .....then ...... like Amory Lovins,Alvin Toffler(R.I.P.) ,futuristic also Faith Popcorn

Futurism = Progression= Modernize,Renovation

The work and results in laboratories - global - changes our lifes in a 20 years step(today,in the past for 50% household standart 100 years needed ),forward-(pre-)viee about im-/possibilities !
Wi-fi phones introducement,wifi phones in World as standart !

But the apps self-programming knowledge ,how much the A.I.-formation education they have ? ;)
User mostly,not INFORMATORs !
Formator,     In-Formator,    Ex-Formator = creare,latin  the Applier = Creator,f./m./t.
N.T. = Natural Intelligence  or A.I./K.I. = Artificial/Kuenstliche Intelligen/z/ce

The anglo-saxons are writing in latin ( not all,but the most + Grammar) but speaks in their own estatal/regional/local dialect/slang/destaque ~ pro-nounc-i-ation ,meaning this is " their language",phonetical : okay !
Behind(included in romano-latin : the Greek Life Philosophy) :

STOA ,Tau as symbol, letter from greek alphabet but also ea/ae- gypt cult(-ure) and Antonius-Cruise/Cross

Reclam : Createur de Automobile ~ GOD/Schoepfer from a. THE CAR         b. from cars ( auto-mobile )
Creator expression freedom by audience impression tolerance ( the car construction concurrence :o ? And we ? )

Each letter,in language and maths and by compilation as figure has its specific RAUM-KLANG-FARBE ( Echo Hall effect colour),gives

positive/attractive  or negative/repulsive sense and speaker/writer - reader/auditor relationship E-Motions ,
and this ( angular ) momentum will stay,engraved as MEMORY ,in our Natural R.A.M. and R.O.M. !
We learned in school lessons,many hours TO CREATE by hand and ink feather

to kalligraph/design  the Great Alphabet = Majuskel ~ ABC  and the small Alphabet = Minuskel~ abc

Writing with hands show us self-(re-)flective ,how fine we express us,our inside and what the conversation partner,whose receives this ESTIMATION, written "Thank You !(!!!!!!...!!!) as " love letter": My Love pressure tool " In 5 days We will ...."( the postal service and their 'speed' : letter sender/receiver : 6 days :-[ is seen by US,Us,us ! ( us = this is not a personal PM ! )

Chet,you can read this,I expect understand the message/post,but there are billions of people without english knowledge in written words and/or speaking/spelling,
because this many people use their " personal play back"-method = doing what and how the other
- german " ... man ..."," is common..." are doing,il-/legal ?

My father told me that in the 40',last century,they as altar boy,did sing in latin phrases,without to know the meaning and containment from the cantum/prayse ! ::) MIMIKRY SIMULATION

Not understanding something but bewondering is one side from the medal,translating this foreign language 1:1 was a little more than 500 years back a disaster : Martin Luther and his Bible translation !
Effect : 30 years war 1618-1648 and a destructed Middle-Europe and migration to natural paradises,bringing europen chaos and confusion overthere !

Between 1978 and 1982,I remember me reading Clever&Smart,a comic-komisch magazine,and I laughed me wet !
199? I entered the portuguese heat pump 'constructor/creator company" and by their very polite offer voted for the deutsch/german version :Entering  :) reading :o laughing ,repeat reading ( could be a read mistake by me !) : No ! It is so written ! ;D                       With each sentence more I got wetter eyes and ache in the Diaphram locality/region !
I do not think that this Art of Translation had been the right Kind of message how to see this company their reputation and professionality  !

( No interests = Deutsch/german/alemao : 100 mio. consumer market,GDP/PPP ! Ignoring ?! )

Probably,as 20 minutes homework,somebody took a Portugues-Alemao dictionary
and scrabbled the 1:1 version !
Each language has several different dimensions ,attention ! ,especially by ' automatic' translations or incompetent translators !

Giving the right tools to the right Mens(f./m./t.) , ::) a little modified Andrew Carnegie Aphorism

With the above given methods success will become faster and easier,super-/ultra-learning included

Trust and Faith getting,by day by day more perfection result(e)s seeing,feeling and then believing :

We,You,I,...... want FE,but want FE you,me,them,......... !

Vienna,Capuccines,Funeral,Door-knocking  : ein Mensch,in dessen gesamter Nacktheit !

beam : Diesseits/Jenseits FE Compensation ?!     F.luidum E.nergy  carpe diem et carpe energon

                         Hypothesis about Theorems,for comparison ( recommendation : applying set theory ! ),gegenüber%2520jeglichen%2520Änderungsversuchen%2520zu%2520verstehen.

Heisenberg/v. Weizsaecker :

Die Quadratur des Kreises   Die Quadrierung der Sphaere   

anhand ∆+∆+∆+∆ zur Erfassung des ZP,Beziehung zum physikalischen "Wurmloch = " Nano-Black-/White-Holes ":Zeitreise/Time Journey ( beam ~ worm )

Von Quantenastrophysik zur Quantenastralkoerperphysik ,Holographische und nicht Hohl-Koerper Astralkoerper

And if not here the wished 'partnership'/offered solution ,there are plat(t)forme on-line like :
offered by them also re-/search-results contests/competitions/challenges                 
                             international :   " Innovation Contests "     'virtual but(t)on '

Have a good Day
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Hello sechelles,I accept yout second the Dr.phy.A.E. sin recitation ! He lived 14.03.1879 p.C. - 18.04.1955 p.C.
We can visit his " his Life",by grand-/parents view,family,friends,school friends,teacher ,peers,scientists in cooperation,media articles and many more in "Albert Einstein -memorial"-archive

Jesus (IHS - Deo for Trinitisten Criste by Arianer) memorial,archive,facts,fragments indices ?

Israelit ? Samaritaner ?Juda ? Grand/-parents,ius sanguis or ius terranis in the 100 a.C up to 100 p. C. time phase ?
Related what "Jesus" shall have said there are doubts about the " original given text",the texthistorical background
and the "inner value continuum" over the time and living habits philosophy !?

wikipedia :       " Neue Testament",deutsch/german into f.e. google or other or : and ! automatic  transator
                          The original text and ite meaning

                          translated by   "automat 1 "
                                                   " automat 2 "

                                                   " automat ..."
New Testament first written script,first used language ? Bibeltexthistory,AT/OT and NT !
Why Konzile/clerical counls,when,ehich consequenes !?

The " Queen from Bibeltranslation" : armenian bible,the difference from the old-syrian version ?!
When lived IHS and the Apostels/Evangelists and when where the first " books of the books ~ biblia" published ?

Has IHS by himself not doubts ?

How many from the AT and old,newest NT version/s, written rations,comments,actions,became censored/rewritten !?

Your Bible-Context base : Luther,1912 version,translated in englisch language ?

IHS in my eyes seen as ANIMATOR ( by Aristoteles scaling : animus-anima-animalis-bestia-bestialis),
                    idem~ as same Pitagoras ! What do we know about the second ?

Both denominated : Seelenwanderer 1:1 automatic : soul wanderer , Yogawiki !?

 ( whisky " Johnny Walker",refresher,in right dosis ,cooler from " hot - inflammation- moments ,when in need )
Symboic importance from "water" ancient,historical text journey back,whiskey and "altar wine/blood " !?

       MONSTRANZ,           CALICE,the GRA'L/GRAIL   bread/hostie : body

        Spiritual !

,the ritus/ceremony iconography, the church as word ' incarnation/creation' by itself :

                                bible history iconography in wood/stone/cement

Looking the church from above,the organigram(m) the cross/cruise format,the orientation via : Jerusalem

                                            in Europe Cathedrals Basilicas,capells

      Castel del Monte : " my" church,my Jerusalem~ Paradies/EVE is everyehere ,

                                           octagono : 8 :vertical : horizontal = eternity

          A GREAT REFORMATOR ,architectonical and architection symbolism,behind that IDEA,WISH and MEMORIAL

About right/wrong doubts  -help ?- for the right : individual/common(majority ) view :

The Thom Birds ( with Richard Chamberlain)

" The Name of the Rose " by Umberto Eco ( starring Sir Sean Connery,OBE ( R.I.P.)

"ZARDOS" ,Sci-Thriller ,starring the above