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Three Layer Electromechanical Movement Technology


What is Three Layer Electromechanical Movement Technology?

This is a technology that creates mechanical movement  between two objects having magnetic components on them by reconfiguring the magnetic components on one or both of those objects.  This reconfiguration  can be physical movement of physical components, but is more likely to be creating a functional magnet being made up of a permanent magnet or magnets with a flux creating electrical device like a coil or electromagnet.

Why create a functional magnet through reconfiguration?

The normal characteristic of two magnetic objects passing each other is that about 50% of the interaction with each other is positive torque and 50% of the action is negative torque.  So what the Three Layer Electromechanical Movement does is to use the 50% positive torque between these two objects “as is” and then reconfigure usually one of the two objects in order to change the normally negative torque into desired positive torque direction.  It does take energy to perform the reconfiguration process using this technology.  With this new technology, the duty cycle for reconfiguration is at a 50% ratio compared to having power on the device 100% of the time.  Now this is the minimal savings in creating torque because I have designed motor devices that have movement with a ratio of 5 to 1.  This is torque from five permanent magnets and one electromagnet used to generate movement in the device.  This paper will get into details of how that can happen later on.

The following file includes several drawing that describe this technology along with several applications using it.



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