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Placeholder for New Year holiday ornament making ( moderated )

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I will try to post pics of “ Whatsit “ project here
Discussion at AG’s new topic

Just placing all images here until I hear back from Stefan
This section can be removed if not proper

Note to Smudge and other moderator
Just a place holder ATM for exhibit


Images to follow shortly

Tons of pics ...
Gonna ask for help to do this
Will happen through the night

Just one below to show intent

Got some help from a friend in OZ
Will be posting when sorted

Have info on some WeTransfer app ??

Not really best for viewing by all readers also not certain how to place that here for community access?

Will keep trying for a better method next few days ..and hopefully
Will hear from Stefan for possible contributions/solutions?

Hi Chet posting as two zip files.

Here is the second one Chet.


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