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Smudge’s Halbach motor

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“”Here is a paper that I have just compiled dealing with a modified Halbach array that offers the potential for a free-running magnet motor.  My simulations in FEMM for a pair of linear arrays show that a linear motor utilizing permanent magnets could work.  The question now is would a pair of circular arrays also offer this possibility for a rotary version.  I do not have the capability of building such a device so I offer it to anyone out there to give it a try.  The advantage over other motors that have evolved by trail and error experimentation is that its working principle is clear, hence it is more likely to be accepted by the scientific establishment.  And finessing the design for best performance is a doddle.


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Smudge is on the right track, but would advise to leave the idea alone as it can be weaponized quite easily.


--- Quote from: phoneboy on November 09, 2020, 04:49:40 AM ---Smudge is on the right track, but would advise to leave the idea alone as it can be weaponized quite easily.

--- End quote ---
Wot? So can a spoon.

Thats the point.

Perhaps you are in the wrong forum ?

Please read mission statement for membership?

Definitely the wrong thread ( builders topic)!

When something as passive as magnetism
Gets your thumbs down?
Oxygen ,water , and gravity can’t be far behind ... ( all will play a part eventually)

“Too dangerous for humanity??”

Please contribute towards our efforts to find solutions for our planet and it’s many needs
or start Another topic elsewhere to address your concerns
 Everything may be fine at your house !
 I can assure you that is not the case globally .

And getting worse with every passing moment!

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