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Free Water plant

Availbale Products, Material- and Service suppliers > Do It Yourself

Free Water plant



www.jugend-forscht.de  archive : 1994 Kai Eberspaechter computer-controled greywater to whitewater recycler

Filipino Ernesto Labuntog water treatment device/plant

AWG : air water generator  Sullivan Shaun youtube and espacenet

Not electrical AWG (or chiller use)  Idea :

30$ wind turbine youtube

or Edward L. Thorpe US8283799 concentrated wind turbine ( without generator)

or Akos Honti/Szilard Pataki 'christmas-tree'-windturbine ( 200% conversion efficiency improvement )  jugend-forscht 1996         European 1996 Contest 1.Prize Award !

   turbine  shaft couple with DE102012002418 Linevich-Arestov converter to AWG-/chiller- compressor

 Alternative :   rotative solar-turbine coupled with compressor


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