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Grumpy’s query into the Uwe Jarck device


Not sure Grumpy is still a member here (was for long time)
However he has been many many years a great researcher
And open source investigator!

He opened a topic at an open source venue


Smudge has made an effort towards a discussion on this topic with a possible path forward  ( his pdf is added here )
Here is my latest contribution for consideration.


More thoughts on the Uwe Jarck Device.pdf (138.4 kB - downloaded 10 times.)
End quote

Grumpy topic from link above


Not much info available on this device, but it appears complete enough to replicate.

I could not find anything on the inventor, but it reminds me of the information that Spherics shared and may use the same principles as TPU's, Tesla's radiant energy collection, and the Aerial energy collector. AKA Jes Ascanius. ( https://www.overunityresearch.com/index.php?topic=3962.0 )

File that has "translated" in the title is a translation of the patent text from Google, as well as translation from a German forum that discussed, but never built the device.   I do not agree with all of their conclusions, but they have good instructions and diagrams.


WO9628882A1_Original_document_20200930231442.pdf (1713.55 kB - downloaded 48 times.)
WO1996028882A1 ZP energy power plant translated.pdf (1151.63 kB - downloaded 67 times.)[/color][end quote


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