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Author Topic: 500 kw device from USA  (Read 7583 times)

Offline AlienGrey

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Re: 500 kw device from USA
« Reply #15 on: October 30, 2020, 08:35:30 AM »
Wesley, perhaps not so much idiots, but reprobates! ;)

« Last Edit: October 30, 2020, 12:59:04 PM by AlienGrey »

Offline skybiker63

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Re: 500 kw device from USA
« Reply #16 on: January 23, 2021, 11:18:58 AM »
So many ordered and Paid for a GPM unit from them, in December 2020 they claimed to have shipped out all orders.
It would be interesting if someone has received his unit ? would be great to get some Feedback  :o
I know that thousands are interested and so many have ordered, so there must be some who got their unit to give a short Feedback.

Offline whitelightningwizard

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Re: 500 kw device from USA
« Reply #17 on: July 16, 2022, 05:27:00 PM »

Based on published numbers I have calculated that the GPM has a COP somewhere between 16.6 and 27.7.

The MSED is DC in (180V) and 180vDC out. so the gain happens in the MSED when the DC is used to generate radio frequency, RF which ‘excites’ the custom semiconductor blend comprising the MSED. This ‘excitement’ of the material generates energy w/o movement, more DC amps out than put in for excitement.  ;D

the rest of the GPM is just a DC-to-DC converter and controller to bring the voltage down for the Inverter stage.

the DC is then inverted to domestic AC power, big transformers are seen toward the bottom of GPM.

There really isn't a lot of info on the net about this tech, or how it works. The above is explained by inventor Maxwell himself. The IP is under tight lock n key.

Price quoted for a 10kW GPM in March this year was $22,700. But that was before both Saith website and email vanished.  :o


Offline Jo-EL

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Re: 500 kw device from USA
« Reply #18 on: July 16, 2022, 09:29:46 PM »
Or perhaps it's like this. A simple analogy:

There is a football field. Empty. Nothing happening there. Along comes a football. Two teams arrive. They bring energy. They have rules. They interact/play per those rules. Result is entertainment, a product of sorts. Game over. All leave. Field remains, empty.

Was there anything on the field before the match? Is there anything on the field afterwards?

I don't think the field is the energy source. Perhaps, like the football field with a stiff cross wind during the match, another source of energy is present on the field, and could affect the match.

If you or someone can identify that source prevailing in the magnetic field, or electric field, or gravitational field, and tap into it, great. Let's go for it.

Does this guy have it? I don't think so. But I looked. And I'll watch. And I'll hope. But I'm not about to invest without proof.


Good analogy, but...

The field is not empty for FE or OU ! Named it like everybody want to name it.
The trick is to hold the FIELD'S in motion !

I think that it is not allowed in a lot of countrys of killing energy of radio and tv from DBV-T and (2)

The people that have paid without seeing, understand or proof of third's persons, NOBODY can help. Or not should help ?

The information of the % it looks for me only like a big ( o small ) battery !
Big construction with small amount of energy that can be in ! :o