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Title: High Efficient Motion Generator
Post by: Lunkster on October 28, 2020, 05:41:57 AM
This is a high efficient motion generator.

When a high power magnet motor like the 5 to 1 PM to EM motor is developed, then this high efficient generator inside of the motor housing operating on the same shaft as the motor shaft makes sense.

There has been a lot of work with incorporating permanent magnets into the generator circuit in order to amplify the current generation.  I want to replace the drive coil with permanent magnets in order to do this.  With the alternating permanent magnets moving through the core of the three legged transformers .  The design purpose is to have a drag on the rotor permanent magnets to to be less than the output generator power.  If it is, then I can incorporate these generators into my future motor designs in order to have motor/generator system that will produce high power for unlimited applications.