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Author Topic: Trump Support Video for the 2020 election #YOUAREMYPRESIDENT  (Read 30082 times)

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Re: Trump Support Video for the 2020 election #YOUAREMYPRESIDENT
« Reply #75 on: November 11, 2020, 02:28:57 PM »
You are Dear Color not answering the questions. ignoring other people comments
and pushing with non-related  information.
Russians don't speak English in  general  with exclusion of just few of them.
So dear Color, ,  you  are  likely paid  just for being  here and making this forum disorganized.
I do  respect any opinion as long as it is related , responsive, interacting.
There are   limitations  to the boarders of acceptance  of your freedom of expression.
Robots placing and palletizing  garbage   are not needed here....

So we have choice here :
remove you and your activity  from here or you will start to respond to reactions and responders
and  your comments will not be disconnected  from logical  continuity.



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Re: Trump Support Video for the 2020 election #YOUAREMYPRESIDENT
« Reply #76 on: November 11, 2020, 08:44:41 PM »
Jared Kushner : religion membership ?

The Jew-star,the showing of membership,enforced by Edikt ,to differ from the catholic majority ?!
Historical at first as portuguese act,by the King demanded  ( which ? when ?)

You,Wesley,are writing 'Jew',in german language phonetic tone : JU,we but write/speak Jude,port. Judaico  !

Do you know the importance from the Arco de Tito(Imperator Titus + Vespasian, year 70 p.c. ) ?

Israel/rom.Provinz Palatina religion artefacts/objects in stone : filosofia

The devasted folk their treasure,Menorah ...,(korbana)which were brought to Rome,later after the invasion by the Visigods/West-Godes/Goten 'wandered' with them to their later West-Godes Reich-Capital Toledo,Hispania/Spain !

Then Toledo become part from a new Kingdom,712,by Mor(r)os/Mauren/Mohr : Tulaytula                                                             Kalif-at/Califat von Cordoba

But are these artefacts,if 2020 existent,important,for believing and faith ?

I mean not ! It is not worth to search for them ! Better to invest in expensive weapons !

I am europide(race),by nascimento : african,by culture and nationality: european

I accept the european history,with dark and sunny times

I like to see,in Portugals south ,their community 'shild' vulgo city coat of arms :
often with a Maur/Moor

And the result from Portugal habitants their DNA-study  !

Spain: Andaluzia/Andaluz and in Portugals South : Al-garve(  the West)  del Andaluz ( + Alentejo)

Cub(e)ismus as building style,the symbolic colors( yellow,blue,red,white)

The Silence,the Nature

Europe is NOT E.U.,is not EUROPARAT,  BUT European Assoziation : AKP-contract members ,Lome I,II
That is Europes responsibility !

Let me do a ' naif' question : has life to become religion or religion to becoming life ?


p.s.: 'african' because my father was delegated to Maroc,there Casablanca,

         by Farbwerke Hoechst,         Ex-I.G.-Farben-membership,also made part from I.G.:
         BASF, known non commercial product "Zyklon B"     
         and BAYER,ASPIRINA and HEROINA ( Lazarett-medicine)   
         Maroc,leaded : not by a Sheik , not a Rei/Roy, but by the last Kalif ( title legality !)
  ,      Casablanca,ancient part from portuguese Kingdom as Algarve-Ultramar

So-in retro- I can call me : Eu sou Algarvio-Ultramarino !  ::) (k)isme(t)( not all what is written is spoken !)

Portugal was elected ( one time more) as Europes first destination for holiday :looking to the Algarve(District Faro) and Alentejo(District Beja) the habitants their election vote habits we will see
the majority for left/ultra-left parties over the last three decades !PS: socialist party and/or C.D.U. : a coalition from communists and green party or BE( left block)
Does this the millions tourists per annum interest ? Feel they positive/negative such a socio-political position ?!
                      Or can sometimes to be social showing to be human

The greatest idiots writes/speaks about communism or capitalism(-materialism) ,without to live in one from this systems or their mixture !
Communist,by theory jewish,but atheist and rich :
my mother her stepmother( and her father= my mothers stepgrandfather)
IT is easy for a rich to be communist than for a communist to becoming rich

Rich enough to pay for medical treatment : financed by land-selling : today 5 stars resort

I lived in Munich,have relatives in the region ancient known as D.D.R.,whose we visited in 70'/80' !Each time overbridging the well saved ' Zonengrenze'! D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T-I-C

Our family lost some ' privilegs' after the portuguese socio-political left revolution 1974 !
1972 Munich,Olympic games,israel team/PLO
1973 Suez-channel blockade,oil crisis
1974 beside colonial war costs( ultramare) Portugal ( foreign currency financed) bankrupcy

Thank you PLO,thank you Israel ! :P
Thank you royal british government to organize such well the ' Protectorate Palaestina' and the enforcement from the zionistic movement !
Thank you europide America,specially Henry Ford,for the fine murdering instructions !
AMERICANIZATION : first the Reds,native indians,then the jews !Klasse Leistung,Hut ab !

1920 britische Hochadel : Amerikaner ~ Jude ~ Zigeuner          ergo Henry Ford ~ Jude~ Zigeuner
Deutsche Wertklassifizierung ( damals) : ABSCHAUM

Let us see the ' Protectorat Britannia'- movement after the Brexit !

1974 :
They changed global the political landmap !

France : entrance from 'orthodox-booklet' communists in the government !
Marchais ! (+ Berlinguer,ITA : non-konformal Soviet-Proletary revolution expansion,Euro-Communism)
Luxus-tax,devisen-controle !
Luxemburg : technical bankrupcy !

Red.Army Fraction/Party .,DE,the criminals defending lawyers : Otto Schilly,Gerhard Schroeder(Ex-Marx-Lenin),Juergen Trittin and some other later government members
Red Brigades,ITA,( Case Aldo Moro )
Involved east AND west secret services ! Financing + service !

2020 : Lebanon bancrupcy ,Levante schock ! Oil estates help ?

Wesley,I think that I can balance positions ,based by real  life experience !
And I became opposition to each kind of ' - ism' ! Case,individual life : that counts !
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Offline lancaIV

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Re: Trump Support Video for the 2020 election #YOUAREMYPRESIDENT
« Reply #77 on: November 12, 2020, 09:28:08 PM »
KI ? Language,meaning ? K.I. as A.I. ? Possible : Kuenstliche/Artificial      Intelligenz/Intelligence
But there is an other KI : Kom Intern or Kommunistische Internationale ( Lenin )
                                   based by

Bund der Kommunisten
                                   based by

Bund der Gerechten
                                   based by

Bund der Geaechteten                     ~  model : Societe des Saisons

                                    based by
Deutsche Volksverein ( in Paris,FR)

                                    based by
Deutsche Presz-und Vaterlandsverein 1832

 Sturm und Drang - Epoche : Mentor Goethe               Aktoren : Schiller Buechner,........

Die Gedanken sind frei,
wer kann sie erraten,
sie fliegen vorbei,
wie naechtliche Schatten
Kein Mensch kann sie finden
kein Jaeger erschiessen

Sie fliegen vorbei
Die Gedanken -
SIND FREI                   

                           OBRIGKEIT :     AFFRONT

                                  ~    GOTT IST TOT, ihr Herrscher bald auch (Freimaurer -Revolte )

Thanks electronic data we can today do research with fast results about historical social movements beginning and their cause !
And who with whom worked together and their social/political targets !The house-bibliotheque ( in paper form ) never would reach this bandgap of information !
Clearly there is one last problem : the qualified translation from foreign languages to wished language
with 'polygraph'-function :
              Dear friend : translation a.  Lieber/Geehrter  Freund ?    b. with (right sin ?) Bloeder Kerl ?

                                   ass creeper 50/50 chance risk ratio

                                                1815-1832       - 1848 -         1968

Euro-Communist Marchais (~ Biedermeier)versus one from the 60' student-movement leader Daniel Cohn-Bendit

                                                                  education ,teaching


                                                                       students slogan
                                  Unter den (Funktionaers)Talaren Staub aus tausend Jahren

Heinrich Heine,Die Weber : von Gott betrogen,von dem Koenig betrogen,vom Vaterland betrogen

                                                                             HEIMAT ?                                                                           
                                   Gewerkschaft ' Neue Heimat ' DDR ' Neues Deutschland '

                                             FREIGEIST : NEUE LANDESBEVOELKERUNG ?
                                   Wir sind ein Volk        Ein Volk sind wir        Sind wir ein Volk

                                           1815-1832       - 1848                   -1968                -1989               

                                      2020 : 200 years jubileum VORMAERZ,MAERZ,NACHMAERZ

           Trump/Republicans : Anti- Establishment !    TYP a.Marchais b.Cohn-Bendit ?

             from U.S.A. to U.S.S.A.,by Reps,.S.= Socialistic ,or U.D.S.A.,.D.= ' DEMOCRATIC'  ?

                                             Neu-Ideen des Maerzes,anno 2020
German US-bible-belt / Die Weber
Ihr 'braucht ' vielleicht einen Gott,aber benoetigt Gott euch ?

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Re: Trump Support Video for the 2020 election #YOUAREMYPRESIDENT
« Reply #78 on: November 13, 2020, 12:54:15 PM »
Depeche Mode : Where is the Revolution
                               NWO ?
                               OWO ?
Barbar : Charles Darwin ,Karl Marx,Francis Galton

    Evolutionary Eugenics : human competes K.I.-system
Music : ancient an orchestra,today syntheziser
Where are the players,the humans ?

Also Depeche Mode is EVOLUTION,not Revolution

We,as intellectual society,anymore expect,we are organizing this EVOLUTION-Standart
That is for much the FEAR
Not to be good enough,24/365, like K.I.

300 Mio.  to 1 Bio. to 5 8 Bio. to 10 Bio. ?
Or faster : to 5 Bio. to 2,5 Bio. to 1 Bio.  ..........
on earth humans unit number  Revolution

By 'Worst case/Best case' -outlook education = own behaviour and future responsibility

1984 : when becomes ' se.x ( a) crime ' ? In-/fertil days ( and nights : 24/365)

Future development is easy,knowing the tools !

Chemistry/Pharmacology : synthezising RU-486 and 'virtual Chem-trail' over the masses                     
                                      by 'Aether': Radio-frequency
IT is : but IT can be ANDERS : a. NWO b.OWO.   c.NWO + OWO
 Or :  ZWO ZERO order in this world           An-archy as new ' Democracy R&D '

       Kinder haften fuer ihre Eltern

Donald Trump is - by nomen + omen - an-arch ZWO-self
His father advice : be a ' king',be a ' killer'

Donald der Schreckliche ? a la Iwan ?

All Reps,mostly Reps ,too ?
K.I.-LLER competition !

                                       Futur I,Futur II : applying basic knowledge
Soziologie,Wirtschaft- und Rechtskunde,Religion/Ethik,Biologie(+Verhaltenslehre)
                                         + Maths : Analytik,Stochastik,Statistik
+ Erdkunde,Geographie,Geschichte+ Sprache : Kommunikation
+ Physik : Grundlagenforschung + angewandte Physik
Galbraith : Die Industrie-Gesellschaft

' Der moderne virtuelle Mensch',e-body : wieviel Staats-/organischer Koerper noch notwendig,nuetzlich ?
      MAERZ : RESTAURATION       CURATORIUM-members wish/vision/organigram ?

Freistaat Bayern,Senat = Aeltesten-Rat wurde abgeschaft :
den Rat der Alten ,latin ' senex' = senior,Senat abschaffen,die Alten abschaffen ?
      Ab wann 'alt' ? Spezifische,a-/typische Kennzeichen/Merkmale ?
                  Counterpart : junex = junior
Die Gesellschaft i.Liq., der Mensch i.Liq. !

Not 'where' but ' how long is the Revolution'
Socialism/Capitalism/Liberalism : resolved,
Male/Female/Trans : resolved
Black/White,Yellow,Red : resolved

Old/Young : resolved

Thurst/Hunger : resolved

Rich/Poor : resolved

I/We/You/Them : resolved

Name to No-Name : resolved

Religion/No-Religion : resolved

Nation to No-Nation: resolved
Territorium to No-Territorium: resolved

To be/ not to be : resolved

Body to No-Body : resolved

      The nihil-e-estate

Who or what is Trump,Biden,Putin,Zemin,Erdogan,Steinmeier,......       

         Representence:        The Anti-Future
    Forgetable history : nobodies in e-World ' 08/15'

Leben IST schoepferische Zerstoerung ,Tod IST  Schoepfung

Target : Absolute Silentium ,Peace is Reste from reliqui ZERO FOOT/HAND/MIND PRINT
This forum is Evolution-part,too : body-free  24/365 ,only Ghost
                                                   TIME : FREE
                         VOR-MAERZ : ' die Gedanken - sind frei           
                                                  modern :                       
                         NACH-MAERZ : Gedanken-frei ,Bedenken-frei

U.S.A. : Kentucky,Derby : race-horces,with applied 'HANDICAP'
U.S.A. : WE,THE CONSTITUTION,represented by President George W.Bush defined the US-weight handicap
for their US-K.I.-Future : 100/1 the ratio

Exact the 2 000 000 US$ US citizen 'worth'/ 20 000 US$ one Afghani ' worth'
So for 1 Afghani work we have to demand from an US American the 100x work result in weight and worth
       (Geschriebenes,dokumentiertes) Reden           ist            Silber-US$-coin- Standart

WE can make 100x errors,an US American is only allowed 1 PERCENT in comparison
What is an error ? Knowing the grammar,based by latin = SOP and angle-saxonic = SPO orientation in words and mind ,showing priorities !
Only ' english: british/american' international 200% higher life success error quote !
In the royal british court the conversation languange was : french,not 'street mob' language ' anglais' !
German grammar is latin based !

French - latin based or romano !

'We,the people ....' by classical translation : ' We,as mob,......     German : Wir,der Poebel,....
Answer from history and language definition :

                                               people/Poebel =  Plebs/Plebejer or Proles/Proletarier ?

K.I.-translation-programmer : Oberschicht- or Unterschicht - Mitglied/-Herkunft ?
Historie :

                  Religion Cisme Trinitisten/Arianer
                   Paepste  Cisme Gegen-Papst
                   Kaiser Cisme Gegen-Kaiser
                   Koenige Cisme Gegen-Koenige

Also,wenn bei mir 'Gott' klingelt,dann schick ich den 'Gegen-Gott' die Tuer aufmachen ! ;D
Bin ,wie erwaehnt,in Maroc geboren,dort nicht unbedingt eine Alltagsphilosophie christlich-juedischer Orientierung :
U..N.-U.N.E.S.C.O. Weltkulturerbe, materiell und imateriell
Saudi-Arabien,Wahabiten : 95% der Maome-zeitlichen Artefakte vorsaetzlich zerstoert !
Der conventionelle Glaeubige dieser Glaubenslehre liest und erlernt aus dem Coran,wieviele werden in das zugehoerige zweite 'heilige' Buch eingewiesen ?

Salafisten,welches ist Es ?

Ein wahrhaft Orthodoxer kennt keine Bibel,kein Coran + II und keine Thora-Rollen :bei strikter Vorgabe ist gegebene Schrift nur muendlich uebertrgbar !
Kein Werk darf Gott darstellen ! Keine Schrift,kein Tempel/Synagoge/Kirche !

Gut,dass heutige Religionen saekular gehandelt werden !
Dominus = Domus = Deius

Bin ned orthodox,only Sucher & Finder

 Make America great again
Es gab eine europaeische 'Epoche der Romantik'
Also bisher kam mir Donnieboy nicht sehr ' romantisch' daher,eher ' selbst-verliebt'
Donald und Co.,Groschen-Romane aus der Hand und ' roboti,roboti '!  ;D Arbeitswelt ruft !

Bezahlung ? In God we trust = Gotteslohn = por gratia
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Re: Trump Support Video for the 2020 election #YOUAREMYPRESIDENT
« Reply #79 on: November 14, 2020, 03:30:36 PM »
google search machine : Witz KZ Jude Glasauge
Delivered : 1. 15.12.1978 Witze im Dritten Reich 

                       ZUM TOT-LACHEN

                      ' ....... aber ich geb dir eine Chance. .........'     

                   2.Juedischer Humor in Deutschland : Oliver Polak : ' ..... Ich bin Jude,ich darf das . .......'

WIEN,Kapuz(z)iner-Gruft : nach Entledigung alles Weltlichen, WER begehrt Einlasz ?
                                               Ein Mensch !

youtube : Kaiserin Zita Anklopfzeremonie und die Erklaerung ,1989

                  So rein wie ein Glasauge

Das REICH der Leb-Endigen ,Vor-TOT
Menscheln ist eine gesunde Tugend,EWIG WAEHREND

Wesley,you want to think about Renascimento-Aufklaerung : Era of Enlightment

 #77 : Johann Gottfried ( von) Herder,Theolog  ( incl.  born of Slawismus !),member from Weimar-an Viergestirn
' language of philosophy' : Baruch de Spinoza ? Tabu ? Askable the-point-of-view  ?

Wesley,you write as 2020-Jew,not 1933-Jew,nor 17./18.Century view Jew !
        2020 p.C. calendarium,clearly !
Moses ~ Moishe ~ Moasiv/Moadib  Science+Fiction movie : DUNE !

Hollywood and the Authors their philology ,self-reflective

Wesley :
 Oliver ( ups,I correct : not Pocher ) Polak "  I am (euro-german poste-Shoa ) Jew,I can do it =                                                                                                               
                                                                             me is allowed to do this ! "                                                                                                                                     
                                                                                          YES HE CAN

German TV under moral controle : PRESSERAT,FSK
               DEUTUNGS-HOHEIT,  letzte Instanz, not existent ,but : ZEITGEIST

Wesley,from your neutral ::) position,which advice/decision you would give/demand related :
Netherlands : 'Sintas' and 'Zwarten Pieten' ? No/racism,to change !?

Belgium ,Bruxelles : Menneken Pis(s) now to change feminists Zeitgeist-political :             

                                 + Weibele Pis(s)         

         or                    + Weibele koten  ?

You are me,the Killer-King,friend or me enemy : friend to enemy -extermination

Google search machine input : Lenin Bild Agitator Retusche

2.SED Pieck + B + retuschiert (C)

The Truth,the TOTAL Truth and nothing more a. then b.than  the TRUTH

Lehre Lehrer Ge-Lehr-ter  in jewi-sh/sch - latin written - Rabbiner

Germany, professional 'Rabbi' : Dieter Nuhr,Nu(h)r im Ersten - show, Anti-'tausendjaehrige Reich-thinker
GB, professional 'Rabbi' : Sting or Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner , ' A thousand years'

Speyer,where I learned by Dr.Anneliese Joerger a song ' Hewenu shalom/salaam alechem/aleikum '

Speyer,where the Imperator gave the jewish people all freedom rights,included the right of ' Leibeigenschaft' about other ( a kind of official ' slavery' theretimes ),this right not recused : caused 10.commandments demands !
Reference : Author Werner Keller,historia do povo judeu
 international title :                          diaspora : the post-biblical history of the jews     

Dedicado a todos os que procuram a Verdade

( C-/K-uriert gesuchte und vorgefundene Wahrheit ? )                                                   

Speyer,where in the ancient 'Deutsches Theater',other street side the 'Judenbad' ,we as class have had our sports lessons,well accepted the funny teams game ' Voelkerball ',Voelkermord/Genozid as sports
The game instrument: a fat medicine-ball
Good medizin,a native american,Indian,would say/think

Makaberismus,Skurilitaet,Heuchelei : that is life,that it is

         'Why?' wounded/diyng soldier image   

  Waiting for the next 'Nathan der Weise' (Gotthold Ephraim Lessing) his clou and satisfying answer !
Shortest form : SS,Selber Schuld !

Germany,last week : an eleven years old school boy threatened his teacher with to be beheaded
Probably this small 'Racker' dreams of a future like I.S.S.-Rakka ! Cuidado !
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Re: Trump Support Video for the 2020 election #YOUAREMYPRESIDENT
« Reply #80 on: November 15, 2020, 12:04:12 PM »
Sonntag,den 15. November 2020 p.C.

US-Wahl-Liveticker :       8:10 Trump wuetet gegen menschlichen ' Muell ' und ' Abschaum '

Donald his twitter-news translated
' links-radikalem Antifa-Abschaum' ' menschlichem linksradikalem Muell '

Donald Trump presents : ' sounds of Eiter and Furunkel'

-------------------------------------------------------- sufficient distance, in real more than 2 meters :+- 'non grata- ban-mile

My level : Simon and Garfunkel ' The Sounds of Silence '

A biszl Zeitgeschichte :                 23/24 August 1572
                                                           15.Maerz 44 a.C
                               Melania,Jared, AUCH IHR ?    GERADE WIR !
                                  Ide(e) des Maerzes und 'eines 'Ewiger Fruehling'

I wrote 'Abschaum' ( #76) as ancient ,2020 soon death, nationalists their 'empathy view' !
Feudal-Fascism survived : from Killer-King D.T. to twitter-Dictator D.T.,political 'verbrannt',not the 'Erde' !

2024 election,probably Dems or Reps  ( or new third growing party) their President wins !     

      D.T. not, since several time R.I.P. !

Gott waehret dem Trump-Clan(-D.) besten Dank

                                                                                       GELOBIGT AMEN

                                                            Seal : crazy ( lyrics)

                                      ' Influencer ' Rollenspiel,endless acts

Ilja Nikolajewitsch Uljanov                                                Frederick (Fred) Christ Trump
Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov                                                      Donald John Trump

    Warten auf Godot  +   ERA : Ameno    ergo        Warten auf Arthus(II) Renascimento ;) ;D
                                           ERA : DIVANO ,Vorsicht vor Nummerntraegern : 007-001,0 bis hin Ziffer: O

 Frei nach 'The Waltons':   
                                                      D. John-boy T. ,light off !
 Und von der verwesenden Leiche hoerte man noch  : " L'Estates,was m ......." Punkt :   :)

 Totenschein :                        Todesursache :          CHRONISCHE CEREBRAL-DIARRHOE 

                       Vorsicht : stark ansteckend ! Umfeld in 40-Jahre Quarantaene !

                      Quaranta !- ene : 40 Jahre ' Wir sind ein Volk' -D.D.R.
                                                     Alibaba und die 40 Raeuber

                                                    AliPraes und das raeuberische 40-koepfige Kabinett, nicht nett !

Where ends Continental-Europe in the West ? Near Lisbon,Cabo da Roca
Where ends Europe in the East ?
Geophysical Ural,geopolitical Wladiwostok,Russian Federation as member from the ' Council of Europe' !
                          Eurasian Continent ( 2 shelfs)

Russian Federation  in future ? Mercantilistic : RCEP or E.U. ?
Both ?

Economic Russia-E.U.-RCEP Union !? 

Mercosur ?
U.S.A./N.A.F.T.A. ?       
OAU ?         

Union for the Meditteranean/Euro-Med /Lome Convention  ?

No worry U.S.-americans,Dems/Reps/classical Whigs
to be critical means to know own political Union success/failure

and the E.U. is ' MASTER of BAD BUSINESS Administration ' !
In search only -by international R&D - the 'Grand-Master' !


v. Klausewitz/Gen.Custer :   - rating : Austerlitz/Waterloo       - - rating : Stalingrad          - - - rating : Euro-Med 1995

Crazy Horse greets Sitting Bull : damned stupid,the europide  pork-colored 'Whites'

A little Porcology  , suino U to double U=UU=W swine  female = Sau Schnauzen Schlampe

                                                            ! here : w = double v !                                             
                                                            ergo          u ~ v

Attention : cow ~ female german die Kuh,when you speak here german phonetical 'Kuh' something will happen ,                   
           die Kuh = vaca         lusitanic,same phonetic :  o cu =  :-X ! vulgar
In the seventiees we as german childs shouting over the market( 300+ peoples )  in Cascais/POR :

                                                              Oh,eine Kuh !  :o :o :o   X 100
                                                             My,our mother  :-[ :-[ :-[ X 100
       Malcriados !  ::) ? No,foreigner,well educated,okay with some lingual ,translation view-point,deficiencies !

BILD,28.10. 2014  : Die haertesten Witze Deutschlands

Attention,Attention : non-vegan german over-confessionell humo(u)r !

Kommt ein Mann zum Fleischer und sagt :
" Guten Tag  :) ,ich haette gern 150 Gramm Leberwurst,aber bitte von der fetten ! 8)

Sagt der Metzger : " Tut uns leid :-[ ,die hat heute Berufsschule ! :P "

Wie SCHLAMPIG uebersetzt ein professioneller Dolmetscher(Mensch),wie automatic translation, WITZ-igkeit ?
Metzger : "uns"  = pluralis industrialis ( here,EXPLIZIT not pluralis majestatis ! Even if Metzger-Meister/Majestor )
    Master of Butchery Administration,shortly : M.B.A.

Der Sachsen-Witz, ;) :D ;D Griminalbolizei ! Die wittern ueberall 'verdeckte Bolizei= sei stad ! ::)

Ich stelle mir so vor : Titanic,Dr.Schiwago,Ben Hur :  100% (ober- 8) )saechsich ! :o
Okay,zumindest Karl Mays ' Winnetou I ', Bad Segeberg, in saechsichem ORIGINAL !  ;D

Tu, Sodschi 
Io ,Od Shedderhent

MfS,Mit fiesem Sinne
Kopf hoch oder Kopf runne

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Re: Trump Support Video for the 2020 election #YOUAREMYPRESIDENT
« Reply #81 on: November 16, 2020, 12:10:10 AM »
Trade balance result a. positive b.negative

            X published EZB-Euro-Funds nominal cash money/nominal Credit

                              hedge/Hebel factor 8 ( eight)

= international enriching or enpooring national GDP/PPP economies

Each one can look for his own nation situation,+ last 10 years development !
Future outlook : + Kontradjef/Elliott

F.e. 2018     420 Billions negative ~ x8 = 3360 Billions national 'worth' devasting,in one year  !

Can be Yen,Euro, the several Dollars,CHF,........,estate currency dependent !


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Re: Trump Support Video for the 2020 election #YOUAREMYPRESIDENT
« Reply #82 on: November 16, 2020, 11:58:46 AM »
Ä german word,in international use : " Zeitgeist " ,explaining the' momentan/actual life habits' !
The ' 1776 - 2020 poste (Trinitisten : Deo ) C(h)riste US American  -first only New England = Flag stripes - Constitution !
                                    13 Estates,from later 50 ! The last I mean Alaska as new Federation Estate !

So when an US American ,c(h)ristian, says/writes ' In God we trust !' ,he/she means ' In Jesus we trust !' as Trinitist and in an unknown 'God' as Arianer,but as monotheist probably in an human-body ' Pantokrator' !


In Sociology a ' Nation' ,member from U.N. f.e.,is strictly defined !
As representive from this Nation in democratic culture societies : a Parliament !
The Parliament position,ever from the Parliament President his SEAT position view:
Left side                                                             Middle                                                    Right side
Left side politics :                                                                                                             Rigth side politics :
member/part/-y                                                                                                                member/part/-y

PROGRESSIVE                                               liberal=both                                               CONSERVATIVE
CHANGE ( the status quo )                                                                                             HOLD ( the statusquo)
Ultra-/moderate                                                                                                                Ultra-/moderate

Formation,but also Reformation,is a 'Change' so all American wish actually ,by conservative view,PROGRESSION,some too fast ~ ultra-'schnell' !

'Washington Post" article  : U.S.A. 'Electoral College ' : '2020 Zeitgeist'/'1776 Zeitgeist' ?                                                                     
                                                 Change : is a chance,is a risc
Socio-logical is a Constitution ever a communist/commonist/social Manifest/Contract
Dems and Reps,Independents  are  : COMMONISTS,german: Kommunisten ,some blue - other red ,2 whites (Senate)
                                         It is commOn   ~   Es ist kommUnaler Alltag   O ~ U
                                                 SENSE ! PHONETICS ! VOICE !

The 10.Commandments ( compared with similar Hammuravi given laws) commonists Life Rules !

With 1776 voter rules,from today 330 Mio. in U.S.A. territorium habitants probably only 1/10 would have the
                       ' right/obligation' to VOTE
No womans,no minors ( minimum age 1776 to becoming : maior ?!),no landless people ( minimum sqm/sqft ?! ),no none-vote eligible parents, criminals,immigrants,no-cristians/atheists  et cet. !

Do not worry,but do not also hurry ! Look back, before 1776 to 1776 and from 1776 - 2020 ,poste Criste calendarium,for 2020-2050-2080-...... generation life dimension no/change outlook !

As liberal I mean that the election from the last three US FEDERAL Supreme Court judges is a chance for a right modernization from the US society,following their mind and words to judge 1:1 followed by Constitutional Sin ! Included Constitutional ZEITMODERNE !
Not Trumpists : they all NINE are elect( Gerundium! ( sind) Wahl/Auserwaehlte )/-ed(Partizip,Passive) - AUF LEBENSZEIT/For their life long  ! Longer - WE hopes - than 1 Presidencial

Ultra-progressive : a male parliament          + female parliament                             

    a male Supreme Court  + female Supreme Court
                                  a. male Estate                 + female Estate
And soon begins the 'revolte': Transgender : And we ? Who 'owns'-representive-  our body,our mind ?
                                                     junior = Junate ?   senior = Senate !
Who represents whom : FAIR ?  me I see in You

House : dining room : house democracy rules/order/' laws' for a. family members b. guests ?
 Tisch-Manieren,-Manners in-house,out-house = public ,the private ' house' ,the public 'THE HOUSE'

Manieren = Authoritaer living ? To a-/re-spect each other ? Our manners - when 'alone' ?
          Anti-Authoritaer future ? No more Self-Controle ? No more society controle ?     FSK

Anti-Authoritaer parents ! Anti-/Pro-Authoritary childs,generation over-next ?

Open 'source' end


English : Oxford,Cambridge : ancient/always by (Romano-) CATHOLIC COLLEGES Bro. ,in-house language : lingua latina  the life way destination map in sin
 pro to col-lare,Protokoll, royal/tribunal Court Protokoll,
 'Elders-/Adels'-families protokoll : diary,agenda,house-book 0:00 - 24:00  ? vida sacra ? miseria ?

Next ' 0:00 - 24:00 day' preview : plan,program Parole = Votive+Motive
Next day : review 100% 50% 25%  why 100% why 25%≤
The Welt-Bild changement
 Heinrich/Henry VIII     romano-catholic  to anglican church philosophy Chaos,war,philosophy clash

Church is not ' missa'/mess ,Church is the Community,the education : school/Universities
the 'missa' the community weeks convention( sacramente)  with report,where after 'be free'-singing/praysing the members hear the Reverend/Pastor/Reporter-  male or female ,clerical or laize,the critics about the community program/plan and the execution stage = community R&D report
'CHURCH' IS PARLIAMENT = PATH + search and - Finder: is Life in common,security,society

CHURCH = Warning : Fire-bell,IS reminding : the bells calls : the mess will in short beginnng !IS giving notice : a newborn -/ a weedness-/a funeral - bell/-s signalization


The smallest CHURCH = I,WE socius ~ WE,as BOTH
Next 'greater' CHURCH  : The familia sacra,with house ' round table'
CHURCH,left side - middle - right side

Know-how,not only in books,to live with and by IT
We are not Anti-,but local Ex-communicated,by own  FSK ,not KSK ,first K ~ Keine,sometimes only temporary,some forever

Hmm,Universum,Evolution,Creation :  STOA ( Zenon from Kition ,300 a.C. )

                                                                   Thomas de Aquino

                                                                   Stoiker : Adam Smith ,wealth of nations

                                                                                                         Capital as part from Social-Product/ion-theory
                                                                                                         Capital as part from Product-Distribution theory

    Marx-Engels Proletarier -view                   Max Weber Industrials-view
    Lenin                                                              The new Deal
    Marx-Lenin = Stalin
                                                   Green Deal
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Re: Trump Support Video for the 2020 election #YOUAREMYPRESIDENT
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What is going on, real or ..............

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Re: Trump Support Video for the 2020 election #YOUAREMYPRESIDENT
« Reply #84 on: November 18, 2020, 06:15:09 PM »
What is going on, real or ..............

If you link to bogus sites or sites which aren't identified, you'll convince nobody. Your handlers haven't told you that.

You seem to think we are idiots.

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Re: Trump Support Video for the 2020 election #YOUAREMYPRESIDENT
« Reply #85 on: November 19, 2020, 09:40:35 AM »

Splitting couple:

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Re: Trump Support Video for the 2020 election #YOUAREMYPRESIDENT
« Reply #86 on: November 19, 2020, 03:44:17 PM »
Splitting couple:
I went  over your posts.
You are:
-Old member  that changed interest in 2016 from  FE to ?.. everything that  is non-related to FE.
-German/European, who was close to medical field by unknown to me form of interaction
(-anywhere from maintenance man to medical personnel or sale person at distributor desk)
-You are active in criticizing Joe Biden.

 I'm curious ..:
-is your posting giving you so much of pleasure bashing Biden?
-are you manifesting your pain and disappointment that Trump is total loser.?
- Do you have  other motivation to express your position here?

In the past I was easily recognizing motives and gain of  some individuals from Far Eastern Europe writing here.
But for me you sound like skilled in  good German good English  representative of someones else  position.
But from the other  hand you are very seldom  expressing  yourself here.
Please correct me  if I'm wrong.

with respect

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Re: Trump Support Video for the 2020 election #YOUAREMYPRESIDENT
« Reply #87 on: November 19, 2020, 06:11:16 PM »

But from the other  hand you are very seldom  expressing  yourself here.
Please correct me  if I'm wrong.

with respect
I think "he" is a software bot, driven by very poor quality software which doesn't recognise or respond to text placed after "his" posts.


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Re: Trump Support Video for the 2020 election #YOUAREMYPRESIDENT
« Reply #89 on: November 19, 2020, 10:12:26 PM »
 Steve Bannon's trial date set for May 2021
Net Worth : $48 million
People in trouble from Trump crowd
Bannon, Manafort, Flynn, Cohen, Stone, Gates , Papadopoulos