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Title: Plate Conditioning
Post by: JulesP on October 05, 2020, 12:33:14 PM
Hi there,

I am working on a resonant HHO system with a long term view to constructing a closed-loop generator that will demonstrate the existence of an additional energy source - and to make all the information freely available for others to replicate.

One of the researchers here in the UK who replicated Stan Meyer's work was Dave Lawton. He used a circuit that automatically tunes itself to the resonant frequency of the water capacitor (not the H-H bonds). I am close to testing how well this works and then extending what Dave did by using his auto-tuning pulse circuit with larger wet and dry types of cells, including plates made with carbon nanoparticles, to find the optimum design and yield.

Plate conditioning is a crucial part of this work in creating an ideal electrode surface to result in HV discharges that dissociate the water molecules. However, there seems to be a wide range of approaches to plate cleansing and conditioning, from slowly growing a precipitate on the surface, acid etching and sandblasting. When it came to plate cleaning and to get rid of the brown crud (Ferric Oxide?) that is produced, I conducted twenty 4 hour sessions, changing the electrolyte each time, and still it was produced! So I'm thinking that it's a product of the electrolyte and not so much leaching of material from the plates themselves.

My post is to enquire if anyone has some workable practical suggestions for plate conditioning that have been effective.

Here is a link to a small selection of relevant photos: