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Here Please only post e replication of your Build

there are other generic topics here for other comments  this is strictly for solid state COP2 Captainloz build

Here Itsu is struggling with a build...like many others here who do not have English as native tongue he does not understand all the "Walls of text" and images..

 itsu has written many times "the Bench and results are what guide him.."or "very good instructions" [he can make no understanding from "walls of text and math etc etc from EMJ ]
Lately it has been written/claimed on other thread here that itsu intentionally ignores some very important detail for replication ??was written as WHY WHY WHY [innuendo insinuation etc etc as intentional act on the part of itsu [and others previously]

 \Here it is hoped those details can be brought to the forefront [itsu has no idea what details are being neglected at this time. Nor does anyone else I ask . https://www.overunityresearch.com/index.php?topic=3951.msg84529;topicseen#msg84529
EDIT did just correspond with Partzman and he had few suggestions.... I asked if he could place them here.
  Most are extremely adverse to posting in Topic [here] which  Chris maintains censorship privileges over [Chris removes posts all the time and has stated he will continue !
As I did note prior [in response to concerned person in another thread here]nothing is removed from database..just public View ...additionally...every Dot ever written in forums are backed up at servers for protection against litigation .along with who knows where from our respective Voyeur Gov'ts....
this needs understanding not more conflict .
Community deserves the best we can muster
the world deserves even more.


For those who might wish to replicate CaptainLoz's [CL] video #9, I have some info that is my opinion based on Chris's own words, scope pix, etc, that will perhaps help[ in your replication. 

The POC schematic shown below is from Chris himself and is basically incorrect based on his scope pix of his secondary currents.  Using standard dot notation, if a positive voltage pulse is applied to L1 as he shows with the dot end being more positive than the non-dot end,  the dot ends of L2 and L3 will have a more positive voltage than the non-dot ends thus forcing the diodes D1 and D2 into conduction thereby forcing current to flow in L2 and L3 during the time that L1 is charging.  This is not in agreement with his scope pix which show that L2 and L3 conduct current during the collapse phase of L1.  This means the diodes D1 and D2 need to be reversed in order for this to be correct.  When both L2 and L3 conduct during the collapse phase of L1, Chris refers to this as the POCs are "slapping" together.  He also refers to the rising edge of the L2 L3 current waveforms as an "asymmetrical regauging" process!

The energy in L1 that is built during it's charging phase or time, must be discharged back to the power supply.  This means you must use a full or 3/4 bridge driver circuit.  A 3/4 bridge driver simply replaces the upper conduction mosfet for the side of the bridge that returns the energy from L1 to the supply with a Schottky diode. 

You could also wind L1 as a bifilar coil and then one half of the bifilar would be used for the charging phase using a single low side mosfet, then use the other half of the bifilar for the return path to the supply with again a Schottky diode.  One must observe the dot convention for this to work.  The disadvantage to this latter method is the relatively large inter-winding capacitance created will produce higher frequency harmonics in L1.

Chris mentions resonance.  This could be in many different forms and Chris never reveals exactly which type of resonance he means.  So, we must take hints that he gives from CL's attempted replication and that is, the wavelength of the operating frequency is some fractional part of the length of wire used in the secondaries.

And referring to the pix below of Chris's bucking coils, this configuration works with a series connection as shown.  However, if a standard coil is center tapped with the start and finish wires connected together, we now have two paralleled coils that when driven between the tap and the start/finish, will also be bucking.  I mention this because of the need to carefully observe if L2 and L3 are truly bucking when they conduct under the above rules.

It is understood from Chris's videos that L1 is wound over say L2 for relatively tight coupling.  L2 is then used to drive the load while L3 has only the diode for conduction of current.  The duty cycle of the input pulse to L1 is typically ~10% but could vary depending on the build.

In the CL video #9, he places the output resonating across the diode.

And again sounding like a broken record, please use the maximum vertical deflection possible on your scope for all waveforms.

Also, anybody that is using the same Rigol scope as CL, please check to see if the Math result is in avg or rms and/or is selectable!


PS:  Chris, please feel free to correct any of the above with DATA not stupid remarks!


Itsu has asked that Captainloz if “possible “ can assist

As previously mentioned language barrier and walls of text
And maths are not doable for him ( actually many experimenters
Have same issues with such barriers and also when new words are
Created or added to vocabulary “”asymmetrical Whatsit “” one such

No idea what that means !


Please note that in CL's videos (5 & 7, I believe), CL has a blue post-it
with the schematic as EMJ has posted and as you have copied above.

However, in those same videos, CL has redrawn the schematic several
times in his note book with the L2 dot to the left of the coil (all dots to
the left of all three coils).

Perhaps CL will confirm which schematic/convention he adhered
to in his videos...



--- Quote from: picowatt on September 30, 2020, 01:04:55 AM ---Partzman,

Please note that in CL's videos (5 & 7, I believe), CL has a blue post-it
with the schematic as EMJ has posted and as you have copied above.

However, in those same videos, CL has redrawn the schematic several
times in his note book with the L2 dot to the left of the coil (all dots to
the left of all three coils).

Perhaps CL will confirm which schematic/convention he adhered
to in his videos...


--- End quote ---


Yes, and in CL's video #9, I see a schematic that has L2 one way and L3 the other way?  So, the important thing is that Chris says the two POCs that is L2 and L3 conduct during the charging phase of L1 in which case his schematic is correct.  The key then as I understand it is, L1 and L2 must be creating bucking flux in the core at the same time and the result will be that as the load is being driven, the energy returned to the supply during the collapse of L1 will be greater than the charging energy.  If this were true, his device would have infinite OU.

I've attached his response to my post  below-



   If I were you, I would stop trying to correct, and follow the basic layout!

   Each Partnered Output Coil carry's a Current due to Electromagnetic Induction, each is the others Primary Coil - So claiming I am incorrect is Wrong! You need to follow basic well known rules here!

   Study Carefully:

   Quote from: Floyd Sparky Sweet link="http://www.hyiq.org/Downloads/Nothing%20is%20Something.pdf"

    "The principle of superposition states that; "In order to calculate the resultant intensity of superimposed fields, each field must be dealt with individually as though the other were not present". The           resultant is obtained by vector addition of each field considered singularly. Consider for a moment the construction of the triode which includes the bifilar coils located within the fields of the two conditioned magnets.

    When the current in one half of the conductors in the coils (i.e., one of the bifilar elements in each coil) of the device is moving up, both the current and the magnetic field follow the right-hand rule.

    The  resultant motional E-field would be vertical to both and inwardly directed.

    At the same time the current in the other half of the conductors in the coils is moving down and both the current and magnetic field follow the right-hand rule.

    The resulting motional E-field is again vertical to both and inwardly directed.

    Thus, the resultant field intensity is double the intensity attributable to either one of the set of coil conductors taken singularly.

    Expressed mathematically:

    E = ( B x V ) + ( -B x -V ) = 2 ( B x V )"

   Now, Study Carefully: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsKoAu_X25A

   Quote from: EMJunkie on Today at 12:36:55 AM

   My Diagram is correct, change it, it wont work! Period!

   Each Coil has a Magnetic Field Changing in Time, this is directly related to the Changing Current! di/dt, you all should know this already!

   Electromagnetic Induction can occur more than once in a Single Machine! That's why This statement was made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oa4nUEsBer8

   If your Partnered Output Coils do not Oppose, you have it wrong! Period!

   Again I define Magnetic Resonance: Each Current, in each Partnered Output Coil, is 180 Degrees out of Phase - Simple! Antenna Theory is the same basic Rules!

   You must stop trying to change things! It will not work if you change things! This is so Simple! Yet so easy to balls it up! Only if you don't follow the basic, simple, straight forward Rules already laid out!

   Shown below, when you have this all correct, the Input Power sent back to your Power Supply, can be greater than the Input Power Sent to the Coil! Input can become Negative!

   I am not posting on overunityresearch, I don't like that forum! I only post on My Forum and sometimes here.


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