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Author Topic: Earth Question  (Read 32843 times)


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Re: Earth Question
« Reply #165 on: November 17, 2020, 02:52:43 PM »
I have asked a few questions about the belief in a flat earth and all but one of them have been ignored.  When I asked about the benefits of believing in a flat earth the answer I got if I understand it correctly is that it gives the believer a sense of superiority to believe in something they think has been suppressed.  If I misunderstood that then please explain what other benefits there are to believing in a flat earth.

My other questions that have been ignored more than once were these:

How do flat earth believers explain the changing seasons?  And how do they explain that if you are above the arctic circle in the summer time you can actually watch the sun go completely around you in a 24 period?  And how does the sun not shine at all above the arctic circle in the winter time?  And how do you explain the tides if the ocean is flat as you claim?

And here are a couple of more questions for you to consider.  Looking at the moon phases it is clear from the shadow on the moon that the moon is a sphere.  So if the moon is a sphere then why should we believe the earth is not also?  And my last question that really has me confused is what possible physical mechanism is at work that would allow the sun to be suspended above the earth and move around over the earth?  Is there a giant standing over the earth with the sun hanging from a chain or rope while he slowly swings it around over the earth.

Please guys learn some basic physics before posting nonsense.  Any ham radio operator can tell you about the ionosphere which allows long distance communications.  And we can tell you about the sunspot cycles that affect the ionosphere.  And we can also tell you about tropospheric ducting and inversion layers that even allow sometimes long range TV reception. 

I will make a prediction now that neither of you that are claiming the earth is flat will answer any of these questions.  They will be ignored again because you don't have any answers.  Since you can't answer actual questions about the physics of how a flat earth could work I won't be posting anymore to this thread because it is a waste of time.  I only posted this post in order for others to see that the idea of a flat earth does not hold up to scientific study.



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Re: Earth Question
« Reply #166 on: November 17, 2020, 03:11:42 PM »
I have asked a few questions about the belief in a flat earth...
I reckon you addressed them to a couple of acid heads.


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Re: Earth Question
« Reply #167 on: November 20, 2020, 11:44:32 AM »

Find and Observe the OrangeStrap from below, in the movie above?


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Re: Earth Question
« Reply #168 on: November 20, 2020, 02:48:02 PM »

It's from RT. Nobody cares about anything from your Russian friends.

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Re: Earth Question
« Reply #169 on: November 20, 2020, 06:04:35 PM »

Don't follow what you expect to be seen, and a 5 hour video loaded with straps is more than I can bear to watch in its entirety to figure it out.

Can you please post a link to the point in the video to look for that strap at/from?

BUT in the few minutes I scanned through watching for orange straps I did spot a few things that go against "basic physics" first of which is at the very beginning with the woman commenting about the "visible moisture in the connector". That's strange because vacuum is what removes water very quickly on earth from any A/C system on earth. Should it not have vanished near instantly in the extreme vacuum of "space"?

Also the size of the "globe earth" showing here at - with that ever changing radius of the earth
'below" in the background visually trips the BULLSHIT ALARM. I am sure there is probably much more wrong: besides a fish eye lens.

No way is earth going show up that small (that tight a radius) from the altitude the ISS is supposed to be at: 220 - 240 miles.

Does anybody else here including the "too smart" also see this as a problem?


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Re: Earth Question
« Reply #170 on: November 22, 2020, 02:37:29 PM »
Yes, Thay. a flight in a U2 would do it. James May of BBC's "Top Gear" has a documentary of it.

I have a theory. These two people reckon FE is a load of crap and so are those working on it. One or both of them have taken out a wager, possibly with a journo, that we, who believe in the possibliity of FE, are such a load of tossers that we could be talked into believing the earth is flat.

I reckon a grand is at stake.


Your theory is wrong in more ways than I will address but rest assured my real WORK is all about "FE" (Free energy) for good people.

The video link provided will arm you with FACTS you can use to revise your theory should you choose to do so. Look at and listen carefully to what is being pointed out, "Paul On The Plane" is telling it like it is at 70,000 AGL in a U2.

My first personal experience sitting as co-pilot in a Cessna Citation 3 @ 28,000 ft ~.7 mach for 3+ hours is only one of many experiences that made me think enough to even look at FE (flat earth) based on that observation and a whole lot more since.

Nope no "journo", no wager, no talking anyone into anything, no grand at stake, so in fact you also reckon wrong.

Yes "FE" & FE are both real and go hand in hand: You just haven't gotten there yet, perhaps you never will.

Using my learned "dead reckoning skills" I reckon you don't have what it takes to figure out what actually IS "at stake", but I do pray for you that you and others WILL TRY.

"Energy is ____  ____." Fill in the blanks with your own truth to test youself.


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Re: Earth Question
« Reply #171 on: November 22, 2020, 07:27:52 PM »
I think Johan55 (pathetic as this is) really doesn't know if the earth is flat or not. 

                                     That's his own fault.

Temporary Visitor / Vizzini is just a common troll.



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Re: Earth Question
« Reply #172 on: November 22, 2020, 07:54:11 PM »
"Earth question"

Okay,we are a " forum",but not a specific geophysical objects related place.
For questions like these but we,as member,can give advices,not negative neither positive,but helpfully

Earth = Geo/id ,geo as body

Look for net-wide www foren whose treat 'earth' as Geo/id related questions/answers

Earth flat/round : we have Space-Agencies,in the West N.A.S.A. and E.S.A. :
planet and orbit is for satellites positioning important

these agencies and other can,by experience and physical own interests,answer that flat/round difference and

possible existent " a-nomalies" which speaks for one or the other,theoretically,but not physically
Would a flat earth not torquing in the sun surrounding track ?
Is the moon flat/round ?

Gives erosion -over the time- not all the planetes- included Saturn/Jupiter planetar satellites - this globe form ?

Please,communicate with professional whom this question as answer is by their professional work important !

Communicate ,if not satisfying www foren answer,with your National Academy of Science !

But,enter with your "question,+approvable arguments for your view/opinion,scientifical thesis!'
There you get scientifical consultance !

Question : a drop is falling on a table : becoming flat,    before:  during fall ? Before,in drop-source ? Clouds,Tank,......

Formation change ,how many inlet/containment  makes a drop ?

a planet volume/universum volume : nano-th part from nano-th from nano ?

Since when the planet has this geometrical formation ? Planet internal or external or both factors ?

Ambiental RT,0°Celsius,0°Kelvin ? How many  snow flake  form kinds ? Form dependence factor ?
Velocity ?

Temperature and material form change: expansion/compression

Neptun material,density,temperature : in sun-side radiation/outer sun-side radiation ;
 radius change per day/week/month !?

Some related pointings and questions for : scientifical arguments findings for the ' question'-receiver  ::)

Here you are only earning : blabla,tau-tau and  :P

Have a good week (with-out Lock-down/-up)



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Re: Earth Question
« Reply #173 on: November 22, 2020, 11:42:56 PM »
I think Johan55 (pathetic as this is) really doesn't know if the earth is flat or not. 

                                     That's his own fault.

Temporary Visitor / Vizzini is just a common troll.

A common troll, yes, but an ignorant one as well. Wasn't it Eratosthenese who actually calculated the diameter of the Earth in 250 BC ?

Temporal Visitor

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Re: Earth Question
« Reply #174 on: November 23, 2020, 01:32:01 AM »
In other words YOU have NOTHING. (As well you can't spell your hero's name.)


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Re: Earth Question
« Reply #175 on: November 23, 2020, 09:43:09 AM »
What was first : theory or practise ?

Life Set
Set theory
Set Practise


Mind Set:

Mind Set Practise

Mind Set Theory

What is SET SYSTEMATICS ?  Comparison as Method

Ancient: modern melodics ~ What is life,teacher/Rabbi/father/mother/.....,don't hurt me,don't hurt me anymore

Contra : Pink Floyd,The Wall : we do not need more education,we do not need more thought controle,no dark ....

                                No " dark sarcasm' but ' shiny sarcasm' ?
     Only classroom,dining room at home,in bedroom,in public : smiley  :) ? tristely  :'( ?
             Wet or dry tear drops ?
Modern Future :

                                      WHAT IS LIFE,K.I.,don't hurt me,...... WHAT IS LIFE,A.I.,don't hurt me,......
                                                Mind Set is life              Or         Life is Mind  Set

K.I. = A.I. lingual transforme ,in arts&kinds movie scene ~ Max Headroom  ;) Neutral Yury ,irony incorporated

           My personally feel point,has not to be common view !

Scientist = Artist&Kindist !   Science : question&answer about ART ? ARTS ? & KIND ? KINDS ?
         science result + 'ethic commission' evaluation :             

  superb, very good,good,neutral,bad,very bad,worriest

Decision : forbidden ,the proliferation,to complex     

                          allowed,the proliferation,simplex
                          feeled and taken for grant : Okay !
                          It can be later ever become forbidden ! Only an Act !


                                      'EIGEN'-tools or 'COMMON'-tools

             Life and SYNTAX :  theory/practise = 1/1=1 ?!  Ever ( oh ,my go(o),boring life) !? 8)
                   Never "other side" pro-Voke/Voz/Voice 'sticheln':

                                                         I AM  ALIFE~AWAKE ,YOU TOO ? ;)

                   Life Construction error ? Universum Construction error ?

                      Ruhe-Stoerer ! Rad-Au(tsch:tut weh !)-Macher
                                             Scientifical theorist ?
Noeh, (un- : partial view)kindely 'Set applyer' ~ Science-Maths terr..,No !,worrier : HORRORIST

Set Logics = in Deutsch (angewandte) Mengenlehre: to very complicated for pupils/students

Mengenlehre : Analytics,Statistics,Stochastic,........  ALL-IN-ONE = Set

After entrance to 'school curriculum/Lehrplan' in the 70',
e-/in-ducating personal results experience,the decision:Take it,Set-theory/practise Logics, AWAY from the intelligence in-ducating curriculum,too much Stress !
Childs wants entertainment,not 'sture Bueffelei' !

Madonna : Girls yust .......
'Mondominus' : Boys ...........

70' entry Microsoft Basics ( concurrence : Apple: DTP language) and some higher sophisticated
 ' sensual language' producer/creator !

I.T + Set System = Informatics + Applicator


Kreuzweg : Mission,quo vadis ? Humanity ? Complex or Simplex ?

Make thinking us all to professional,offical Title-leased, Dr.phil.~ profession 'THINKER ?
Is a Dr.phil. a ' know-it-all'=D.octo.r-is in philo-logy = feat.,has it to be,Dogma ?

Flat/round ~ hen/egg: first ?
Life-problem(s) solution ?

Does the hypothetical ' answer' helps to end wars,giving better work results,less fraidness in life ?
Priority in solution search  for humans ' right way orientation' search ?

Only Free-Timer entertainment,no results dependent,emotion-free ?

I personally know= scio,1.Pers.Singular + Present+Indicativ from scire,Nomen : Scientia,Scientist
 that I have something,and this is thinking + mind + opinion and the possibility and force and WILL

and physical/psychological instrument to answer you ,"anonymus Temporal Visitor" :

                   Nothing is in "SET THEORY" given as = { }

We knowes ,that without { language,interest,friendship,ethics,internet,electricity,HOLD,.....} we would not give to
 some like You ' nettiquete-conform' answer,but more a. IGNORANCE
 b. mental TASER-like(if persistent borring/a-noy-ing= chronical Nay !-sayer = semper opposite ) !

A:only or B= only that is DOGMA,BULLYING !
Are You ,in real life surrounding your people with that mannic 'Dr.phil-like'-habit ?

Then more in a theory/practise confusing applying life-art and life-kind,Scientist

                               " Dr.anti-phil non honoris causa Temporal Visitor "

I am allowing me and myself to make errors,but in try ever to correct these/this,and learn to become wiser and

older ~ ad Ulterior !

Would you have entered the plane,seeing your pilot as 4-5years old child ?
Can a 4-5years old child not fly correct a plane on our flat-Meseta-round-globe ?

                 Unbelieveable ? By law - legal minimum age to conduct/fly  a plane - HERE-common sense:
                NO,not possible= not allowed - by administrative - SPACE and LIFE SAFETYNESS WARRANTY- laws ! 

                Counter-view,ironical : only professional you are allowed to do " professional crashs",
                                                        in " plane-fly simulator"-lessons,clearly ! ;)

                                                        Good,that you only has been : co-pilot ! :)

Question : did the plane flew with or without energy ? Do you know it ? 8) Tell PILOTES ever the truth ?

      fear to crash,Flug-Angst :

Do you mean that the name design for a new airline by choosing " Crash Air" would be a right

emotion/imagination-free economical nonplusultra decision ,with punky board-personal,fly crew ?

Deutsch : "Eigen-",international also in anglophonic use : ~ latin-gracian " Auto"- ?
Auto-pilot : plane [ or un-mened ( neutrum,female or male pilotes !)drone] departure/landing
or ' cruise missile' : how important for autonomous flyiing subjects flat/round,flexibility !?

                                  NO STRESS,up(to heaven) down (to earth,hell) the planes comes ever ! Know: How ?

I take now in your life-visit-journey my para-chute,priorities are calling ! ::)

Nach-Schrift:  eine e-brennende Lichterkette UM  die jeweiligen " Aeste " herum : wo bleibt der Schatten ?
                          'Cuto lux' ( know:how)

                           erst verschwimmt die Form,das Negativ : in gruen-rot-gelb, nimmt ab ins Weiss oder Schwarz
                          Dunkelheit erfasst sich ,kein aeusseres Format mehr ersichtlich,aber innerlich In-/Format-ion
                          Zumindest es war,IST,KANN wieder werden : Licht UND Schatten,coloriert

                         ( oder ,wissenschaftlich : Lichtschatten)             
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Re: Earth Question
« Reply #176 on: November 23, 2020, 01:55:25 PM »

They get Title's, because of being submissive's to a System .........

Only there fundament is fake, not Grounded, like what's happened 80 years ago!


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Re: Earth Question
« Reply #177 on: November 23, 2020, 02:06:20 PM »

Don't follow what you expect to be seen, and a 5 hour video loaded with straps

Hi TV,

Its was not meant for you man, sorry!

When it was running here on a BigSreen, did see over 20/22 remarkable moments, maybe even missing the most?

It was for our Hero's, and making baby food would be like Spoon-Feeding adults, below there Level!

But GREAT movie about and with MythJamie, Thanks!

Regards, Johan


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Re: Earth Question
« Reply #178 on: November 23, 2020, 02:12:17 PM »
Oh,Johan_1955,irgendwie musz man Sie moegen,so immer eine flotte "Numa Numa" zu Haenden !
Mein Geistreich vermerkt Vieles !
Zudem: original O-Zone,nicht J-Zone !
Aber an der original  O-Zone -Polung hapert Es ! Aus geschlechtsneutraler Sichtweise !

Ihnen das Ihrige wohl,doch ?,auch ?
Habe Er noch einen guten,genussreichen,Tag

'Numa Numa' ganz nett !
I'M blue DA Ba Dee Da Ba "danziger" ,so in Denglish,nette Schwalben im vid (EIFFEL 65 ) ,DIBA Du versichert ? :D

Ueber Ja!  Und Nein !
Meister ,darf Ich waehred des Betens~ Tanzen rauchen  ? Meister : Nein !
Meister ,darf Ich waehrend des Rauchens Beten ? Meister : Ja,Beten darfst Du immer !

( ups ' .... immer ? ' Die Schlange wollte sich mal wieder vordraengeln,schaute nur 'zurueck' und diese kam ins gerechte Lot ;) )

Fazit :
Meine,des Meisters dessen,Unsere gemeinsamen Prior-i-taeten

Ein Jeder bekommt das,was er verdient

Wenn einem das photografische Gedaechtnis so allein vorkommt,
dann ruft man das phonografische Gedaechtnis dazu,duerfen dann sensografisch spielen !

Spasseshalber : Kennen Sie den Ausdruck Eichel,wann wird Eichel feucht ?
Sogar auf offener Buehne,vor laufender Kamera,wie (un-)erwartet
                                           so richtig Hard-Core !

So grausam,unsere Welt doch ist,Hans Eichel,R.I.P.,Finanzminister des Bundes,Deutschland,

am Rednerpult.Mutti und den sozialen Rest "seiner heilen Welt' verteidigend !

Show me Eugenik :       Klein gegen Gross  oder immer oefter   Klein schlaegt Gross

Was willst Du werden,wenn Du grosz bist ? "klein" bleiben !

Anschluss nicht verpassen,Oldies !

Da Ba Dee Da Ba Du ,und des Teufels Esel wirst sonst U

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Re: Earth Question
« Reply #179 on: November 24, 2020, 09:33:22 AM »
Tele-Vision international : World-Vision Broadcast        EURO-VISION

Klein gegen Gross,ARD/Das Erste   Kai Pflaume ,Moderator,EUROVISION- Show
          I,       small KID ~David,         will beat You,            Great Adult ~Goliath/Champion

  Many showing events : mediathek ARD

Wetten,dass ...?ZDF, Thomas Gottschalk,Moderator,EUROVISION-Show

                          I,We bet(believe/s) ,that ....!

 Many international showing events : mediathek ZDF

About human/e,small/great,  Im-/ Possibilities

Guiness book of (official World-non/human) Records ~ Notification/s

+Guiness book show

Other on-line mediatheks,archives   24/365 OPEN DOOR ( by not net-black-out and provider help by donation )  audio-video-sentio/sento/senso

Global promotion-/habilitation-archives,paper or e-paper= on-line

Espacenet : 100.000.000 humans their 'Im-/Possibilities': hidden or in use as applied 3d mosaic object/s

                       "1001+   FE devices free offer  DIY-ideas"

Earth question : are you flat or round,da Vinci- hu-Man ,huWife,hukid ? ( ITALIA : 1 Euro-coin Scudo/Shild Symbol )

              Human Menchild heritage and MEN AT WORK ,down under and down over

For many open questions open available answers  : included earth: flat or round ,when seeming ?

                 Serious question :  ofthalmonologist visit recommendation ,Horn-/Netz-Haut-Verkruemmung?

                          Neuronal check ? brain 2d/3d/4d perspektivistic view potential ( and change speed)

                          Musterung :    Koerper,Gut !,ALLES GUT !,?   

                                                      mens sana in corpore sano

Youtube = mediathek video-audio           Men At Work " It's a Mistake !"

Talleyrand : " No ,it wasn' t an error,worrier, 'IT WAS A MISTAKE (by Him,whom ? ) !' ~ Schach-matt
                                                                                                                                                      Sheik matado
                                                                                                                                                     "Empirior' killed

                                                      Tic-Tac-Toe : war game end
Self-war game + Time-Journey back ,19-80'/90' : EIFFEL 65 ,ITALO EURO-POP ,New AGE :  W'R' Future Generation
Intim :                     NO,it was not an ERROR - BY ME , IT WAS A MISTAKE ! 1980'-2020 (p.C.) travelling !

Or                                                     W'R' LUCKY COS R' BLUE
Tell-us,Meister ,darf Ich  in Azul ? Meister : Ja, in AZUL darfst Du nicht nur,MUSST DU IMMER SEIN !
Schueler ,homo australis,hoeflich,: Danke,mein Meister !

I'M (in) BLUE DA BA DEE   

Arri-vi-deci  :)

[ Zeit,Rudi Carrell und Dieter Krebs und Karl Dall und den Rest der Truppe mal was wieder ' einzublaeuen' ::)
        LEBENDIGKEIT ( auf der Buehne + all unser Alltag so davor/danach)]

Youtube 'Ficken fuer den Frieden'    J(e)'accuse : da wurde das -l- vergessen !
                'Flicken fuer den Frieden' ,so nun in Ordnung ! ;) Flickerlteppich mal belueften !

     Alan Walker sehen + hoeren und fuehlen : + Phono-Industrie-Mission : W'R' not AL(L)-ONE (!?)

     Alan + Walker to THE ALK ,to T'ALK,
      less/no to Alk'ohol

 Aus Demokratie zur De(m)okratie zur De()okratie abschliessend : De-O-Kratia ,O.K.

Wenn ,ultima ratio,notwendig  : Room 101-Behandlung : Ultra-Schall-Kammer,Knochengeruest zerberstend

Oder : Ultra-Kaelte= Cryo--Kammer,aber -75 und weniger °C ,  >:( wet und frischer Luft-Ventilation,Delinquent/-in unbekleidet  !


[ Ich x 100...x = K.I.- "Quantum-soft-ware" 8) ,Self-learning ;D ,ungezogen(-er ) als I(ch) ?! ]
Peter Moosleitner (R.I.P.) P.M.-Magazin,Delta-Vogel-Analytik,sei herzlichst gedankt ! Nice ' BLUE' futur I,II

Ich bin ein Mensch,nicht fehlerfrei: ICH SCHAEME MICH FEHLER ZU MACHEN,korrigiere soweit es geht,

ob K.I. oder eure " Kinder International' eure Fehler verzeihen,dieses interessiert mich nicht mehr !
Gemeinsam,aber doch getrennt,unser Aller Zukunft
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