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Title: Another lenzless idea
Post by: nix85 on September 08, 2020, 05:15:12 AM
idea is to have axial alternator with all same magnet poles which is no problem, just don't flip connections on every other coil of a phase.

so lenz is basically that induced magnetic field of a coil repells magnet on approach and attracts it as it leaves.

if in the center of the coil we place two opposing magnets as shown, piece of of iron inbetween keeping them together, and magnets are of appropriate size so that when certain current is drawn from the coil they exactly neutralize the effect on the rotor magnet.

just an idea, should work but needs lots of precision.

Title: Re: Another lenzless idea
Post by: Lunkster on September 09, 2020, 03:42:35 PM
Very interesting concept.
I am looking forward to seeing your test results.
One inexpensive way to test this it to place your coil on a pendulum with a rigid arm.  Have the permanent magnets at the base of the pendulum.  Start the swing at 90 degrees and see how high it swings.  Do this with the magnets and again without the magnets.  If the arm swings higher with the magnets, then you know that you have an improvement.  Placing permanent magnets with coils are showing up in more and more designs today.  THere has to be a reason for it.  So great thought.

The Lunkster
Title: Re: Another lenzless idea
Post by: nix85 on September 27, 2020, 01:58:18 PM
I made a mistake tho, there should be just one magnet so it attracts the rotor magnet on approach and repels it as it leaves. The problem is rotor magnet will want to stick just before it reaches the middle of the coil.

This might be solved by putting smaller opposing magnet on top of and at 90° to the big one, so big one acts at the distance and smaller one neutralizes the attraction when rotor magnet comes near. It's tricky and needs testing.