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Title: Back EMF Reduction Option Switching
Post by: Lunkster on August 25, 2020, 06:13:22 PM
For many coil circuit designs, the back EMF is not a desired characteristic.  So I added my approach of reducing this that is not in common practice that I have seen in looking at other circuit designs.  When the electrical current moving through the coil and produces the magnetic field and you want to remove that field from the circuit without creating a magnetic field in the opposite direction, this should be achievable by reducing the magnitude of the magnetic field down to about a zero magnitude in the circuit rather than producing the back EMF in the first place.  I believe that changing the switch position to the coil from the ground side of the coil to the supply side of the coil is a good first step of achieving this.  The second step is to incorporate some of the other conventional methods of reducing the back EMF along with this approach.  I believe that the way to usable overunity devices will end up being overunity systems that require several new techniques in the system in order to achieve this.  This is a great place for looking at what other people are doing and then collecting the best idea's and fit them together in order to build a system that can be mass produced and be available for the common public.  For people like me.  I am a blue collar worker and I want an overunity system that I can afford to purchase for my home.  Fixing the back EMF may be one small step in a much larger system that can achieve that goal.
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